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[Gameplay] SOLO MMR and TEAM MMR

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Edited by Charles at 2023-3-2 01:56 AM

The title says everything really. A separate MMR for your SOLO games and TEAM games would be nice.

With the possible new ranking system, it would make it a lot harder for SOLO players to get that "Mythic" skin. I mean for some players it will still be easy even for good solo players it would still be easy but would still take a lot of work and lets all be honest, playing on a 5-man will skyrocket you to Glorious Mythic even if you are not a good player in under a hundred matches while a solo player even though he is good would take more than a hundred games to reach the same rank.

Lots of players like to increase a specific hero's winrate they will go on a 5-man to almost guarantee a win and just lose on purpose to lower their rank with a hero that they do not like. This is something that this will prevent.

I have always answered your surveys in-game to make the devs aware on how unfair it is to solo players which is most likely a huge chunk in your number of players. I am considering semi-quitting and just playing brawl and not care anymore because even on brawl it is already stressful to get paired with an AFK guy and 3 newbies but at least on brawl there is only one lane and you can actually carry 4 dumdums to victory.

But solo queue on Mythic. Hahaha. Stress on every game and depending on your luck you might win a few by getting paired on a good trio once in a while.

This is why I don't care about Glorious Mythic ranks anymore. Before it was a bragging right when mostly everyone from there is still good to average, now it is swarming with boosted trash. They get boosted on a 5-man gets a blind confidence that they are good enough for Mythic Solo, drags a bunch of other Solo players down in the process then at the end of the match, lo and behold their stats makes it clear they belong around Grandmaster at most, for me Epic to Mythic player's skill levels will be the same no matter what, it all boils down to who can do more 5-man matches. And don't give me that "I get matched to a good 5-man while my team is a bad 5-man." At least on that one you have a choice, your team sucks? Then stop matching up with them. Maybe its you who is dragging them down, you won't know until you go Solo. And it would be hard to know if you're good because you get matched up with teams also even if you play solo. Its a 50-50, a good trio or a bad trio.

If you reached this far then thank you for reading. I will just come back after a few years on this forum to see if they will do some changes or not. I don't even think they are active in the forums so good luck to my post.

Cheers and good luck on your matches.
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I mean likewise, there's a whole lot of factor that play into account when playing solo. Some easily reached higher points and such because they're really good at the game or carries hard. But yea, it's a hassle trying to rank solo. I like this idea of adding separate MMR systems but will have a big change in the matchmaking system.

Don't worry! We actually forward every suggestion that gets sent here to the devs and get their feedback. Thanks for the effort of sharing this suggestion.
 Author| Post time 2023-3-4 04:14 PM | Show all posts
Edited by SlingshotBlur at 2023-3-4 04:17 PM
Charles replied at 2023-3-2 01:58 AM
I mean likewise, there's a whole lot of factor that play into account when playing solo. Some easily ...

Yeah, that is the issue, most solo players need to carry hard only to be trashtalked by trios and duos who don't know anything on the game but still reached Mythic easily. This will not effect anything team related, they can still have a team MMR, but this will be a good way to know if a player is really good or is just being carried to Mythic. I mean I have to be honest, unless the player is a close friend of mine, I would not really trust the player if the player has like a 2000 Team MMR and 150 Solo MMR. Same as with a guy that has 2000 Solo MMR and 150 Team MMR. Just this will say a lot on the player's style, I do check the battle stats of players I play with soemtimes like if they like to push and stuff, but to be honest we cannot see that before a match, all we can show on the banning stage is a hero's winrate and their MMR, which is something I do not trust really. You can have 90% winrate on a hero and still be bad at it just because they farmed wins on low rank. You can also be a Glorious Mythic and still be bad because they got carried hard.

Just having a SOLO MMR and TEAM MMR will be very nice and I think most players who play strictly SOLO like in 50 matches only 5 is on a duo or something. Like me, I have a job, I don't have time to wait for my friends who have their own schedules as well.

And I really hate it when I know I am good and some guy will just say, oh your Rank is lower than mine therefore I am better than you, game starts, oh look I am the one doing the heavy lifting, I am the one who does objectives while they all run around the map just farming and dying.

This will at least give SOLO players something to show on Ranked matches.

Guy flashes his rank. I send my SOLO MMR back to him. And just by that we can already tell who carries and who does not. It will not help with cancerous players not adjusting their roles, but it will definitely help Solo players if they can trust a guy that we already know is picking a role that they do not play well. Because most of the time they will even force you to play a role that cannot do anything like a Tank or Support. Again I have to be honest, even if you're a pro tank or support player, if all your teammates are not good in solo, its an automatic lose.

With this at least I know I will just pick another carry, and at least have a fighting chance even if its low rather than a guaranteed loss.
Just by having a SOLO MMR, you can also discover lots of undiscovered talent. I mean, at least the Top 10 SOLO MMR if this will be a thing in the future are definitely good candidates for a pro team. Which will also make things a lot more interesting and we will ahve more pro teams most likely and a bigger tournament.
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