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[Hero Concept] Madelyn "Raven Maiden" | In-Depth Hero Concept | Assassin/Fighter

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Table of Contents

1. Background or Summary
2. Mastery Code Story & Tasks
2.1. Chapter 1 "Story Over a Campfire"
2.2. Chapter 2 "That Fateful Day"
2.3. Chapter 3 "Raven and Her Family"
2.4. Chapter 4 "City of Dragon"
3. Status & Attributes
4. Skills
4.1. Passive
4.2. First Skill
4.3. Second Skill
4.4. Ultimate
5. In-Battle Breakdown Part 1
5.1. Builds
5.1.1. Core Items
5.1.2. Full Builds
5.2. Emblems
5.3. Battle Spell
6. In-Battle Breakdown Part 2
6.1. Combo Breakdown
6.2. Useful Tips
6.3. Skill Maximize Order
7. In-Battle Breakdown Part 3
7.1. Best Teammates
7.2. Strong Against
7.3. Weak Against
8. In-Battle Breakdown Part 4
8.1. Early Game
8.2. Mid Game
8.3. Late Game
8.4. Madelyn Weakness
9. Voice Lines
9.1. Entrance
9.2. In-Battle
9.3. Special Dialogues
9.3.1. With Julian
9.3.1. Against Julian
9.3.2. Killed by Julian
9.3.3. With Xavier
9.3.4. Against Xavier
9.3.5. Killed by Xavier
9.4. Skills Dialogues
9.4.1. Skill 1
9.4.2. Skill 2
9.4.3. Skill 3
9.4.4. Ultimate
9.5. Death
10. Skin
11. Review
12. Credits
13. Author Note

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Background or Summary

Mysterious as a rose blooming under the cover of the night, the Raven Maiden Madelyn was a perplexing presence that sent shivers down the spine of whoever lies in her wake. If the rumours are to be believed, she had been taking life after life ever since she was a child adopted into the Monastery of Light. But only a few knew about her origins, as she had seemingly come out of nowhere.

Behind that cold exterior is a woman who had once been a wide-eyed child living without a care in the world. Some time ago, the then young Madelyn was living with her father Alasdair in a village concealed inside the Askati Forest.

Amidst her normal day to day life, Madelyn spent her days with her dear friend Aleister at her side. Aleister was interested in Sky Magic, and even taught Madelyn. As she struggled with the basics, he would just encourage her driving her to work harder.

As far as anyone knew, Madelyn's life was ordinary. Then, one day, she found her father collapsed having fallen victim to his own chronic illness. With a desire to save her father, Madelyn went house to house for help but to no avail. Even Aleister didn't have an answer to this problem.

On Alasdair's deathbed, he exchanged his last farewells with Madelyn lamenting that he would never see her grow up. Before he took his last breath, he requested to his daughter that she travel to the City of Dragons once she grows up.

Thereafter, Madelyn was adopted by Aleister's family. In a span of six years, she had studied Sky Magic with Aleister until she was adept at it. For a time, Madelyn's life was peaceful until one fateful nigtht.

Bandits had snuck into their home in pursuit of Aleister. At first, Aleister was able to protect himself but took the blow for Madelyn when he saw them target her. While Madelyn grieved over Aleister's dead body, magical energy that had been dormant inside her awakened. Just like that, her appearance changed in a strange manner, her eyes illumining a red colour and bird-like wings sprouted from back.

But despite the newfound form and power, Madelyn was powerless to fight against her captors. If anything, she could barely show resistance as she was binded.

At the last moment, Aleister's parents had arrived at the scene. But to their horror, their son was dead and Madelyn was taken away by the attackers.
Butdespite the newfound form and power, Madelyn was powerless to fight against hercaptors. If anything, she could barely show resistance as she was binded.
While Askati Forest was the homeland of Madelyn's father, Alasdair, he used to live in the Cadian Riverlands in the City of Dragons. That was where he met her mother Kuzuhana by chance.

During his job as a sailor, Alasdair clashed with Frozen Sea Pirates saving Kuzuhana from a life of slavery. Before she had ended up here, Kuzuhana was a psychic hailing from the Scarlet Shadow sect who was unable to put her powers to good use.

From there on, Kuzuhana was able to use her future vision for the good of the future. Not only that, they had eventually fallen in love and got married.

Things were going well until the day their baby was supposed to be born. Still holding a grudge against Alasdair, his rivals—a band of Frozen Sea Pirates attacked him. It was an arduous task, but he had taken them down all by himself.

On his return home, Alasdair had found out that the pirates had instead gone for his wife leaving the obstetrician he entrusted her to dead. Flying into an uncontrollable rage, he let out a surge of Sky Magic that singlehandedly took down the assailants.

Kuzuhana was beyond saving at this point, but she had managed to protect their infant daughter. Before dying in Alasdair's arms, she told him about her last vision which entailed that their baby girl would make a name for herself one day. Under her wishes, Alasdair went to his homeland the Askati Forest to raise their daughter naming her Madelyn.

Fast forward into a later time, and Madelyn had been abducted by people from the Monastery of Light. Shortly after she was taken in by an archbishop, she met a young boy named Julian whom she would later take under her wing.

Madelyn's body was modified into a living weapon, chains attached to her body. Her time with the Monastery of Light was one of horror, as the higher ups forced her to kill at their urging. Soon, she had built up a fearsome reputation earning her the name “the Raven Maiden”.

During a mission to dispatch a target, Madelyn found herself unconscious in a stranger's house. For some reason, her eyes followed a kimono that was oddly familiar. A little later, she discovered that the one who nursed her back to health was a man named Nathair.

Something was odd about him… but Madelyn couldn't quite put her finger on it. Despite that, he did rescue her so she gave him her thanks. Wanting to be alone with her thoughts, she went outside to rest on a rising hill.

