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[Item Balance] Change Twilight Armor

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I want to talk about Twilight Armor.

How said in game: "Best equipped by Tanks with high HP to increase AOE damage and fight enemy heroes that deal extremely high Physical Damage with a single hit."

There are some problems with this description.

First, the AOE damage is good but there are already other tank items that deals more consistent damage and are easier to activate, like Thunder Belt and Cursed Helmet. Both of those items also have better secondary effects and/or better stat distribution.

Second, this type of "single hit with high physical power" hero that this item is supposed to counter is rare in MLBB. The only one I remember is Aldous, and there are other ways to tank it.

Now let's talk about it's stats and passive:

1) It's an ARMOR that gives no defense at all, just HP.
2) Critical damage reduction is a cool and unique atribute to have, but happens that most heroes that relies on Critical Damage can build Demon Hunter Sword, an item that trully invalidates Twilight Armor, since it only increases HP.
3) The passive activation is weird. The tank needs to take the damage before it activates. This does not happens on itens like Athena's Shield, that just activates on hit.

It looks now that this item was really made just to tank Aldous and nothing more.

I have some suggestions for it!

1) It also activates with magical damage.
This turns this item into a really good explosive damage counter.

2) Give defensive stats to it.
Imagine having an item that increases 40 hybrid defense (40 for each defense), and reduces critical damage taken? It could be really good.

3) Anti-slow effect.
Right now, mages like Yve and Lylia are heavily favored for their capacities of just spamming slow effects with ease while also dealing great magical DPS. I belive this item could be a counter of slowness. What about changing the passive to activate when under slow effects or controled, increasing damage reduction and movement speed by 50%?

4) Increasing stats
The problem with HP items are their vulnerability to DPS items like Demon Hunter Sword and Glowing Wand. And they don't have any defense.
You have, for example, a Belerick. that has builded Cursed Helmet, Guardian Helmet amd now Twilight Armor. This is, with it's passive, 5530HP gained, but only 25 magical defense received. This is extra 497,7 damage per hit for any one who builder DHS agasint those items.

So what do you think? Do you like this item how it really is or it needs a buff/rework?

Thanks :)

Post time 2022-1-11 01:04 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2022-1-11 01:06 AM
But this is an item that can save you from well farmed Aldous

Its cant now. Before rewamp it was save you. But now, it reduce damage after Aldos frist skill and by 20% only. Not this strong. And blade armor and ice dont helpfull, aldos dont need a attack speed. Its really helpfull agaist MMs, yeah. 36% damage reduce. And not mm only. Any auto attack heroes. Argus, Zhilong and etc.

But i tottaly disagree with solutions except 3th. You cant add there more stats or physicle defence or active with magic damage.
Post time 2022-1-8 05:59 AM | Show all posts
definitely agreed. The item is meant to counter one shot heroes that should include magic as there are many mages
Post time 2022-1-8 07:29 AM | Show all posts
I hope there is some equipment where can counter the war axe
Post time 2022-1-8 04:46 PM | Show all posts
aznager replied at 2022-1-8 05:59 AM
definitely agreed. The item is meant to counter one shot heroes that should include magic as there a ...

I was looking for a good answer to this thread but I guess you just said it, short and directly!
Post time 2022-1-8 05:25 PM | Show all posts
I agree this item needs improvement.

But this is an item that can save you from well farmed Aldous and MM with critical damage.

If you combine it with blade armor and dominant ice, you will have an excellent defense against all physical damage heroes. Even well farmed Aldous will have a hard time fighting against you.

If you buy Athena Shield and Radian Armor, you will have a great defense against magic damage too

DHS is an item to counter tanky heroes and reduce their HP quickly. It counters all HP giving items not only twilight armor
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