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[Test Server] Remove current report system & change it into peer-based system

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Edited by Samsaras at 2022-8-3 11:03 PM

Edit: I posted in the wrong "Suggestion" by mistake. Could mods move this to the proper suggestion thread?

Remove report system of feeding & negative player (afk system can stay). Why? Cause it doesn't work & is easily abused.
Like in the screenshot, who do you think played the worst? It was Eudora. All she did was spam 'Good Game'. She didn't get her wanted role so declared she would troll. When warned of reporting she just laughed. Them she just spammed 'Good Game' & did nothing else. She stayed away from all fights so she fed less & got a few kills late game cleaning after everyone died (no skills used during fights, no assists, just a few clean up kills after team died 4v5). Her last word before game ended? 'Good luck with the report.'
I did report her, but as you can guess from her silver medal, as she knew, I just got a report feedback.

In the next screenshot, zhask fed but ofc was not punished ¯_ (ツ)/¯
Tbh Zhask wasn't trolling as much as being a nub, too eager to fight, jumping in 5v5 as well as 1v5, but shows how the system works.

But the next screenshot is the jewel. Faramis inted & just fed enemy like it was festival day. By 5 mins enemy were 1 item ahead, in my jungle & faramis still would only feed but not help. So ofc we could only defend under turret & eventually lost to lord. I reported Faramis but he wasn't punished.
Instead I got punished for low teamfight participation, like wtf??
What teamfight? There was like 6 kills, all solo kills achieved by suicide dives into full enemy team, leaving me to desperately try to clear the minions. My assist was earned at the last moment when I was defending the base with my life. My 1st death was when enemy 1v4 me in my own jungle with an item ahead, my 2nd death at our base defending lord. Yet, apparently I played badly ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

So my suggestion is to stop using the report system that cannot recognise a feeder even if the only thing he does is run it down mid (post)

This is not new to me, I have given similar suggestion before, after experimenting for a week, 5 games each day, 4 days I trolled, 4 days I played seriously. And guess what, I was almost never punished during my troll games, even got some MVPs & was even able to get my teammates punished sometimes. Winrate was like 5% ofc since I was intentionally trying to lose.
In the serious games, I encountered trolls who  were never punished & even got reported & punished once or twice.

The system is childishly easy to game, so much that I have much more fun trolling & trying to lose than playing seriously & risk getting reported. That actually angers me since you get reported for playing properly while you are safe while trolling.

Priority System
In it's place we can maybe use this peer-review type priority system: In place of the a.i. based report system this will be a peer based priority system. In the adv server, we can blacklist upto 3 ppl & we will not be matched up with them. We can blacklist anyone based on our judgement, which is decidedly superior to the computer's judgement, if more biased. But even that bias is fine. Because that bias is formed due to things which are negative, but cannot be detected by a computer. But humans can. So if 90 ppl decide to blacklist a player, even if the computer cannot recognise any wrong doing on the players part, some thing must be negative about that player.
This is the basis for the priority system: You will be assigned a priority of 100 & your priority will be lowered by ppl placing you in their blacklist. So if a player is blacklisted by 5 ppl his priority will drop to 95. But if one of those 5 people is someone who blacklists(or reports) everyone indiscriminately, after he blacklists 3 more players, your priority will rise back to 96. Basically your priority is 100 minus the number of blacklists you are currently in.
Players will be matched according to priority, with high priority players finding matches first & with other high priority players while lower priority players matchmaking will be delayed & with other low priority players.

Since only 3 players can be placed on your blacklist, the names will keep rotating & your priority will keep changing, so players who just play badly will not be stuck in low priority forever.

The main point is that when you blacklist someone, not only do you not have to deal with his trolling, others are also exempted to a degree due to his priority being lowered. As you troll in consecutive games, even if you can fool the report a.i., your priority will drop as players don't want you & blacklist you & then it would be harder & harder for you to find a match to troll in as your priority plummets.

It's like giving a vote to everyone, to decide the 3 worst players & taking that data to sanction ppl. Since you only have 3 votes, even if your judgement is wrong, it will be okay. And if 20 ppl have the same judgement, maybe your judgement is not wrong after all & the system is in the wrong for giving that player mvp ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

After the system has matured a bit, the report system can also be tied in. Everytime feeding or negative player or something else is reported, a record is kept regardless of whether the report system a.i. punishes the player or not(more of a roll of the dice than anything imo).
A certain number of reports will have an affect on your priority (even if the system is fooled, if ppl keep reporting a player, something must be wrong). This should be a weighted effect as the number of reports does not have a cap of 3 like the blacklist(you can report 9 players every match if you want to)

I hope this is at least considered, as more & more people are recognising smart ways to troll where you won't be detected by the system & it's getting to the point where trolling & getting away with it is more enjoyable than playing seriously

PS: I think I'll start posting troll posts (where I troll & get away with it), until the system can stop me.
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That's a detailed report from your end and we do appreciate your feedback. However, please refrain from participating in actions that would jeopardise the matches for other players of our community. I personally do understand your frustrations very well as I am also a player of MLBB, but let's contribute to a clean, fun and healthy environment so that everyone in our community can benefit from it. Let's not fight toxicity with more toxicity, but with love
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