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[Hero Concept] Vyvanna, MM

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Vyvanna, Scientific Engineer Technectry
Functions: Advance/Damage
Passive, Battle Enhancements: Vyvanna gains a master piece whenever she collects 500 gold (including the starting gold of the game). It is possible to sell the master pieces to get an additional 50 gold. It is possible to embed 1 master tile in towers for upgrade until destruction, maximum 3 upgrades per rook. First Upgrade - The turret can fire two shots at a time but only hits individual targets. Second Upgrade - The first turret shot to a new enemy freezes them for 0.5 sec and slows them 30% for 1 sec. Third Enhancement - turret shots turn into laser shots that pierce damage in a straight line (decaying damage for each extra target hit). In Vyvanna's Shop there will be an exclusive tab for her, that shop she can exchange master pieces into equipment for herself.
VYVANNA ENGINEERING STORE: [Turbo boots: cost 1 masterpiece] Attributes: 50 movement speed; 10% CD reduction; Active: Turbo-Vyvanna travels in one direction ignoring slow effects while traveling. This active effect has a DC of 60 sec. Prototype-A Weapons: [Plasma Cannon 11A: cost 5 master pieces] [Electroclam 15A: cost 6 master pieces] [Disabling 16A: cost 5 master pieces] [Small 20A and 21A: cost 6 master pieces] Vyvanna can only make two weapon purchases in a single game, but she can sell purchased weapons, returning 75% of the amount of spent masterpieces.First Skill, Gadgets: CD 0.0 sec Basic Attack - Vyvanna carries an initial starter weapon called [Charge Gun 6A], her basic attacks have 6 charges that increase her attack speed by 25% but reduce weapon damage to 25 (+85% physical attack). After consuming all the charges of all your souls they go into a 2 sec cooldown. After Vyvanna buys her Prototype-A Weapons, the active use of this ability will cause her to change weapon, hence basic attack. Plasma Cannon 11A- There will be a joystick in the basic attack where Vyvanna can adjust the firing aim (the firing can be done by releasing the joystick or by simply tapping the joystick doing automatic firing). A plasma missile travels in an exploding line dealing 350% physical attack damage in area and 50% slow for 0.6 sec. This weapon has only one charge and takes no critical damage or attack speed effects. Electroclam 15A - Hold the basic attack button to electrocute the chosen enemy every sec (consumes charges every sec), dealing 25 (+65% physical attack ) damage. The weapon has 15 charges. Disabling 16A- There will be a joystick where the basic attack target is in a circular area (release the basic attack button to fire or just tap for auto fire). Basic attack shoots a net that stuns enemies in area for 0.8 sec and deals them 15 (+140% physical attack). This weapon has two charges and has no attack speed effects. Small 20A and 21A- similar to Charge Guns 6A. But the Small 20A and 21A have 12 charges and fire together, consuming 2 charges for each basic attack.Second Skill, Reaction: CD 10 sec Vyvanna moves in one direction, reducing half the damage and controls received while traveling. Consuming loads of your weapons reduces this skill's CD by 0.5 sec.
Third Skill, Maintenance Required: CD 80 sec Passive: Vyvanna gains 15% movement speed near friendly towers or their mechanics. Active: Vyvanna teleports to a friendly tower or one of its mechanics after channeling for 2.5 sec (similar to teleport spell).
Ultimate, Mechanics: CD 10 sec Passive: When your ultimate moves to level 2 and 3, Vyvanna permanently upgrades your mechanics. First Cast: Vyvanna selects from a Cannon, Tesla, or Mortar. Second Activation: She places one of these weapons in a chosen area that lasts 15 sec, when placed they go into a 2.5 sec construction process in which they take no damage. Cannon - has 800/1100/1400/1700 (+125% physical attack) as HP and fires bullets at medium range to target enemy, causing 50 (+125% physical attack). First Upgrade - Cannon fire hits enemies in a line, dealing piercing damage. Second Upgrade - Cannon fire knocks off hit enemies. Tesla- has 500/750/1000/1250 (+125% physical attack) as HP and electrocutes the enemy target with improved attack speed, dealing 50 (+75% physical attack). First Enhancement - emitted electricity spreads between enemies, dealing multiple and decay damage. Second Upgrade - Each electrocut paralyzes enemies hit for 0.5 sec. Mortar - has 800/1100/1400/1700 (+125% physical attack) as HP and with a very long range, but with fixed attack speed it shoots bullets that fall from the sky in an area to the target enemy, causing 10 (+200% physical attack). Before falling, a shadow will appear on the ground that enemies can identify the mortar bullet falling. First Upgrade - Mortar grants map vision. Second Upgrade - Bullet throws enemies into the air for 1 sec. images.jpeg

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Unique concept
just curious if that mechanic can be applied in the game
be sure to submit it to in-game cs as well
Post time 2021-10-27 10:06 AM | Show all posts
wow that is amazing
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