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[Complaint] Racist player evading bans.

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There's a player that is very racist in-game and has been banned for 7 days. HOWEVER he has contact with a moderator that he is paying him money to unban him everytime. I reported him to support and he got banned then he unbanned himself the same day. His account is whitelisted.
How can I possibly punish that player and the moderator involved as they are both abusing power and getting away with it.
Post time 2023-3-13 03:52 PM | Show all posts
that's why i said... reporting is useless... i report lot of trashtalker.. and i check.. they credit score not even reduce a bit
try 1/2days.. until report feedback mail on his name sent to me.. i check.. still no reduce at all
feeders,trollers also same.. u think moonton,mod,dev give a fuck abt gameplay,game?
they only know money" and money.. that's why ppl say moonton = Mooneyton
if u have money.. you own the game
Post time 2023-3-11 07:32 PM | Show all posts
Who are they? I mean the person you talked about. Are they important person, influencer or esport player or just ordinary player?  How do you know that they have contact with the mod (the devs in china?)? How do you know that they pay money to them? You said that you played with him, you reported and they got banned, then they got unbanned and you reported again. How can you play with them multiple times?
 Author| Post time 2023-3-12 06:03 AM | Show all posts
He is an ordinary player with high points. Everytime he gets banned he unbans himself with the help of a mod. I know 1 of his friends for a while and he told me he always contact a mod or multiple mods whenever he gets banned and he pays them to remove it . He's extremely toxic and racist, I managed to play with him a long time ago and saw how toxic he was, so even tho I haven't played with him recently I can confirm he's still that toxic. I contacted support and reported him and he got banned (I got the confirmation from support) and barely a few hours later he went on and my friend told me that same day he got banned again even tho I didn't tell him about it and said he said he unbanned himself. I didn't play with him recently or multiple times I just contacted support and even tho I had no screenshot proof of his toxicity he still got banned after checking his recent chat in the last games. Clearly he's breaking the rules and let's say it's not a mod that is unbanning him he's still evading the bans and keep on being racist and very toxic. I contacted support again saying a mod is unbanning him but all they said is they will follow up with him but I don't believe he will be punished anytime soon so I'm asking here on the forum if there's another way beside support.
Post time 2023-3-12 09:03 PM | Show all posts
You can easily get away with a few trashtalks from time to time as long as you get the points back. Hahahaha. That just means the player you are talking about does not trashtalk regularly so the system gives him a free pass. But if he does it too often he will get a pretty huge ban time.

The way he gets away with it is  he probably stops being toxic after he gets a notification from the game that he is muted for an hour. Which is true, just behave for the rest of the day and you're good to rage the next day until your next warning shows up.
Post time 2023-3-13 04:27 PM | Show all posts
A better report system would be nice in this case. Like just being able to watch the replay and the chat. If a player took time and effort to file a report ON THE WEBSITE, not the easy reporting in the after match. This would be nice, as I would love to report lots of feeders and trolls as well, but I guess even with a ton of cash Moonton still cannot afford a team to check reports like these which brings me to another suggestion. But I'm gonna hold off on that since it involves high ranks and I don't trust any high rank player right now.
 Author| Post time 2023-3-14 04:26 AM | Show all posts
SlingshotBlur replied at 2023-3-12 09:03 PM
You can easily get away with a few trashtalks from time to time as long as you get the points back.  ...

It's not about a normal mute or credit score. Incase u didn't know u can be banned from the game (actual ban not a mute) for a period amount of time usually a week. And also it's not a normal report because normal reports only mute people for X amount of time while I'm talking of contacting support and reporting the player to them and this player will either get a normal mute or an account ban and support will specify what punishment they will receive. However this player gets banned for a week yet logs on a few hours later and play normally the entire week and he can chat normally like nothing happened. So clearly he's not getting punished and I know that he has a mod that unbans him because he messages my friend every time he gets banned and always sends him a screenshot of the ban. Whether u believe my friend or not clearly he has a way of evading the bans because I've reported someone before and got him banned for being racist while this player is being left unpunished because his account is "whitelisted".
And to on that note everyone can be banned whether u are famous or an esports player or whatever, if u show u are racist u will definitely receive some punishment and it has been proven before. So someone like him who isn't important he just happen to know a mod he should deserve a big punishment as he is breaking multiple rules of the game.
Post time 2023-3-14 04:12 PM | Show all posts
Edited by SlingshotBlur at 2023-3-14 04:18 PM
TheFanny27 replied at 2023-3-14 04:26 AM
It's not about a normal mute or credit score. Incase u didn't know u can be banned from the game ( ...

If it was customer support, everyone knows ML has the (bleep-iest) customer support. I once rolled a Collector's Skin not by dumb luck but by spending to a point where you should get the collector's skin but the customer support was like, "Oh you need to spin more."

Most reports are probably handled by the same stupid customer support team based on (fubu egypt), who can't handle simple requests. So your report like majority of the emails being sent to them are just shunned over and you were told a reply that you want to hear, little did they know you were actually observing every movement of the reported player, which rarely happens, so you get a chance to post it here on the forums, unfortunately people here don't control their support team, I know how this works because I have worked in one before, ever heard of Candy Crush, yes the one bigger than ML, I even wanted to apply on the customer support of ML, just because I love the game so much, unfortunately you have to live in (fubu egypt) before they would hire you.

Most probably if this comment were to reach their support team everyone will just laugh it off and be like, oh sh*t he knows. But that is about it. In these types of games you need to spend more and they have VIP levels depending on how much you spent, may it be like those gacha games where they blatantly say, "You are LVL 2 VIP", or other mobile games where your VIP levels are hidden, or you're a non-spender, that is not worth their time and effort.

Edit: Just noticed, theres a "WE HIRE ONLY SINGAPOREAN MODS FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT" pinned on this threadlist. Hahahahaha. Guess cat's out of the bag, did I notice it or not, who knows. But yeah, your Singapore based customer support is so bad I would rather talk to an Indian customer support and that is already bad in it by itself. Try outsourcing your support to good customer support countries and pay around half of what you are paying these idiots, try Philippines or India, then again ML is not an IT company so I would suggest Philippines to narrow it down. Can speak better english as well. I'm not saying all from the Singapore support team is sh*t, I am just saying a lot of them are, and even they themselves know.
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