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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Zeke the Celestial Manipulator

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2022-4-19 02:07 AM

-  He is a Mage Hero.
-  He is the a Mythical dignity made of pure cosmic energy that manipulate the space and its objects.

-  Passive Skill (Supernova)
.  When he got killed, he will create a wide big explosion similar to nuclear explosion. Right before the big explosion happen, all enemy units within its medium range will get pulled to its center by force and they can't escaping it, even with flicker or escaping skills. Also, the affected enemy units will receive 10% damage as a true damage equal to its maximum health.

-  1st Skill (Red Dwarf)
.  CD is 20 secs
.  Zeke will transform himself into "Red Dwarf" reddish golden orb. In this state, the following will occure:
+  He will have 20% movement speed, and can bybass any obstacles.
+  His basic attack will be in form of 2 asteroid belts, but one stretched circle rotating from right to left, and one elongated circle rotating from north to south of his postion.
+  No enemy unit can come close distance with him, as he has magnetic field that push out them away from him, even with flicker enemy heroes can't come near him.
+  Other active skills will be deactivated during this mode.
+  There is no specific duration to stay in this mode.
+  During this mode, if he got killed, his passive skills states will be doubled.

-  2nd Skill (Neutron Star)
.  CD is 10 secs.
.  Zeke will release "Neutron Star" to go all the way to the end of lane he is currently located at. In its way, all enemy units will get pulled toward it for 1 sec and causing small damage during that time. The nearer the object to this "Neutron Star" the higher damage will get. Any enemy hero get affected by it, he/she will be marked in the mini map for 1.5 secs, other than that , it will not reveal any enemy units positions.

-  3rd Skill (Nebula)
.  CD is 20 secs
.  Zeke will create a nebula like cloud in his current position. All of his basic and skill attacks will be enhanced by 20% and he will be invisible as long as he is still inside that cloud.
.  After passing 5 secs, it will disappear and a new star like object will begin to form, which able to detect any units nearby. for the next 5 secs, it will keep growing by 10% for every 1 sec, which in the same time will increase its detecting range by 10% and increase damage capability by 10%. The player is able to hit the skill button at any given time during that period, causing explosion of this star and dealing damge equal to how much growth completion percetage this star was on right before the explosion. Zeke can do this explosion remotely anywhere he existing currently.

-  Ultimate (Black Hole)
.  CD is 40 secs
.  The player will choose a nearby location within medium range, then Zeke will create a black hole that has very strong gravity field, absorping all enemy units and teleport them to another dimention "out of the map, make them disappear from existence". After 3 secs passed away, those teleported units will appear again in the same place where that black hole was created and receiving medium damage.

Post time 2022-5-7 06:15 AM | Show all posts
I swear when i started to read the text and saw "dwarf" i was like "meh". But that me hooked. Great concept suggestion, the space/cosmic theme skills sound really good.
Post time 2022-4-19 01:38 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Rafael0000 at 2022-4-19 01:51 AM

I love cosmic science-finction concepts. Definitely i like it. Keep your project. (This hero reminds me "Mazir". Both abilities and appearance of heroes are so similar) I never liked Valentina. But this is interesting. Maybe "teleporting enemy units" idea is overdone.
 Author| Post time 2022-4-19 01:56 AM | Show all posts
Rafael0000 replied at 2022-4-19 01:38 AM
I love cosmic science-finction concepts. Definitely i like it. Keep your project. (This hero reminds ...

I'm happy that you liked this hero concept. About his ultiamte skill, I need something that make the affected enemy heroes to disappear for certain time, and nothing better than black hole to do the job.
 Author| Post time 2022-5-9 09:03 AM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2022-5-7 06:15 AM
I swear when i started to read the text and saw "dwarf" i was like "meh". But that m ...

Awesome :)
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