Madelyn's thoughts were interrupted, as Nathair approached her with a question that clued her in on his true identity. All along, he had been the target she was sent to kill. Even in the face of possibly impending death, Nathair was calm instead imploring her for information on an entity called the Chimera in the Barren Wastelands.

When he saw that she didn't know, their conversation took a lighter turn and before they knew it, they were having a light chit chat over their personal lives. Once it was time for Madelyn to leave, Nathair bestowed the kimono she saw in his house before.

Along the line, it was revealed that the kimono belonged to Madelyn's mother before. In Nathair's words, his parents were friends with Kuzuhana before. Happily accepting the gift, Madelyn wore it right away as she went on her way. Thereupon, her life started anew as she left behind a life of killing to mentor Julian.

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Mastery Code Story & Tasks

≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺
Chapter 1
"Story Over a Campfire"
≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺

The beautiful moon hung in the easel of the night sky, shedding its white light and immersing the now asleep Lumina City in its tinge. Low frequency sounds rippled across the lake, looking as though it was a thin panel of lightly glazed glass that could shatter into pieces from one touch. Faraway were the reverberating noises of metal hitting each other, a off beat yet in sync duet that was anything but pleasant… Rather, it was inelegant and unorganized like a war cry lost to the chaos of a skirmish.

But that was not too shabby of a way to visualize the string of events that rapidly spun like a thread being rolled up into a ball. Both participants were at their top game, neither one willing to back down in a fight. Julian’s movements were swift and nimble but Madelyn’s attacks were precise with the refined touch of a real expert.

“Ugh…” Julian yelped under his hitching breath. For the most part, he had gotten out of harm’s way with his sufficient speed. He had to admit, however, that did hurt quite a bit; not that it would deter him any more than a little. “You got me there…, but I’m just getting started.” Assuring himself with a small smile, his inner tenacity told him to get up and brush off any excuses or rationalizations that littered his mind.

“I hope you can walk that talk.” Madelyn pulled on her chains causing it to rattle out a heavy sound. Despite being above Julian’s level, as she was his mentor first of all, she barred nothing against him. In her mind, there was no use in taking a student under her wing if she was just going to pamper him; after all, she had gotten to this level to begin with because she was weathered by various hardships.

“Right at ya.” Julian seemed to regain his confidence, shaky as it may be in the face of an obstacle. Madelyn was the better fighter, no doubt, but she wasn’t invulnerable so he believed that he can take her down using his ingenuity.

“Hmmm…” Madelyn pulled at her chain, as if gesturing to him. In the heat of the fight, Julian then threw his scythe forward forcing her to backstep to dodge it. To Julian, this was a good opportunity to catch her by the chain. Seeing this, he unconsciously smiled thinking he had surpassed his teacher.
In that moment, he was ecstatic to grab the chance that was before his very eyes. However, that fleeting feeling of joy had faded away the second Julian saw Madelyn’s ravenlike eyes flare up. On the outside, it was like a faint glow that progressively grew in size turning into an almost blinding ray of light.

To Julian, it was like a forthcoming storm being heaved into the center where he was standing directly in its eye about to be swept away by it. Although he had given his all, a fervent will alone was not enough to fight against a force of nature.

Once Madelyn’s eyes were back to normal, she extended a hand giving Julian a gentle pat saying, “You improved a lot, but you still have a long way to go.” At the sight of her gentle gaze Julian smiled, proud of all the progress he made until now.

Shortly after, Madelyn walked away and waved her hand as a gesture to get Julian to sit next to her by the campfire they had set up prior to training. In a soft voice, she began to speak. “How long have you been a part of the Nestlings?” Julian looked up at the sky and began to think for a while. “5 years, if I remember correctly”

Madelyn nodded in agreement then said, “Now that you’ve been here for so long, is there a goal that you have in mind that you want to pursue? You know, once you pass your final test.” Julian went silent unable to utter a single word as an answer.

Nonetheless, Madelyn smiled. “I have a story to tell; you can think of it like a bedtime story a mom would tell her child.” From there on, she would tell her story. Julian had thought he knew his teacher but as she went on, he would discover more to her thar included things that never even crossed his mind.

» ☆ «
Task: Fight alongside Julian and win 3 matches
Reward: 500 Mastery Points
» ☆ «
≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺
Chapter 2
That Fateful Day
≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺

Over the stretch of the Barren Lands, there lies a place called Askati Forest. Behind the curtains of foliage and greenery, it housed a complex, enriched ecosystem. Various specimens that were considered elusive anywhere else were a common sight over here. The people who lived alongside the endemic creatures and plants were a peaceful sort; without the glittering material distractions or threats of war that littered the outside world, they did not disturb the peaceful status quo.

Ever since the early stages of her childhood, Madelyn had lived in the Askati Forest alongside her father. Besides him, she had a dear friend named Aleister who always kept her company. Madelyn’s friend Aleister was remarkably fond of Sky Magic, studiously investing hours into learning the ropes of it to fulfil his one desire – that was to one day, fly away to a distant island.

“Once I master my Sky Magic, I’ll go on a journey around the world.” Aleister would go on off about his dream to Madelyn. Whenever he did that, she would just respectfully listen finding his lofty ambitions admirable.

Sometimes, Aleister would teach Madelyn the rudimentary parts of Sky Magic. Given her youth and naivete at the time, she did struggle quite a bit. “But Al… Isn’t this a little too hard?” She’d pout, her eyebrows knitting together into a frustrated expression that was characteristic of any young child.

“It’s alright, Maddie. Even I wasn’t the best when I started.” Aleister assured her with a big smile using his little nickname for her; it was derived from a shortening of her name but he called her that mainly for her mad little bouts. Despite the hurdles that she had to deal with while learning, Madelyn would pick herself up and encourage herself to do better next time.

At home, Madelyn spent her days doing chores. Unlike other children who would rather go off and play, she earnestly enjoyed these activities. More specifically, she loved to tend to the vegetables she and her father would grow in a field in front of their house.

