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The growing MLBB it make more players with mischievous and bogey

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Hi this is just general from me&nbsp;<div>Ok Let's go with some pepperoni</div><div><br></div><div>As you know with the first personalise MLBB user just want to mastered or talented the gameplay right Day after day it make the game became bored And the dev come up with the new era that they call project next from this pinpoint I would like to say it made user more appealing with that The ideas blows my mind was their voice heard by dev Moreover the dev also make it reality Honestly Idont play this game seriously in the season's 1 but it make me want to discover it cause as you know at this time moba just popular in pc like Game C Hey I'm one of their player's but as you know for the sea line up it's hard to involve western tournament as from that I started to find other platform to play moba I also play a few moba game. As we know only moba from MLBB came up with the unique marketing (emotional marketing) Ok as the proof and be honest to me whose the user dont have Freya in their account or in other word they never buy diamond Haha if they have let me know in comment.</div><div><br></div><div>Ok I will add some mayonnaise</div><div>For the quality of players that we also have underage play this game right. You know from the most match that I play most of underage they play with emotional let say when the game is the badass for them they will come up with the some idiotic ideas ops I know Idont said to much When I play with them the bright ideas will come at the middle of game only if worse it will be untill late game. Haha sometimes I fell overjoyed and sometime I bump with them Not the person without emotion This okay for me but I will report or punishment or ignore it for the people like to tease others with country or religious please stop it off from this moba environment if you want just taunting in game never overdo it Ok. All the user's have their faith.</div><div><br></div><div>Ok let's me make a perfectionist pizza</div><div>For the people with lack of skill or low skill they're eligible to be punish cause if dont they will be burden for the other match If you have done it dont feel down cause you have to take action in order to maintain the game environment This game environment is really important to make this game never left behind by all people Just my thought</div><div><br></div><div>This MLBB game design hero and matchmaking is Ok for me The environment in game is little big to change cause there's a lot of people and also underage Just little advice from me Just played with joyous. You can comment if we have argue about this. Yeah support it up.</div>

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Reply mamaoden99 2021-10-1 02:21 PM
Hope your kindness will grow up Hehe

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