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[Share] How to deal with toxic teammates and bad matchmakig system

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1. Dont try to hard if you lose just exit the game or play boomander mode
2. If system punish you for trash talk by cumulative effect of votes exit the game and let moontoon enjoy halved player community

3. If you have to tank 3 games in a row because of toxic teammates just exit the game and try again tomorrow doesnt matter if you win or lose

4. Dont show your main for swap if you have last pick. There are big chance that s1 asking for swap is noob jungler and its autolose

Post time 2021-11-17 08:44 PM | Show all posts
lightyear replied at 2021-11-17 08:32 AM
devs should do something with solo q. theres the nest of toxic player.if i play duo or trio i dont h ...

they already did,
the solution from the dev is "don't play solo"
Post time 2021-11-17 08:32 AM | Show all posts
devs should do something with solo q. theres the nest of toxic player.if i play duo or trio i dont have any of this problem.but if u play solo you will deal this kind of situation


yes really really really bad like 10 out of 6 will lose  Post time 2021-11-17 04:22 PM
how could I say huh the solo q was too bad lah  Post time 2021-11-17 12:22 PM
Post time 2021-11-17 10:42 PM | Show all posts
Trash talk and blame teametes is toxicity.
contempt to teammetes is toxicity.

*Toxicity is going first pick Layla(260 matches, 44% wr) without swapping team mate who has 260 matches Aamon and 77% win rate and giving Aamon for free to enemy.

*Toxicity is abusing first pick

*Toxicity is abusing ban slots

*Toxicity is forcing 6k games assassin to play tank because you decided that you will be Harley jungler even you not playing Harley at all.

*Toxicity is been only one role player

*Toxicity is using always most idiot sentence ever: I will be this(mm,jungler,mage whatever) or I will troll.

*Toxicity is been troll, destroying normal players and writting them "Cry baby" because that's 2 out of 10 words you know in English beside you are sadly and lonley kid who need attention so you need to troll.

*Toxicity is playing only not to be bronze, no mather you will lose or win because you know you are very low skilled toxic dog who will pick Nana/Diggie/Rafaela/Change or any other mage/support, hug mid turret and using your ultimate to get some asists which will make you non-bronze. Yeah, 5.0 silver is abnormaly better gameplay than 4.9 bronze. It is all about medals, right?

*Toxicity is been Angela who ults only her duo partner for 25mins for his 2-9-4 score.

*Toxicity is when 3 of your team mates know you have troll in team who is one and only reason of your defeat, but eventualy in the end they don't report him, they report you because you write Report him for trolling.

*Toxicity is when you are playing only for MVP and yourself, no mather you will win or lose.

*Toxicity is when you are duo who barking from draft, during entire game how you 2 always get noobs in team and you need to carry them and you 2 finishing worst out of all 10 players, escaping any punishment and reporting MVP tank for non-existing verbal abuse.

Wanna here more or trash talking is actually "biggest toxicity"?
Post time 2021-11-17 03:20 AM | Show all posts
But what if i am:

1 - Just enjoy the game, not matter lose or win?
2 - Was never punish for trash talk?
3 - Enjoy to play tank and want to play it always in ranked?
4 - have no reason to not be swaped, if my pick already is good?

Anyway, what you talking about is defintly is toxicity.

Trash talk and blame teametes is toxicity.
contempt to teammetes is toxicity.
Post time 2021-11-17 01:22 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Rafael0000 at 2021-11-17 01:24 AM

I think they should work on their matchmaking system more to get more players for Montoon. But this may not be enough. Some of the new heroes in mobile legends are unbalanced, most of the skins are very boring (except KOF , squads and full detailed skins). Some YouTubers are leaving this game and switching to other games.

My suggestion to you is that new collaboration skins should come to Mobile legends. Transformers disappointed me. Star Wars isn't bad. Kof skins are all perfect. I don't think any other anime collaborations are needed. Gusion's K' skin is the best skin.

Still, a great Collaboration might bring some of the YouTubers back to Mobile Legends.
Post time 2021-11-17 12:41 PM | Show all posts
Edited by faizudin357 at 2021-11-17 12:43 PM

this environment could change if the players' calibre and professional to adapt situation not too emotional and if they wanna play perfectly Suggest me find your teammates even public cause there was no other way If you play solo you need to think positive and be patient with them From, that you will learn how terrified this world and maybe you are lucky in this game but the destiny could change in other game I have play solo too much sometimes I enjoyed and sometimes I fell bad Huh thats our life Even prolayers cant win streak cause of their mistakes
Believe yourself first

Yeah your tips are for those who fell too angry with their public teammates
 Author| Post time 2021-11-17 07:38 PM | Show all posts
I just shared what worked for me. If it works for you to be a good boy and take whatever moontoon throws at you keep taking it.

Post time 2021-11-17 11:53 PM | Show all posts
Most thing you mentioned could work if the game does not go well.
Meanwhile, since this game is multiplayer AOS, you can meet various people who do not follow the regulation or intentionally feed enemy team.
I agree that losing the game because of the bad teammates is devastating, so I think following your tip could be one of the good methods to relieve stress. Really appreciate your time on this thread,
Post time 2021-11-18 12:56 AM | Show all posts
Tired of ppl showing gold medals in history as proof of playing well. In more than half my matches silver & bronze players play for the win while gold players just play for kda & hiding in bush during 4v5. The medal system needs a serious overhaul, currently kills way more value compared to objectives & just playing properly.
I've said it before, I can troll & get gold, even mvp but when I play properly for my team I get silver/bronze.
So whenever someone shows a loss mvp my 1st instinct is to blame the loss on him
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