It was a life that was nothing if not ordinary, but they were both content; more than anything, they wouldn’t ask for anything more. The young Madelyn didn’t think about this happiness ending… but it just did. Out of seemingly nowhere, her dad fell ill.

In her desperation, Madelyn sought help from her neighbours. When she turned to Aleister, even he couldn’t do a thing about it. “I wish I could help your dad but my magic just won’t do.” He frowned, disappointed that he couldn’t lend his closest friend a hand in her time of need.

Without any options left to weigh, Madelyn’s dad was slated to die the next day. On his deathbed, he gave his daughter his last farewells and left her with these words. “You have the same beautiful face as your mother, Madelyn… -cough- -cough- I just wish I could have lived longer to see you grow up. -cough-“  He said with a pained expression. “Once you grow up, I ask you to go to the City of Dragons.”

Just like that, Madelyn’s dad had left for heaven’s gates. It came as a shock to her, that she felt like her entire body had shut down as she started to tremble violently. Tears leaked out of her eyes little by little, but her parched throat kept her from letting out even a single sound. It was like her whole world had gone to black, leaving only a void that wouldn’t stop growing.

6 years had passed since then, and Madelyn had been living with Aleister and his parents for a while. As she grew up throughout the years, her mastery of Sky Magic had followed suit. Nowadays, Madelyn liked to think she had a knack for it but she knew that it was still at an intermediate level. All the progress she made was thanks to Aleister, who had diligently taught her all this time.

“You’ve grown up a lot, Maddie.” He praised Madelyn. “Literally and with your magic. Sometimes, it feels like you’re going to be taller than me someday.” He joked. “No way that’s happening.” Madelyn laughed in return. “There’s a limit to how tall I’ll get it, you’ll see, Al”

One night on a full moon, someone snuck into Aleister’s house in an attempt to kidnap him. However, his intuition had warned him beforehand so the abductors had failed. As they attempted to flee the scene, they saw Madelyn who had just woken up on the way.

Seeing an opening, they tried to go for the kill but Aleister took the blow for her. Flowers of blood blossomed on his chest, leaving behind a deep red stain. As he pushed out his last breath, he fell on Madelyn and released an overpowering surge of Sky Magic around him badly injuring the kidnappers.

Aleister passed away with Madelyn’s hand in his, which in turn, awakened the power hiding in her; her appearance begun to change; large, black wings protruded from her back and her eyes were beginning to light up in a vividly rubescent colour. While she was still mourning over her friend, the kidnappers decided to target her thinking they could have their way with her.

“Capture her!” The bandits exclaimed. “With that unique look and strange power, we can make a buck off her!”

Afterwards, the kidnappers stormed towards Madelyn. It was one girl against a group of numerous other people. Regardless of whether this new form granted her a strange power, there was no way she could fight back, let alone free herself. Even then, Madelyn could barely struggle in her restraints as this awakened form further weakened her until she was on the brink of losing all her strength.

But in a nick of time, Aleister’s mother and father showed up to rescue her… though it was already too late for both their son and Madelyn. To their despair, Aleister was dead on the floor in his own blood and Madelyn had already been nobbled by the home invaders.

Back to the present time, tears formed in Madelyn’s eyes but before they could tarnish her cheeks, she quickly wiped them away on instinct. Julian who had been listening to the story all this time looked at her, making a comment: “You could stop the story if it’s too much for you.”
“No, no, it’s alright.” Madelyn brushed it off. “Let’s continue this story, shall we?”

» ☆ «
Task : Use Mystical Punishment and hit 2 or more hero for 20 times (0/20)
Reward: 500 Mastery Points
» ☆ «

≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺
Chapter 3
Raven and Her Family
≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺

When Madelyn was just a girl, her dad would tell her this story. Her dad Alasdair had actually been an outsider of Askati Forest, living alongside her mother Kuzuhana in a place called Cadia Riverlands more particularly the City of Dragons in the northernmost area.

Both of them were admirable people who had lived life to the fullest. Alasdair traversed the seas as a sailor, while Kuzuha made a living by selling fruit at a stand. Two very different people would otherwise not cross paths, but destiny willed it so when an unexpected encounter tied their lives together.

At the time, Kuzuhana was captured and enslaved by the Frozen Sea Pirates. Luckily, she met Alasdair who had fought off the pirates and set her free. Starting from that juncture in their lives, they had finally bled into an intersection which led to them falling in love.

Kuzuhana had possessed the gift of foresight, allowing her to see into the future with a high probability that it would turn out correct. However, she couldn’t control this ability and the visions seldom happened.

As a sailor, Alasdair had kept the City of Dragons safe of his own volition. To his best ability, the people living there were guarded carefully without having to fear any incoming danger.

On a very important day, Kuzuhana was pregnant with Alasdair’s baby. That was when Alasdair decided to reveal to her, a secret that he had been keeping from her all this time. Knowing his sickness would one day take him away, he decided it was the right time to confess. “I hope you forgive me for keeping you in the dark… But I’ve been an outsider to Cadia Riverlands all this time. More importantly, I’m running on borrowed time; one day, time will catch up to me and this sickness will take me away.”

Kuzuhana was astounded, but more melancholic. Despite that, she also revealed her own secrets. Turns out she had been from the Scarlet Shadow sect, filled with Ninjas adept in the art of Ninjutsu and Onmyojis who could control powerful spirits called shikigami. “I was one of those Onmyojis…
That’s why I was able to see into the future all along.” She explained. “But I was born into poverty, so I was sold into slavery and unable to fully manifest my foresight… Then you saved me so I was able to use this gift to better the future.”

The day Kuzuhana was to give birth, someone was stalking them from the shadows. But Alasdair had predicted it would happen and as such, left his wife to the obstetrician to deal with them himself.

