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[Hero Balance] Phoveus buff

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Edited by TheAgo at 2023-1-4 12:02 AM

Due to the slow cast time of it's ultimate and the low damage output without ulting, Phoveus can't properly counter what it is supposed to counter: blinkers.

His ultimate can't catch up with Wanwan in the late game, and other heroes can just predict when Phoveus' jumps will land to just walk away or worse: they will bring Phoveus into a really bad situation. Sprint spell is also too much popular right now, so much that many mages without mobility are using it instead of Flicker.

It's a shame, because Phoveus' concept of countering blinkers with offensive pressure is really awesome. And he himself is countered by other anti-blink heroes like Minsitthar, since it's own Ultimate is a blink skill.

This suggestion is about increasing the opportunities for Phoveus to use it's ultimate and helping he to not stay helpless when enemy heroes are not blinking:

- Passive: Demonic Intuition

When an enemy hero uses Blink or Charge skills (or is knocked back or pulled) within 10 [units], it reduces all of Phoveus' skill cooldowns or charge times by 1 second, and will activate a mark at the enemy hero for 4 seconds. Each enemy hero marked within 10 units around Phoveus' increases his magic lifesteal by 5%, for a maximum of 25%. This effect remains active as long as there are marked enemy heroes within range, and is indicated by a passive buff icon with a counter from 1 to 5.

- First Skill: Malefic Terror

Phoveus smashes the ground and unleashes Astaros Dread, dealing 200–450 (+80% Total Magic Power) (+6% of target max HP) Magic Damage to the target. Upon hitting an enemy hero, Phoveus receives a 50–580 (+60% Total Magic Power) (+6% Total HP) shield as well as a 25% Movement Speed boost for 3 seconds. If an enemy hero, creep or Phoveus himself touches Astaros Dread, itwill spread and deal extra [100%] (successive damage dealt to the same enemydecays to 25%). This skill gains 1 charge every 8.5–6.0 seconds, up to 3charges, and deals 180% damage to minions.

- Second Skill: Astaros Eye

Summons Astaros Eye in a targeted area that deals 200-400 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage for 3 seconds, marking all enemy heroes affected. Enemies inside Astaros Eye range will be slowed by 20%.

- Ultimate: Demonic Force

If there is any enemy hero marked by Demonic Intutition over an area of 10 [units] around Phoveus, this ability can be activated. By activating it, Phoveus can rapidly blink to the marked enemy location (skill cast time increased by 30%) delivering a fierce blow (skill blow range increased by 20%), dealing 530-850 (+180% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to every enemy unit in the area of impact, receiving a 160-360 (+50% Total Magic Power) (+6% Total HP) shield. Once Phoveus activates this effect, this skill can be cast repeatedly at the cost of Mana for up to 12 seconds before entering cooldown, as long as there are marked enemy heroes within it's range.


What did the suggestions changed?

- The area for activating the marks (and it's effects) and his ultimate is increased by 2 units, so phoveus can activate it's mechanic more often.

- Phoveu's passive now applies the mark instead of it's ultimate, and can be used to increase phoveus sustainability.

- First skill base damage is decreased, but it can now deal damage based on target's HP. Also has increased 20% damage against creeps. First skill shield is increased.

- His second skill is simplified. It can mark all enemies just by casting and hitting them, and pull/knock back effect is replaced by slow inside area within it's duration.

- Ultimate damage area is higher, so it can hit more enemies arround it. Skill cast time is also improved, so there is less chance for enemies to scape it. To balance it out, base damage is decreased by 70 points on all levels.

Is this enough or is this overbuff?

> First skill is the main source of damage and wave clearing for phoveus. Together with magic lifesteal buff from passive, increased shield and max HP based damage, Phoveus can build more tanky items without suffering from lots of damage loss and have great sustainability to just jump into team fights.

> Second skill beeing a one hit effect that lasts a while on the field dealing slow helps phoveus to proc it's passive/ultimate more often. It does not need to have a secondary effect 1 second after to it.

> Ultimate and Passive should work together. There is no need for the Ultimate itself to proc the mark, the passive can do it and also give phoveus extra attributes. For the buff in area and cast speed and activation range, it need to be toned down a little in terms of damage.
Post time 2023-1-5 09:32 PM | Show all posts
I agree Phoveus needs a buff
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