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[Shop] Restore the gold refund when selling boots so it's the same as other items.

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Edited by EighteenXVIII at 2022-11-18 02:24 AM

When selling a regular item you get back 70% of the gold price, but when you sell boots you get back around 30%. They implemented this change a while ago, but there is a big downside.
This downside relates specifically to roam boots in solo queue. You will get teammates that buy roam boots when you're already playing as the roamer, or that perform so poorly that they have less gold than the roamer. While it's true that the lowest gold player will always get passive gold, it still sets your team back so much gold wise. It's to the point that it's literally better in those cases to sell your boots as the roamer and buy regular boots, because then at least you can earn gold again.

I shared some screenshots to illustrate this. If you look at the teams where the roamer doesn't get bottlenecked by feeders, the roamer has much more gold.The gold difference they get because of this simple mechanic is huge. Instead of having just one or two people who feed, now those feeders drag back your roamer as well. It leads to games that are much more uneven than they otherwise would be. And it's the roamer that gets punished the most.

Meanwhile on my team, I get people who pick a second roam and people who feed and get the lowest gold that way. And it drags my gold down with them as well. This makes it a lot more unpleasant to main roam in solo queue, because at least in any other role you can carry without your teammate handicapping your gold gain. And there is nothing you can do to counter it, except to sell your roam boots. Which you can see I did in the match where I had a troll Johnson. Before I sold my roam boots I was stuck with the same gold as him the entire game. But when I sell my boots I can actually earn more gold than him. Unfortunately at that point we were behind so much that it was too late.

When I sell my boots, I get punished by the system because selling boots is punished more harshly than selling other items. So it's double unfairness at that point. I'd like to see them rework the roam mechanic as well. In serious competitive games this won't be an issue, but in solo queue there are many feeders. They shouldn't be able to drag down the roamer with them. It's very difficult playing with 1-3k less gold than the enemies just because of a mechanic.

In the game with the Khufra, I would have had 11k gold if it wasn't for him feeding. In the second game, I had two people feeding and dragging down my gold gains. My gold would have been closer to 12k-13k. In the final game, especially the Johnson ended up costing me so much gold. Also in the second game none of the enemies had a roam item, but they all had roughly equal gold and much higher gold than us. Because there was no bottlenecking at play. So this shows how buying roam item in solo queue can actually hurt you and your team's winning chances, which is not how it should be.
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Maybe just cut out the middle man and "cancel blessing" option on the roaming page on the shop

I'd also like to further suggest that perhaps instead of selling boots to change from say Magic Boots to Tough Boots, you can just select the boots you want to buy and purchase them for 30% of the value instead and it will replace them.
Post time 2022-11-18 01:49 PM | Show all posts
Agree, it's annoying enough to get gold as a roamer to begin with if your team isn't doing that much good. +1 on this, they should also make it possible to switch between blessings without having to sell the boots.
 Author| Post time 2022-11-18 10:47 PM | Show all posts
Edited by EighteenXVIII at 2022-11-18 10:50 PM
To illustrate better what I mean, here's another screenshot. You can see even though I have three underperforming players, I have no issues getting gold because I'm the jungler.  
But let's say I was playing roam this match. This Tigreal really suffered, because the moment he has more gold than Lesley (which was basically the entire match), Lesley starts to take all his passive gold from the roam boots until she catches up with Tigreal. Basically due to this system Tigreal loses a lot of gold which he has no control over except to sell his roam boots so he can share in his team's gold.

Now we would probably still have lost this match anyways, because carrying 2v5 is too difficult. But again, it's already so much harder to carry with a roamer than as any other role, especially compared to the jungler as you can see. Tigreal played really well considering the teammates he had to work with, but his impact was still lower than mine because that's the nature of playing roam in solo queue. The system should not make it even more difficult to play roam, because it's already not the most appealing role if you want to carry.

Even the Franco got bottlenecked. With 34 assists and 17 minutes playtime, he should have been max build for sure. But Kagura didn't clear her lane well apparently since she's not max build either (despite good KDA), and she got barely more gold than him so she probably bottlenecked his gold for much of the game as well.

Maybe the passive gold should not go to the lowest gold player, but always to the roamer. Because frankly if you give 1000 gold to a feeder, that's often going to be wasted gold. You could give this Lesley 3000 more gold for free and she would not be able to do anything with it. In a way the system rewards people who underperform, but it punishes the team by denying the roamer gold even if they play well.

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