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[Hero Balance] It's about odette

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Hello guys. So I ve been using Odette with her newest revamp on her ulti and I must say its nice to have gotten rid of that forced jumped.
She is still weak though.
Bellow are the reasons about it.
1 her passive needs some tweaks In it.
It's hard to set it up during teamfights for max damage, meanwhile stucking it in advance costs too much mana regardless the phase of the match. In addition for a poking skill it's not as effective to use due to the requirements.
2 her s1 is decent regarding damage, but suffers in many aspects. Slow animation, slow travelling speed and short range, make her unable to take the initiative against other heroes. Generally we utalise the minions to our advantage. This however restricts her gameplay significantly.
She can't poke with it enemies with longer range ( 99% of mages and mm). Also enemies are able to dodge this skill by walking with enough movement speed. In other words she can't even hit them and slow them down in close proximity as well.
The same goes for her s2 as written below.
3 her s2 suffer the same fate. Too short to hit enemies so she can set up her combo. The second phase with the homming energy ball is ok but.
For 1 I see no big difference when hitting enemies behind the minions and hitting them with her old T shape skill 'extra' both cases the enemy is too far from her other skills so she still waists that few seconds of immobilization to get in reach. Taking this into account her new s2 is a nerf due to its decreased cc duration. On the other hand any blink skill, or high movement speed puts more distance between her and the enemy because of the delay.
It's ok for support purposes but Odette isn't a support and 1 target is lame.
Her cc is the weakest of them all yet it got nerfed meanwhile other heroes such as luo badang and many more are spamming machines of strong aoe cc.
4 the shield on her ulti as it is will never compansate her much better damage reduction. Her optional dash is very nice addition to it. But I insist on making the dash immune to cc. The whole of the dash is to avoid the stuns and to repotion her self.
5 lastly the biggest disappointment I ve faced on her is her magical lifesteal ratio.
Why in the world do all of her skills except for her ulti benifit only from 50% of it and her ulti from 30%? This is literately reducing her sustainability in half. lifesteal is no more a viable option for her especially during her ulti and spell vamp Which does wonders with her skills is nowhere to be found in any of her visbke equipment.
A hero who can't fight back is a dead hero.
The game puts a heavy enfasis on making the initiative. Be it  invading attacking or baiting, are extremely important.
Heroes who can't do that are left to dust.
Pls take into account these problems of her kit and make proper adjustments on her just like her option dash during her ulti
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I think her edge is the burst and indeed her lack with pokes and stuff is what we are missing compared to the old version of her. Although you can poke with the Passive's jump. For me, she is so-so, in a way that she can still burst and kill enemies actually, as far as from what I'm seeing on the majority of Odette's I've fought/battled with, it's only the lack of the bouncy effect of Passive is what I think should be revamped or buffed, but then again, her Ultimate rework compensates enough I guess because it helps her reposition or lessen the reliance with Flicker. Her shield is op as well.
 Author| Post time 2022-11-23 01:10 AM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2022-11-22 07:00 AM
I think her edge is the burst and indeed her lack with pokes and stuff is what we are missing compar ...

You are right Odette can certainly burst the enemies. If she has good roamer and gets her items early she is a beast.
Problem is she can't keep up against enemies on her own in laning. She is too realiant of her teamates to bait and ruin the enemies
Her passive it's nice at poking only when it rebounds, and is too easy tobprevent that. Just walk away, stay out of range for instance.
Flicker is best to companstate for surprise attacks and to close the distance the enemy keeps to actually hit them.
As for the shield I downright disagree. 1vs1 against Mm.
Odette full 6 ofedensive items the mm 4 items with inspire.
Guess who died upon using their full combo?
Another example. Full built vs cyclopse. He kills her again
I ve started getting aegis and vengeance so as not to die in such cases
So no the current shield is trush
Post time 2022-11-23 04:49 PM | Show all posts
All i can say is IM DEFINETELY AGREE.
Post time 2022-11-23 05:29 PM | Show all posts
Let's hope the devs listen to Odette fans and make her great again

I have never seen any suggestion related to Odette implemented so far

They nerfed her continuously and made her useless in more than 5 seasons. The biggest nerf is the revamp of the ultimate which no one asked for
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