As expected, they were pirates who had a longstanding rivalry with Alasdair. Although he was severely outnumbered, he had singlehandedly defeated them all. But he didn’t come out unscathed, sustaining injuries that were bad enough to force him to rest after the fight.

All that’s left was to return to Kuzuhana. What he was looking forward to was seeing his wife safe and sound back home, but to his horror, the obstetrician he had entrusted her to was dead in a pool of blood on the floor.

Meanwhile, Kuzuhana was defending her newborn baby with all her might from the pirates. That exact moment was the last straw for Alasdair who had flown into a perfervid, bone chilling rage. “How dare you hurt my family?”

Before the pirates could even make a move, he had released a torrential assault of Sky Magic consuming them in a deluge of energy. While he had managed to incapacitate them, it came at a cost exhausting Alasdair’s body as he abruptly coughed out blood. In spite of his now attenuated energy, he rushed over to his wife’s even weaker body.

In his arms, Kuzuhana’s frail body was on its last legs. Still in denial over the impending weight of the situation’s reality, Alasdair painfully forced a smile and assured her, “It’ll be okay, Kuzuhana… -cough- -cough- I’ll get us help… -cough- -cough- And we’ll go back to living normally…, right?” He was on the brink of tears and his throat felt tight like a band was constricting it, but he put up a bravado for his wife.

However, Kuzuhana knew her time was up. Using up all the remaining strength her body had, she opened her mouth to tell Alasdair this. “Go to your hometown, dear and be happy with our child… The last vision I got told me she will lead a big destiny.”

Alasdair nodded in response; although his wife’s death had come as a big shock to him, he put her last wish before taking the time to mourn. Hastily, he took the baby with him christening her with the name Madelyn. To get away from the pirates and everyone else, he flew away from island leaving behind everything.

For a moment, Alasdair looked back and caught sight of their home- no, the place that was once their home burning up as the pirates had set it on fire thinking their grudge had been settled. At the sight, he felt a weight pressing against his chest; at this point, turning back was impossible no matter how much the idea tempted him to.

Fast forward to the time Madelyn had been kidnapped. The moment she woke up and looked around, her body had changed in ways that she couldn’t accept at the time. At each side, her arms were conjoined with a chain that ranged over to the floor below her.

After observing the room, the first thing Madelyn had seen was a child with red hair. Upon inspecting him, she noticed he was very weak almost sickly if she had to say so herself. In such a pitiful state, she couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him – but not a word was uttered from her lips.

The silence between the two was disrupted by the sound of someone’s voice. The owner of it was a man who was smiling brightly at both of them. Clad in lavish garb and ecclesiastical décor, it was clear that he was the archbishop of the nearby church.

The archbishop turned to Madelyn and said, “You poor soul, with no person or home to return to. But fear not, you are always welcome in our abode.” He extended a hand to caress Madelyn’s cheek, telling her: “Be patient, you will receive orders soon, my child.”

The campfire suddenly lurched into flames for a few fleeting moments back in the present. Julian asked, "so that was the first time you met me?" Madelyn nodded in agreement and looked a little lour, as she tells Julian. "…And that was the first time I had walked down that path of no return.” Julian then made a discreet yet introspecting remark, “And that’s also how you got your title of the Raven Maiden.”

» ☆ «
Task : Actives Eye of Raven on 3 or more enemy 10 times (0/10)
Reward: 500 Mastery Points
» ☆ «

≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺
Chapter 4
City of Dragon
≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺

“…Where am I?” Madelyn wondered. She felt like a rock falling deep into the furthest reaches of the black ocean, her surroundings gradually turning dark while her consciousness seeped out. In the end, everything was a void where she couldn’t see a thing.

Despite that, Madelyn didn’t struggle. If anything, it was more peaceful than frightening. It was like a bird being released from its cage for the very first time in years. But before everything melted away, a flash of light pointed at her. To her surprise and relief, a hand reached out to help her. Wearing a big smile, she grabbed onto it.

“It was all a dream?” Madelyn was awoken by a single drop of water that fell from the ceiling on her nose, annoying her a bit. As a single teardrop leaked out of the corner of her eye, it disappeared instantly when the cold metal of her chain hit her cheek. Contemplating the events that had taken place before, she extended her hand towards a source of light above her.

Madelyn began to sit up, and thereafter scanned the room with her eyes until they stopped on a wardrobe. There was a kimono, simple and untarnished in fashion, hanging there. For some reason, looking at it brought about a sentimental sense of nostalgia that she couldn’t explain… It was almost as if it belonged to somebody she knew.

But more importantly, why was she here in the first place? In an attempt to answer that question, Madelyn searched her memory for any recollections. Her thoughts were then unexpectedly interrupted by the presence of a man entering the room.

“You’re finally awake? What a relief.” He sighed. “I was worried about the state you were in after I found you knocked out cold in front of my house. According to the neighbours, you just fell out of the sky. Anyway, let me introduce myself – I’m Nathair and you are…?”

Madelyn looked at him with a laser pointed gaze that seemed to be aiming at a target. In this case, the target was the unfamiliar man that was before her. “…Madelyn.” She backed off a bit in caution. After thinking for a while, she remembered that she had a mission to kill a man. The problem was the fact that man just so happened to be Nathair.

Despite this dilemma, Madelyn opted to show her gratitude by thanking him. Not too long after, she asked permission to go outside. She needed some alone time to clear up her mind after everything that had happened. More importantly, she just wanted a break from all the zany events that recently happened.

After seeing off Madelyn, Nathair returned to his own room. Making sure he was alone, he started talking to his left arm that had revealed its true form as a snake. “What should we do next now?” He asked it. “Just ignore it, we should focus on our journey to the Barren Wasteland.” It replied.

In the sky, Madelyn saw a rising green hill while flying and landed there. Deciding to rest her body there, her mind was finally at peace and returned to its old memories of her hometown. She was saddened by the very thought of it, having remembered how much she missed it.

