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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Gideon the Judge

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2022-4-13 01:28 AM

-  He is a Support/Tank Hero
-  He is the Chief Justice of all the land of Dawn, that he tired of sitting back at the supreme court and he decided to bring justice on the battlefield by himself.

-  Passive Skill (Law & Order)
.  Every time an enemy kills an ally hero, Gideon gains a 5% damage buff against that enemy, indicated by a "Brass Scale" above that enemy’s head. The higher damage buff Gideon gained for many kills done by an enemy hero, the higher weight on the left side of that "Brass Scale" will become. Gideon can see that "Brass Scale", but it will be visible to the enemy hero only when he is within Gideon's visual range. If an enemy receives a killstreak, his damage buff doubles. For example, an enemy at a killstreak or triple kill of 3- which is when the announcer calls the player ‘Kill streak or triple kill’- will be dealt 30% extra damage instead of 15%. that buff will be reset once that enemy hero is died and/or when Gideon perform up to 3 basic/skill attacks on him.

-  1st Skill (Justice Bringer)
.  CD is 5 secs
.  Gideon will summon a light creep that can be killed only by 5 hits, up to 3 at any given moment. that creep will attack what attacking Gideon at the moment, with 10% of Gideon max health as damage to them. all enemy creeps and jungle monsters will exclusively attack them 1st before beginning to attack Gideon himself.

-  2nd Skill (Defendant's Cage)
.  CD is 12 secs
.  Gideon will select an enemy hero within his medium range, then he will jump right in front of that hero and form a metal cage surrounding both of them inside it. That enemy hero can't escape that cage by any means once he is inside it, same as Gideon himself, for 4 secs. if that hero tries to touch that cage walls, he will pushed back to Gideon position and receiving 10% true damage. Other heroes of both sides can't enter that cage

-  3rd Skill (Condemn)
.  CD is 25 secs
.  Enemy heroes that are within Gideon's medium range, they will be ashamed from themselves and stop attacking anyone, and they will continue like that even if they left Gideon attack range. For each kill/assisst will count 0.5 sec, each enemy hero separately.

-  Ultimate (Judgement Day)
.  CD is 60 secs, but it won't be active untill it reaches to its special requirement, which it is: When the total amount kills in enemy side is higher than allies side by 50%, and/or when 2 or more enemy heroes having higher kills count more than any 2 or more ally heroes by 50%.
.  Once that special requirement is reached, then Gideon's staff will shine with red light and he will rise it high with his two hands, and then randomly 50% of the enemy heroes that are alive will be instantly killed. if there is 3 or 5 enemy heroes that are alive, then 2 of the 3, or 3 of the 5 will be killed instead.

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Hello Kratos007! Thanks for the suggestion.
The hero looks like a chessboard piece!
(just joking, it looks so amazing :>)
I'll look forward to seeing the hero in-game asap!
 Author| Post time 2022-3-29 04:59 AM | Show all posts
Esmera replied at 2022-3-28 06:50 PM
Hello Kratos007! Thanks for the suggestion.
The hero looks like a chessboard piece!
(just j ...

Thank you :)
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