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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Galene, Goddess of Calmness

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2022-4-18 11:47 PM

-  She is a Support Heroine
-  She has unique skills to hide, heal her allies and to put her enemies to sleep.

-  Passive Skill (Nature Call)
.  While she in grass/bush, she will disappear automatically from battlefield and a grass minion will take her place. That minion will be controlled by the player and will also having all of Galene current stats and health points. Once that minion has been killed, She will appear again right in his place with the same health points she had before her disappearance.
.  Restrictions of that Grass Minion:
+  Only one grass minion at a time
+  Can't perform Ultimate skill
+  It will disappear the moment it left the grass/bush and Galene will take his place. If the player returned back within 2 secs to the grass/bush, Galene will dispear again and that minion will have the same stats and health points the moment it left the grass/bush before.

+  Once that minion has died, CD for activation of this skill again is 2 mins

-  1st Skill (Hydrangeas)
.  CD is 5 secs
.  The player can summon a small hydrangeas anywhere within medium range, one at a time. As long as Galene inside that shrub, it will be alive and will not disappear, and that doesnt consume mana. Once Galene left it, it will slowly dying over 3 secs, but will revive slowly again when she returned back to it. Ally heroes can hide inside that shrub, same as regular bush/grass. All Galene active skills will be turned off as long as she is inside it, and she can't create another one until the current one is completely died

-  2nd Skill (Bond of Friendship)
.  CD is 12 secs
.  The player choose a nearby ally hero, then Galene establishes a bond with him. The following will take place as long as both of them are linked and stayed together within very close distance to each other:
+  This bond lasts for 3 seconds and doesn't consume mana during that time, and Galene can extend this duration by 0.5 seconds with each attack she makes, up to a maximum of 3 additional seconds.
+  Everytime Galene perform basic attacks to an enemy hero, 30% of that damage will be also transfered through that bond to the linked ally hero as healing.
+  Granting them both 20 physical defense and 20 energy resistance points.
+  Galene and her bounded ally will share 20% of all damage taken.
.  The player can't deselect the bonded hero or select another hero during the linkage time. Once Galene went far away from the bonded hero, the bond will broken automatically.

-  3rd Skill (Rest Time)
.  CD is 30 secs
.  There will be a new small tab above her skill set, having her ally heroes icons in the match currently. All of them will be grayed out by defult, but when any hero has been alive for more than 1 min, his icon will be visible on that tab, and the player can hit his icon. Then, a coccon of light will surrounding him and it is indestructable and that hero will be protected from any harm/nerfs applied from enemy heroes. For the next 5 secs, he will stay inside that coccon and can't move, recall nor apply any of his skills. every passing 1 sec, will heal him with 10% of his maximum health points. After that time passed away, that coccon will disappear and he can move freely

-  Ultimate (Nap Time)
.  CD is 45 secs
.  The player will select an enemey hero within medium range, then Galene will use her mind control power over that hero, causing him to enter a sleep state for 3 secs, making him unable to perofrm any actions at all, and also he will taking 50% bonus damage from skill attacks that been aplied from Galene's allied heroes. Galene gains 45% damage reduction while controlling an enemy hero, but she is unable to perform any actions as well, beside channeling that skill at the moment.

Grass Minion.jpg
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Rafael0000 replied at 2022-4-19 01:36 AM
Elder sister of Floryn? I like it. Support from me.

Belerick's family is growing ^_^
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Elder sister of Floryn? I like it. Support from me.
 Author| Post time 2022-4-19 01:59 AM | Show all posts
Rafael0000 replied at 2022-4-19 01:36 AM
Elder sister of Floryn? I like it. Support from me.

Great that you liked this Heroine concept. I didn't thought about her relationship with floryn, Maybe also her mother or master
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BananaHair replied at 2022-4-24 07:44 AM
Belerick's family is growing ^_^

I love the green :)
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