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[Item Balance] Make Retribution a "jungler buff", like roammer shoes

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This is straight forward. Retribution is a spell, but it could be used as the roamer shoes. You just buy the shoes and have the base version available, after some time you enhance it.

This allows junglers to use other battle spells to complement it, like flicker, execute, flame shot, sprint... I believe there is no need to force a battle spell just because it is the jungler.

Yes it helps people to identify the jungler on load screen, but at this point everyone is capable of looking to the item shop and see who bought jungler boots.
 Author| Post time 2023-1-30 09:09 PM | Show all posts
TheLtCaptain replied at 2023-1-28 09:01 AM
this kinda tricky question imo like few things need to point out :
1. you need to change the retribu ...

1. Well, the retribution would work like the roammer shoes: you can buy one of them, and they will work exactally like they work now. You will be able to use it from beggining, but the advanced one will be unlocked with 5 creeps or kills/assists.

2. What currently stops the team to troll and buy roammer shoes when the roamer already has? The limitations it has, but they still can buy it. And what currently stops your team to put retribution as battle spell and start the match anyway? Nothing. Trolls will be trolls regardless of the system in use. At last this way they will have other battle spell to use and not just be locked into retribtuion.

With this, i belive a global message in the match say that "x player equiped retribution", like already is for the team with the roammer shoes, is enough to identify the teams jungler.
Post time 2023-1-27 10:08 PM | Show all posts
Kinda agree. This will make junglers more versatile. Will be very usefull but some non jungler players might not like this idea. Anyway, support from me.
Post time 2023-1-28 09:01 AM | Show all posts
this kinda tricky question imo like few things need to point out :
1. you need to change the retribution benefit for entire spell not just retribution because if you're not using them then the point of upgrading the shoes will be useless because there's a reason on red,blue and purple retribution a thing and without that retribution benefit the shoes is just jungle bonus on getting extra 100 attack after reaching 15 stacks
2. how ur team gonna acknowledge this and make them won't troll u ? like image 2-3 teammates buying jungle shoes but you the main jungler wanna do it but can't because they already buying that shoes, there should be like a limitation or a way to make only 1 jungler shoes to be available
3. from 2 we continue, the reason jungle shoes is locked behind retribution is because of this and which is in my opinion the system so far are good

so unless there's a better solution to these 3 problem then this idea kinda obselete
Post time 2023-1-31 06:40 AM | Show all posts
Having this implemented just takes us back to the jungler system we had back then when the shoes aren't a thing. Before, people are able to buy just the base item for jungling and proceed with a different battle spell.
Post time 2023-1-31 09:00 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Lucrecia at 2023-1-31 04:07 PM

I kinda disagree, jungler with retribution spell is what makes jungler role special. We now know which jungler in team not like back then where they separate jungler item and everyone can purchase it to deal more damage to creep and level up faster.
Most of time Assassin role fill this jungler, and most of assassin have good mobility to penetrate, dash skill or blink. Imagine Lancelot with flicker.
Post time 2023-2-4 03:02 PM | Show all posts
I agree retribution spell needs a buff so junglers can perform well. Junglers are at a disadvantage due to jungler boots. At late game, this boots occupy a slot and doesn''t allow them to increase their damage or defense further
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