A little bit to the corner of her eye, the shape of a person emerged prompting Madelyn to get up and wipe her tears. At a closer look, she recognized the person as Nathair. “Why do you want to kill me?”, was what he asked her to which Madelyn replied with: “It’s an order from the higher ups”

Nonetheless, Nathair brushed it off and instead asked Madelyn about herself. Afterwards, they had a long conversation about their personal lives. Nathair asked Madelyn, “Pardon me for asking, but do you happen to know of a Chimera in the Barren Wasteland?”

“No, not really.”, was all Madelyn could answer with. Nathair sighed for a bit, then continued talking. “Tell the higher ups you missed the chance to meet that person… because they already left for somewhere else.”

Before the two went their separate ways, Nathair gave Madelyn a kimono as a gift. It was the same kimono Madelyn had been eyeing ever since she found herself in Nathair’s house. In Nathair’s words: “Your mother Kuzuhana used to wear it when she was alive… I think it’ll suit you.”

“You knew my mother?” Madelyn was staggered. Maybe choosing not to kill him was not such a bad decision, as she was eager to know about her mother whom she didn’t know growing up.

“You could say she and my parents were friends.” Nathair mused, pondering on the days of old. “…But my mom and dad are no longer here.”
“…I see.”, was all Madelyn could say. Nathair who had empathized with her said, “I know how hard it is to grow up without parents; mine were taken prematurely by malady” His eyes held a wistful glow as he talked.

Gladly accepting the present, Madelyn wore it right away, the garb being her sole aide-memoire of the mother that was stolen from her; as she hit the road once more, that feeling was comforting for her. Back in present time, Julian asked her: “Is that kimono you’re wearing now the same one in the story?”

Madelyn could only answer that question with a disconsolate smile. Now that the story had ended, it was getting late. After gathering the now depleted firewood, they both left.

» ☆ «
Task: Kill an enemy hero while Equality of Blood actives 5 times in a single match or play alongside Nathair 1 time
Reward: 500 Mastery Points
» ☆ «

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

Status & Attributes

"Raven Maiden"


Reap/Crowd Control

Chaotic Good


5th Sept

Zodiac Sign

6’ /  182cm

Cold outside warm inside , Smart , Gentle , Sensitive

Salads & fish , Chains , Birds , Hair accessories , Being Quiet

Her past , people who eat birds , Higher ups of the church , Lies

Chikai Anzai

Julian (Student)
Alasdair (Father) [deceased]
Kuzuhana (Mother) [deceased]
Aleisteir (Close friend or Brother figure) [deceased]
Nathair (Friend)

Durability :              35/100
Offensive :              81/100
Ability Effect :          96/100
Difficulty :               50/100

HP : 2594
HP Regen : 8.5
Physical ATK : 119
Physical DEF : 18
Attack SPD : 1.06
Attack SPD Ratio : 100%

Mana : 440
Mana Regen : 18
Magic Power : 0
Magic DEF : 15
Movement SPD : 270

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

Skills Set

"Eye of Raven"

Madelyn slowly accumulate Raven Mark to herself which can be stock up to 5 marks by hitting any units with her skills (multiply hit from one skills only increase the mark by 1) and at max Raven Marks it will turn into Eye of Raven which infused her Chain and make her next basic attack or skills will be empowered and can stun a hero by 0,4s.
(increase the stun duration by 0.1s per level) (duration become half if the skills is uses to stun)
(Eye of Raven mark doesn’t work against creep or minion but only for hero and only disappear after use)

After Eye of Raven active, Madelyn attack speed will be increased by 50% for 3s.

Madelyn only gain 50% Armor & Magic Resist from emblems & equipments

"Gaze into my eyes !" ~ Madelyn

Skill 1
"Mystical Punishment"
Mana Cost : 60/75/95/105/120
CD : 6.0s/5.8s/5.6s/5.4s/5.2s/5.0s
Base Damage : 320/360/400/440/480/520

Madelyn slash forward with her Chain of Rose dealing 320 (+155% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage

At the tip, it will leave rectangle explosion that detonate after 0,5s delay that deal 60 (+45% Total Magic Power)(+5% enemy total HP) Magic Damage that slow enemies down by 40% for 2s (explosion appear immediately if her chain hit the first creep or hero).

Any hero that got hit by the slash or explosion part will reduce the skills CD by 1s while jg and creep reduce it by 0,7s.

═════ ◈ ═════

Damage to jungle & minion is increase by 50%

═════ ◈ ═════


Skill 2
"Chain of Fate : Unity"
[Blink][Speed Up]
Mana Cost : 100/110/120/130/140/150
CD : 14s/13s/12s/11s/10s/9s

Madelyn dash to ally that have Chain of Unity which she’s linking them with. After that she will make a big leap to that linked ally and then she gain 60% movement speed boost for 1s that will rapidly decay over time.

(unlock able immediately when Equality of Blood is available)

═════ ◈ ═════
The skills is locked if there’s no nearby ally hero and priories the highest HP of ally.
This skill share the same CD and Levels with Chain of Fate  : Thorn
═════ ◈ ═════

Skill 3
"Chain of Fate : Thorn"
Mana Cost : 100/110/120/130/140/150
CD : 14s/13s/12s/11s/10s/9s
Base Damage : 200/270/340/410/480/550
Additional Damage : 200/250/300/350/400/450
Pull Damage : 200/220/240/260/280/300
Double Def : 15/20/25/30/35/40

Passive : If Chain of Thorn hit an enemy hero or creep then her next basic attack will be a enhance for 3.5s that turn and deal 20 (80% Total Physical Attack) (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage with enhance range and 15 double defense. (this enhance basic attack can proc attack effect)

Active : Madelyn unleash her Chain of Thorn which it will be launches forward that deal 200 (+180% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and slow enemies down by 70% for 1.5s that will rapidly decay overtime and if this chain hit an obstacles or hero then she will lock onto the chain for 2s
(if her chain latch onto obstacles or none then the cd will be reduce by 50%)

Press again (obstacles) : Madelyn leap through the wall and grant her 40% mov speed boost for 1s that will rapidly decay over time.

