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[Hero Concept] Pierre'té

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Screenshot_20221019-203729261.jpg Odette's Older Brother Concept
Hello guys. I've been working on this one for some time, including a sample image. Though I will only post the sketch no colors cause I just can't get it right (I am begginer).
So do you like it?

Name: Pierre'té
Role: Fighter/ Mage
Specialty: Sustain/ Magical damage

Brief Summary
Pierre'té had a cecluded and busyfull youth at Swan castle, just like any new family member.
Being the youngest and sole heir of the family his days were packed up in training in the fine arts, magic talent and diplomatic speach.
Everyone in the palace would gaze upon him during his dance lesson, and he in turn made sure to illustrate his performance in top notch results.
As he grew older he was taught of utalising Lakeshore Ambiance.
Such prodiggie was he that he even modify it to suit his excellent movement on stage.
Soon he got tired of all of these and he would sneak out of the palace to meet his childhood friend in the castle.
Swan's Castle tight spot regarding the kingdoms politics would get him in trouble, as his father would scold and punish him for his bold action.
When he came of age he made the decision to leave his home for good and work at the palace as the princes right hand, fulfilling thus, their promise back from their childhood
This way he ended up involved in all sort of trades and clashes. Luckily his teachings and prowess prepared him sufficiently.
His absence however as sudden as it was greeted him with a surprise.
A heir was needed for future generations.
Thus gracefully Odette was born.
Carrying with him no more his home name and bound to vigorous tasks, he couldn't help but wonder if he would ever meet his beloved sister in person.


Absolute Performance
Each time Pierre'té uses a skill, the next skill cast will inherite a 8% increase of it's original attributes. Capped at 3 stucks and lasts 4s

Skill No 1
Fine arts: Refined Mastery
Cooldown: 8s
Pierre'té accumulates energy in a specified circular area slowing down enemies within it by 40% and then commands it to explode after a brief delay of 1,2s, dealing 150-300 (+120% magical power) as magical damage to the enemies at the center of the explosion. Meanwhile the others are dealt 100-250 (+100 magical damage) as magical damage and they are knoch back towards the direction of the explosion.

Skill No 2
Graceful Arts: Apex Ballet
Cooldown: 6s (per stuck, max 3 stucks, affected by cdr)

Jettierre leaps towards the designated direction up to 3 times gaining a shield (can stuck) equal to 350-600(+110% magical power) and dealing 100-250 (+50% magical power) magical damage to enemies. Each time he lands he marks the position with stationary Lakeshore Ambiance which lasts for 6s and creates shockwaves which deals 200-300 (+100% magical power) magical damage in a small aoe.
Up to 3 positions can be marked each time and each new one refreshes the duration of all of them.
Pierre'té can recreate the shockwaves by attacking the marks with his skills and basic attacks. If the marks are close enough they create a field which allows them to resonate with each other and slow enemies by 30% for 1s when passing through it.

Skill No 3/ Ultimate
Impeccable Competence
Cooldown: 50s
Jettierre unleashes an explosion of magic deflecting all the projectiles caught in the explosion, allowing his magic to flow freely for 10s, and increasing his physical and magical defences by 40-60  points. He then gets full passive stucks. During the duration of this skill his dashes are significantly faster, mean while his passive's max stucks are increased from 3 to 5

Extra skill
Like A Good Brother Should Be
Cooldown: 120s
When Odette is in the same team as Pierre'té, and she is using her utlimate, he dashes towards Odette, both gaining a shield equal to 300 (+100% magical power) and then they procced performing a leap towards the designated area, dealing 200 (+80% magical damage to enemies upon landing.
During the dash Jettierre protects his Sister from cc, as a result though he gains 1,5 the original damage.P.S I know the legs and shoes are problematic.
Sorry about that

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This is nice and and an addition to the lore! :p Although I'd like a vacuum effect as well in his 2nd skill to make it more scary and op
 Author| Post time 2022-10-20 08:45 PM | Show all posts
Thank you! This is just a sample in text.
More modification are welcomed for balancing at any time.
Post time 2022-10-21 04:03 PM | Show all posts
Nice idea

Odette + Jhonson + Pierre'té = delete who get hit
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