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The Song of the Swan Princess

Viewed 277 times2018-4-29 01:52 AM |Personal category:Fanfic| layla, odette, layla

Hi, I’m Layla. I studied at Dawn High for a Marksman Course and was a Junior Marksman, or Markswoman. I roomed with a girl named Odette. She likes to sing, but her main interest was opera. She also played as the Swan Princess.

She is for the Mage Academy section. We had a small room on the seventh floor dormitory. The walls were thin, and her late night singing and voice practices would keep me up late. After a month or so of lost sleep, I convinced her to move her late night practices to the music studios hosted by our First Class Sniper, Lesley. I never thought she was into music until I saw her do a song solo in our team in our free time. And she was tasked to run the studio which is a block away.

Around one afternoon, Odette announced that she would be practicing late for an upcoming recital and probably wouldn’t be home until around midnight. Great, I thought, that means I can go to bed early without being lullabied. She said goodnight and left, coffee and music sheet in hand.

I made something light to eat and immediately began to prepare for bed. By the time I got out of the shower, my eyelids were so heavy I could hardly brush my teeth. I pulled on my PJ’s and crawled into the top bunk of our bunk bed. I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. 
Anyway, I woke up to the sound of the apartment door closing. “Odette?”, I mumbled, opened my eyes and groggily check my phone: midnight on the dot. I rolled back over and closed my eyes. I heard footsteps entered the room and stop in front of the bunk bed. It seems Odette was checking to see if I’m actually asleep, I thought. She flopped down on the bed below me, which was strange, as she always brushed her teeth and washed up before going to bed. Then again, Sniping exams were just around the corner, and we were all exhausted. The mattress below me creaked, and then was silent. I couldn’t even hear her breathing, as she has a humming breathing even when she is asleep. Not that it bothers me much.
I started to drift off again. I was just on the edge of deep sleep when I was startled awake again by a noise.

A key in the lock. The door opening.

And Odette entering our apartment, humming her usual song.

The mattress below me creaked.

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