Press again (hero or creep) : Madelyn pull herself and the chained enemy to the middles and dealing 200 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

═════ ◈ ═════
This skill share the same CD and Levels with Chain of Fate  : Unity

═════ ◈ ═════

"Equality of Blood"
[Buff][Speed Up]
Mana Cost : 100%
CD : 50s/42s/34s
Absorption Defends : 10%/15%/20%
HP Conversion : 50%-50%/60%-40%/70%-30%

Passive : When near ally, Madelyn will linking to them with Chain of Unity and after 2s delay Madelyn will absorb their 10% def and shield to herself  for 5s (this absorption will enter 10s cd after use but the link will stay)

Active : Madelyn cast Chain of Dead to one designated enemy hero which form a link with her and linking enemy where both of them add up the total current HP for both hero and after the calculation convert 50% HP to Madelyn and 50% HP to the linked hero.

Upon activation CD for Mystical Punishment & Chain of Fate will  reset and can be cast without mana then for entire Chain of Dead duration Madelyn gain 15% extra Movement Speed and also Raven Mark she gain will be doubles.  (from 1 to 2)

Madelyn gain 1 Magical Penetration for each 100 mana being uses to active Equality of Blood

The linking last for 7s with both hero cannot gain heal, spellvamp/lifesteal , shield (the current shield both hero have will disappear) and can only stay within 4.5 yards radius with Madelyn on the center during the entire duration.

═════ ◈ ═════
If both hero fail to kill one another after 7s then return their HP  back before the linking.
If Madelyn managed to kill the hero she’s linking with then her mana will return back before the linking and she gain 30% HP back
═════ ◈ ═════

"Your life is mine!" ~ Madelyn

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡
In-Battle Breakdown Part 1
Core Items

Clock of Destiny with L. Truncheon and Enchanted Talisman
> Reason: Clock of Destiny is to boost Madelyn damage early on and also to help her burst down enemy faster while Enchanted Talisman because her mana consumption is a lot which mean she need it plus her skills 2 and ultimate cd also a bit high

Genius Wand and Glowing Wand
> Reason: very usable as first item because it prove more magical pen which mean Madelyn can play aggressive early on and get as many kills as possible

Concentrated Energy and Ice Queen Wand
> Reason: The least one for core items but it’s still an option if need where this will be the only magical lifesteal item and most likely u gonna need this because Madelyn skill doesn’t provide lifesteal at base but she can gain some heal with this and make sure to use her skills without ultimate because it will remove her lifesteal effect

Full Builds

•First Build is gearing toward mid to late game because of CoD and L.Truncheon combo and also with fleeting time she can do a lot of ambush more often especially in late game

•The second build is more focus on early game where u try to aim and burst down many hero with many penetration items u got, also since Madelyn skills cost so many mana which mean u need Enchanted Talisman too and it work too since u will have CDR item

•Third or final build is a build similar like second one but it’s more for dmg and u going to rely on your blue buff a lot and just focus on getting as many kill as possible and then end early

->As usual for spare items, it will be Immortality into Winter Truncheon which can be the last items


>Reason : Well since her skills scaling is with magic power then automatically it’s better to use mage emblem. Mov speed, penetration is good as is and top it off with Magic Worship because she can easily proc it with her skills especially when she’s ulting enemy hero, Mystery Shop could work too if u wanna get her full build faster

>Reason : Well as usual this can work with Madelyn because is an assassin and jungle emblem will make her farming become very fast which mean also good for securing objective and fast rotation too.

>Reason : If u think about this emblem for her as roamer then it is correct because the mana regen very helpful here and also I think when Madelyn is in other lane like Exp or Mid using Support emblem can work pretty well and this is the set of support emblem I think work also u can get more Mana Regen instead of the Pen

Battle Spell

>Retribution :
1. Madelyn kits is leaning toward ganking enemy team early on and getting that Lv. 4 as fast as possible is needed because she can kill enemy fast with her ultimate
2. Her skills have many utility points to use for ganking too because it lower the CD by 50% if she hit obstacles like wall which is why it’s very recommend she’s become jungler

>Exp Laner :
1. Well if jungler is already filled and u still wanna use her, it’s fine because she still can be side laner or probably if she have to
2. She can use execute to get that secure kill more easily because she need it if being combo with ult because if she can’t kill then her enemy HP basically back to full again (unless they get damaged in some way before)
3. Flicker or Sprint could work too to make a surpise attack with locking enemy with her ult then kill them fast

>Roamer :
1. Madelyn can be roamer and use Dire Hit too like Selena and Natalia roamer where u go around supporting team with your damage and even get the kill too
2.  Conceal might work too because u can get conceal play and ult enemy core and the ambush them with ur stun too

>Mid Lane :
1. Ever since the mid having 4 minion, it work very well for Madelyn to be midlaner too and she can rotate pretty well because of it
2. Mid Madelyn can work too and can act like Julian where she goes for more backline stabber orientated

In-Battle Breakdown Part 2
Combo Breakdown

Eye of Raven Combo or Double Stun Combo
->Start from full stacks of Raven Mark or Eye of Raven
->Use basic attack to get a stun (this reduce the mark to 0)
->Use ultimate immediately (this grant 1 mark)
->Use skill 1 (this grant 2 mark because of ultimate)
->Use skill 3 (this grant2 mark because of ultimate)
->Basic attack for additional stun
Verdict : this combo rely on u to do pretty fast and kill enemy immediately and to get double stun combo because this is very deadly combo in late game

