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[Hero Balance] how moontoon is killing dmg dealers (jungle)

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Edited by Charles at 2022-9-28 04:50 PM

LoL i chuckled when they have to nerf natalia, natalia now is just a weaker version of amon that does not have a reliable dmg to scare mm anymore the little delay in silence gives mm a LOW fighting chance to activate wind of nature, same case for helcurt they made second skill have basic attack benefits but prevents him from critting  whats even the point lol, because demon hunter building materials is not that good so that is why helcurt will suffer early game desperatley trying to build demon hunter that is why most hc users  build hunter strike/BOD with good mini items that gives a little bit of pent, the second skill update of helcurt did not make sense at all its like hes stuck being a burst or adc hero since his second cant crit they could have just reduce the crit dmg percentage like ling but nope moontoon loves the mm users so much

Current META
only Ling and fanny are the usable assasins right now FOR THE Wrong REASONS (you know why its their OP mobility) and funny though because natalia and hc (silence without ult and passive silence) with thier instant silence before could counter those heroes but now that moontoon just let them to fucking rot these two flying maniacs are loose or any mm with wind of nature could outplay even though you caught them wwith surprise.

Now the tank jungle meta , gives incentives to nubs to make mistakes like for example tank jungle akai, balmond, could make 2-3 big misplays and still will not be punished and lived while in my days of my ml addiction one tiny mistake as a core dmg dealer your life is forfeit so what i have notice before people's playstyle tends to be more agressive  now its just a stalement match its very boring in high mythic matches the only time i enjoyed ml now if both jungle are dmg dealers and i watch them to show off their combo ghadz, outplay ghadz and such but most of the time in high mythic its just a stalemate, boring ass gameplay its funny though because + has become a fast paced moba than ML yes matches do take longer but the fights tends to be more intense than Ml now.

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The natalia nerf is too much .and helcurt do need a buff. Rearly see any helcurt player now a days
Post time 2022-9-28 04:51 PM | Show all posts
Indeed, I find only a handful of assassins useful lately. While the nerf didn't give Nathalia justice, with these feedbacks regarding her being useless with the nerf, she might get a buff/revamp soon. Keep coming up with suggestions btw, we will forward these.
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