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Immortality Shield Change

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Edited by Esmera at 2021-12-10 01:46 PM

Dear MLBB Dev Team,

    The Immortality Shield isn't quite working in the most ideal fashion.  The idea of coming back to life is great, however, there are some major flaws with how it currently works.  First, there is a visual graphic animation that shows everyone, including the enemies, that you are about to come back to life.  Because the enemies can see this, they simply choose to wait for you to return to life so they can immediately kill you again, which is easy to do since you don't have much life when you come back.  

    In a game like Magic Chess, this is fine, because once you die, the AI will turn around and go after another target, allowing you to revive and have an opportunity to take advantage of the second chance at life.  That's how it should work, but when you are playing vs real players in any other game, they don't turn and go after another target, because they're smarter than that.  This makes the item almost entirely useless.  

Suggested Change:

    In order to make this item useful as I'm sure it was intended to be, I would recommend 2 changes.  

    1)  Make it so enemy players cannot tell that you are going to revive (cannot see the graphic animation).  It's okay for your own team to know that you are going to revive, but it's not fair that the enemy can see it as well.  If they don't know you're going to revive, they will not be compelled to wait for you, they will run away or target another hero, which will then give you some opportunities when you revive to escape or possibly kill them instead.

    2)  Give the player the option to choose whether to revive or to forfeit coming back to life.  Like the soulstone for Warlocks in Game W, when the player dies, the choice of two buttons appears, "revive" or "cancel".  This choice was offered as a counter to enemy players that would choose to camp your dead body, waiting for you to come back to life, so they could kill you again straight away.  By giving the player the option of both if and when to revive, it offers a solution for 3 different scenarios:  

        a)  If the enemy player decides to move on instead of waiting for your to revive, then you can revive and use the item as intended.  
        b)  If the enemy player decides to be a little bit stubborn and wait for you to revive, you can also choose to wait to see how long their resolve will last.  If the enemy gives up waiting after a few seconds, then you can choose to revive.  You still get the benefit of the item, just at the cost of wasting a little extra time.  
        c)  If the enemy player decides to be 100% stubborn and wait for you to revive no matter how long it takes, then you can simply choose to "cancel" the revive and respawn as normal while the enemy wastes their time waiting for you and so you still get some benefit from having the item, even if it just means wasting the enemy players time.  



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Literally everything said here is on point!

Starting from the current flaws of Immortality & why it isn't such an easy go 2 item for every role.

I like also how you'd solve it.

I can't think of any creative buff 4 immortality, but I feel it lacks a few seconds of CC immunity & it'd be already fine, considering amounts of lifesteal etc in game.
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