Useful Tips

  • Always make sure u have full passive stacks whatever u gonna gank or trying to use ultimate on someone
  • Always aim to enemy core when u gonna ult because your job is to kill them not tank
  • It’s possible to kill tank too because u can get their high HP but also make sure u can kill them too or else u just wasting your time
  • Outplayed is possible with her especially when she’s like 1% HP and she ult enemy that have 10k, her 1% turn into 5k HP because of the ult and this can be use to save herself and also kill that target

Skills Maximize Order

  • •Maximize skill 1 first
  • •Max ultimate whatever it's available
  • •Max skill 2 last
  • •You can also raise skill 1 first but then put 2-3 extra points to skill 2 and after that focus on skill 1 again

In-Battle Breakdown Part 3

Best Teammates

Mathilda, because she can provide a dash for Madelyn and combo pretty well with her when Madelyn is ulting which in turn can drag enemy to her allies more easier  

Yve, When Madelyn ulting an enemy then she can drag them to Yve chessboard to finish them off

Minsitthar, the double menace where those two combo pretty well with Madelyn linking with enemy so they cannot gain lifesteal,spellvamp and shield while Minsitthar uses his ultimate to make them cannot dash too

Strong Against

High HP Tanky Hero, Since Madelyn Equality of Blood can make Madelyn linking to any enemy hero then she can ult roamer or tanky hero too which could make them weaker in term of HP while making Madelyn HP higher, this could lead to big game changer too if enemy doesn’t have frontliner

Weak Against

-> Hero with full immunity skills like Lancelot, Ling, Hayabusa and etc. could be Madelyn downfall because when she used the ultimate then it will enter CD with her mana is cut by half because it already count as casting it
-> Burst hero when she failed to stun them after she’s linking with the target because she’s very squishy if she cannot do her combo correctly
-> Strong early game hero like Hilda that can punish u for jungling because Madelyn need help to clear jungle at lv 1 or in lane like Jawhead where Jawhead can win 1v1 at lv 1-2 if Madelyn is in exp lane

In-Battle Breakdown Part 4

Early Game

  • Raise skill 1 and clear jungler as fast as possible with it
  • When u reach Lv. 4 start ganking and also u can even gank tanky side laner enemy too since her ultimate is very helpful for that

Exp Lane
  • Keep poking with your skill 1 from afar, Madelyn is not very strong before Lv. 4
  • Make sure you hit your skills too because it can stack up later for her stun and in team fight
  • Your job since as side laner is to backstab enemy backline and kill them while you uses your ultimate or u can just grab enemy tanky hero too since it work on her favor make enemy team have no frontliner

  • Raise skill 1 if u want to have fast clear and help mid rotate faster or u can raise skill 2 first to make enemy
  • Help go to other lane or maybe invade but make sure u don’t take too much damage because you’re very squishy roamer

Mid Lane
  • Be discipline and always clear your lane first before rotating to gank
  • If possible try to catch enemy core and latch your chain to them, which mean they will be with u for 2s

Mid Game

  • Get as many pick off as much as possible for enemy that’s out of position
  • U can try like hiding in bush with your teammates and then use your ult to lock onto them and get the kill

Exp Lane
  • Clear your lane as fast as possible and then join team fight because u can provide big support with your ultimate
  • If possible try to get enemy backline but ulting their tank or roamer is fine too since it’s good against them

  • Stay with your all the time and also get a good bush to secure vision for your team
  • If possible u can try approach enemy first to set up team fight
  • Make sure when using your ultimate, it’s on enemy core

Mid Lane
  • Clear your lanes as usual and also if there’s team fight, u better appear there too also u go for backline if possible
  • Always remember your lane even after u helping team because mid still your main lane and the most important  lane too

Late Game

  • Now the game reach over 12 minutes, for build just focus on damage and make sure u can get a good pick for enemy that’s out of position
  • It might be hard to kill enemy on their inhibitor turret but it’s possible, use your ult and make sure you tell your teammates beforehand to be ready and be slightly near for Chain of Unity to intact and then use Skill 2 to drag them toward your teammates to get a sure kill
  • Make sure to get lord now because each Lord is very important and can lead u to win the game

Exp Lane
  • Clear your lane as fast as possible and then join team fight because u can provide big support with your ultimate
  • If possible try to get enemy backline but ulting their tank or roamer is fine too since it’s good against them

  • If u have any good burst hero currently on ur team like Lunox then make sure u always with them
  • When there’s enemy and u have conceal ready or use one then u both go directly attack them first because Madelyn ult alone can work pretty great for this and it act like kaja,franco and chou pick off play too

Mid Lane
  • Play like how u be exp laner which mean an ambush or flank enemy backline
  • Prioritize pick off enemies core member or jungler

Madelyn Weakness

  • Her sustain which where she’s lacking, she doesn’t have small heal or lifesteal at base and even her shield is gone when using ultimate
  • What she have is just small double def but that won’t save her from burst skills
  • When she failed to ult an enemy, her ultimate will enter CD state and she left with 50% mana left since the ult is casted already
  • Wave clear kinda tough for her since, her skill 1 is more for farming and skill 2-3 dashing and locking enemy

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡
Voice Lines

"Souls are as transient as flowers blooming in the night"

"As my hands were stained by blood, they started calling me the Raven Maiden"
"These chains and I are one and the same, like the shared blood between family"
"I have never forgotten the first time I took a life..."
"Move too slow, and be one step closer to being checkmated"
"Things I like? Well, I have a taste for the quiet and fish"
"The most beautiful roses carry the sharpest and deadliest thorns"
"Across the sky, cries of war drown out the songs of the people"

Special Dialogues
With Julian
"I'll believe in you, even if no one else does"
"The back is my blind spot, and I trust that you can look after it"
"You're spacing out a little... Remember what I taught you"
"Your plan makes no sense, let your teacher take over"

Against Julian
"A little duel isn't really out of the question, but are you up to the challenge?"
"They say the student will surpass the teacher, but let's see about that"
"I won't hold back so don't bore me"

Killed by Julian
"Guess I taught you well..."
"Fighting you was an honour..."
"I'm glad that we met..."

