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Why the Cut feature in the Cushion Cut Diamond exudes Greatness!

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Without a doubt, the cushion cut is generally made up of about fifty-eight facets that have a typical 1.00 to 1.05 ratio for its square shapes, and as for the rectangular shape, the rate lies typically at around 1.10 or higher. Although the cushion cut diamond does to exude as much brilliance as the round diamond, this piece tends to have more significant facets, which usually allow for a greater separation of white light into a couple of different spectral colors.

As for the traditional cushion cut diamond , these usually return some light in a more chunkier yet pattern in comparison to all the other modern cuts. Now, in combination with the enlarged culet, which most people have been considering desirable, the has come out to create a unique look that is now prized in the modern-day world and especially among the dealers of the vintage diamonds. 

Most of the buyers out there are becoming more and more attracted to the antique feel in the cushion cut diamond. The antique feel combined with the modern appearance makes the cushion cut diamond more unique than any other type of diamonds in the market at the moment. 

The standards for the gem generally vary more than any other diamond shapes out there. With that in mind, the buyer’s taste often dictates the different choices that the individual makes.

The one thing that creates the appeal for the cushion cut diamond is the fact that even though it appears to portray lesser brilliance than the round diamonds, the diamond generally gives out the better fire. The modern cushion cut diamond tends to carry one of the three most central pavilion basic patterns.

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