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Minsitthar is a bit weak now. 2018-11-23
Compare to other meta heroes, he is a bit weak. First skill only hook at the middle part of the skill. Combo first and 2nd is impossible since 2nd sk ...
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BENDEY 2020-5-1 11:22 PM
Email me at: thank you
BENDEY 2020-5-1 11:20 PM
I have been wrongfully accused of cheating and I would like if I would be unbanned please.300 other people have had the same issue please unban is this isn't fair
Cristiano121 2020-4-2 11:37 PM
Hello my dear administrator!  Am I here to ask for help if it is not very comprehensive?  I'm contacting you via Gmail but I'm not having an answer for that opened by I came here on the forum, dear administrator is having a problem with my account, saying my account is not linked to the game, it's at level 30, my nick  : ☆ BassWanteD ☆ server: 1032 ... register and say that this is related to you please I'm losing my hopes to help me because this game and I don't ... ...
Garthcliff 2020-2-25 06:31 PM
Can u tell me when is the new system update?wherein you can see how many devices are using your acc?and you can connect and disconnect them?
Vincenza@849 2020-2-6 08:19 AM
I wish to modify avatar (in this forum) with a screenshot taken from my smartphone (iPhone 7), but I have problems. After login from my smartphone, I don't find area where upload pictures in "modify avatar" webpage. After login from my notebook, an error message written in Chinese (I don't understand ideograms) appeared after I tried to upload my screenshot both in png format (1,97mb) both in jpg format (128kb). I hope to write in the correct section.
Zelimhan 2020-1-7 06:06 PM
Здравствуйте Уважаемый!я бы хотел отвязать монтон АК.
Jermin 2019-12-25 07:19 PM
Hi can help me Ultra Graphics is disabled on samsung s8 and it's capable for it, it has 4gm and exynos 8895 which is powerful enough for it
KZ.KEIRA 2019-11-9 11:55 PM
hello can you help me me and my friend tried tp link account and now we can just play in 1 acc at the same time we cant get our acc back separatly
it would be nice if u can help us and we get our acc back separatly so we can play
Xbadmann 2019-8-7 07:54 PM
Hello, good day. I want to get my XBADMANN userName back. My game center account has a 42-Heron XBADMANN account. I can't log into my old account because I switched phones when I connected to Game Center. Iphone 7 on your current phone. I also spoke to Apple Support. They're investigating the matter. I'd appreciate it if you could help me. I would be happy if you could transfer my game data to my Game center account, which is currently connected. I would appreciate it if you could help me with t ... ...
Metrobolik 2019-6-7 02:45 PM
Hello, respected technical support, faced a huge problem, the Game Center has long been lost along with an Apple ID attached to an account, the reason (phone change), appealed in support of Apple, I can not recover. It also seems that someone hacked my Apple ID and through the Game Center makes entries into the game. Thus, he especially loses matches by reducing my credit score. I now can not put money into the game for a stranger. Although it was spent a lot of time and money. I’m not the fi ... ...
MOHAX222ZPcity 2019-4-5 01:27 AM
please tell me how long you need to wait for the lost account to be restored ?!
I have submitted all the necessary information! and what to do next?!
MOHAX222ZPcity 2019-3-28 03:04 AM
maybe you know .. is there a way to restore a lost account without an ID?!
MOHAX222ZPcity 2019-3-25 07:00 AM
Help please restore lost account !!!
I can not find out the lost ID!
and without it it’s impossiblea lot of time nerves and money invested in it .. very sorry to lose
BD007 2019-3-22 03:21 PM
Better open new account
shinzen 2019-3-22 12:10 PM
Can I change my email address here on forums? Please reply
MOHAX222ZPcity 2019-3-19 10:41 PM
Can you help with the restoration of a lost account?!?!?!
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