With Xavier
"They say you can't shoot the mockingbird, but they might regret not doing just that"
"Sharpen your conscience, and walk forward; I won't forgive any blunders"
"Guard the plinth, you can't let it break, can you?"

Against Xavier
"Fate is a fickle one for us to meet as enemies on the battlefield"
"Just because we're allies, I won't go easy on you"
"Which one of us is the greater servant of the church, I wonder? Hmmm"

Killed by Xavier
"As long as it's for the greater good..."
"A little rusty... I guess..."

(Skill 1)
"I might have overdone it, but oh well"
"I may have gone a little too hard..."

(Skill 2)
"The connection between you and I strengthen as these chains bathe in blood"
"These chains will not sever against the weather"

(Skill 3)
"See what I told you? The prettiest roses sting the hardest"
"The cold steel of this chain sends shivers down your spine"

"Let these chains awaken the strength that slumbers within me"
"It's futile; once these chains have ensnared you, they are inescapable"

"Everyone is fated to meet their end..."
"At least I lived for myself..."
"How regrettable..."
"How pathetic...

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡
☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

Raven Maiden

How to Obtain :
•Log in for 7 days straight after Madelyn is release to get her for free
•32000 BP or 599 Diamonds to buy her right away
•1 Days Trial Card will be given to everyone so they can test her first before buying her

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡
☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

Madelyn is an assassin/fighter that best suitable to be jungler but she also can be use in other lane like Exp, Roamer and Mid, she have decent jungle and wave clear even if it’s just coming from her skill 1, her skill 2 very strict to use because she need ally to dash into but it is good skills to use and combo into with her ultimate, her skill 3 also very versatile where it can use to jungle clear, lock onto enemy or for dashing between obstacles which u will use in jungle area.

Madelyn ultimate kits most likely the most unique one because she’s basically adding up the total HP of both hero like for example if Madelyn have 3000 HP while her enemy have 7000 HP and she’s linking with them then the total of Madelyn and enemy HP become 5000 HP each and this ultimate also scale with level which mean she can gain more HP for enemy she’s linking with at late game.

She can use her double stun combo to deal with that enemy very quick when she’s linking with them or she can drag them toward ur ally with skill 2 or just dash away with skill 3 behind an obstacles. Either way this ultimate open up a lot of strategy that can be use and also she’s pretty much can compete with tank meta like now with her ult and her stun also make her possible to fight off burst hero like late game mm and she alone have downside like not having any health up or lifesteal skills and even her ult disable this plus the shield she got from her ultimate passive for balancing reason.

I can see her as hero that people will pick against tank jungler enemy which mean an assassin that can be on even ground against them and also I can image her get ban or first pick a lot but that doesn’t mean she’s OP, she’s more like set up and team fight oriented hero where the set up is she need her passive stacks before going on team fight and she also need to ult the right target and hope she doesn’t get burst down or cc to dead when doing that. Her team fight oriented can be good because she can drag enemy core to your team and finish them off also remember she’s very squishy hero and need help for dashing with skill 2 and skill 3 have delay with lacthing her chain to obstacles and then dash away (she’s not like ur typical assassin that can go through wall right away like Hayabusa and Lancelot dash)

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡


Huge and very big thanks for all the people listen below because without them this hero concept won't be complete ^^

• Rae for her awesome artwork of Madelyn ->
• Ichy for her awesome artwork of Julian and Madelyn ->
• Dialogue idea and remaking the story to be better by Koto -> Luminous#5525
• Mastery Code Tasks & Rewards ->

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡
☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡
Author Note

Hi it’s me Salieri or TheLtCaptain or whatever u can call me with, I am back and this time with another new hero concept which I actually been making for quite a while now, I think it dated back before MPL 2022 or the first time Tank Meta happen and  I actually surprised this meta last very long even until now and I am  actually glad  too because it mean Madelyn still very playable to use and can still counter them very well

There’s still a lot I couldn’t add in this post but I will add later in and link it to this one like exa : Chapter 5 which supposed to be the ending story where Madelyn meeting Xavier which is why there’s a dialogue about those two and also survey art which will be in separate post and last one will be adding more artwork for each chapter on story because as u can see it’s only one so far

For final note for this Hero Concept are hopefully developer see this and make my idea become real and I am sure they will like unique stuff too because I am very certain Madelyn ult never been make before and I think this ultimate work very well for this game (hopefully it’s not really tough to code too).

Oh yeah I actually have plan for 3 more Hero Concept too and they all relate to each other plus they certainly very unique too, so until next time see ya

Post time 2023-1-24 11:16 PM | Show all posts
I enjoyed your hero concept full of detail. Especially the story is something that not everyone do when doing an creative exchange but you did and I'm thankful for this effort.
I'm also surprised to see how many people worked on it. Thank you very much Rae, Ichy, Koto and of course to the author TheLtCaptain.
I like her skills, I really wish this concept can be took in consideration by devs. Is an interesting hero
Post time 2023-1-21 02:52 AM | Show all posts
It's like a very professional, more detailed and persuasive piece of work. I wonder how long it took. Support from me.
I appreciate your efforts.
 Author| Post time 2023-1-23 07:12 AM | Show all posts
Rafael0000 replied at 2023-1-21 02:52 AM
It's like a very professional, more detailed and persuasive piece of work. I wonder how long it took ...

its actually took quite a few months and over a year i think because mostly i procrastinate and also working on 4 hero concept at same time, it's just this is the only one i have to finish off early because a lot of base stuff is already done in 2022

also is it just me or the mod rarely online and read Creative Exchange ? I remember back in 2019 ish, theres a mod that always appear and comment on my post few hours after it was posted
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