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[Hero Concept] Spy from TF2 (Assasin/support)

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Name: Spy
Role: Assasin/Support
Speciality: Damage
Difficulty: Medium-Hard


-Passive: Right behind you
Spy backstab cause 400-1200 (Scale with level) (+200% total physical attack) Physical attack and ignore all defenses. Spy must be behind position of enemy hero to activating this skill, after backstabing the passive skill cooldown 20-15 seconds (scale with level). Spy cannot gain Critical damage, Critical chance percentage will convert to basic attack value x10


•Skill 1: Revolver/Knife
Spy use his revolver replace his knife, deal 50 (+75% total physical attack) physical attack with ranged attack. The revolver reduce attack speed -20% slower. Revolver can't trigger passive skill. Use skill again to change revolver to knife

*Revolver passive: if eliminate heroes will gain stack of critical shot that only active if use revolver, hit non heroes doesn't trigger this passive, deal +150% critical damage. Max 15 stacks in single game

Revolver damage: 50/60/70/80/90/100
Revolver critical damage: 150%/180%/210%/240%/270%/300% critical damage
Cooldown: 10/9/9/8/7/6 seconds

•Skill 2: Sapper
Spy throw sapper that cause "Silence" and slow 18% movement speed with small area of effect, Sapper can be destroyed

Duration: 3/3/3/3/4/4 seconds
Sapper HP: 300/320/340/360/380/400
Slow effect: 18%/20%/22%/24%/26%/28%
Cooldown: 12/12/10/9/8/8 Seconds

•Ultimate: Dead ringer
Spy do fake death if getting damage (excluding turret and non heroes), after triggering fake death, spy conceal and gain 45% movement speed for short period also trigger passive skill without do backstabing. If conceal during revolver mode, the damage on revolver deal 200 (+140% total physical attack) in first shot, can critical but only gain 75% crit damage (cannot stacked with skill 1 revolver passive, this passive will disabled during this period). Noted during Conceal phase if spy damaging or get damage will disable Conceal then cause big noise that exposed spy current location after/canceling conceal for 1,7 seconds

Conceal Duration: 4/6/9 seconds
Speed bonus: 45%/55%/65%
Revolver bonus damage: 200/280/360
Cooldown: 35/29/26 Seconds

•Special: SPY!
Spy disguise himself as enemy hero, if the selected enemy hero get disguised the victim will locate your position but with exchange the victim are dissapear on enemy teammates mini map and unable do Chat.
Spy cover blown up if get damaged or dealing damage. Disguise doesn't copy victim skill. On allies point of view Spy appearance still same.

Disguise duration: 10 Seconds
Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Hero stats:
HP: 2350
Physical attack: 120
Doesn't use mana/energy
Has 2 weapon (skill 1 range and base melee)

This voice based on his voice source from Team Fortress 2

Enterance preview hero:
•I never really was on your side

-Just lay down your weapon and walk away
-Howdy pardner crappy trail!
-You disgust me!
-It seems i'm not only the spy
-Well this was a dissapointment
-lets settle this like gentleman
-I murder you toys as well, pardon me
-Coward, you disgust me
-Time for the killing stroke

Eliminate heroes:
-Did you forget about me!?
-You got blood in my suit

If eliminate heroes during Disguise skill:
-I never really was on your side

-Back to work
-Gentelman, shall we?

If get eliminated:
-Internal pain of scream (based on tf2 spy death and pain scream)

Spy voice can be found here:

images (19).jpeg

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Yo, Engineer will need Zhask's help then.
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