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[Hero Balance] X. Borg

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Post time 2021-8-25 05:13 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Honestly I think a normal CC should cancel his first skill.

Or His ult stuck in one place if he get cc
Post time 2021-8-25 06:29 PM | Show all posts
Cc cancelling his 1st skill is Ok I guess.  But his ult in one place is nono for me, it would make his ult uselss and easy to counter .
Post time 2021-8-27 11:29 PM | Show all posts
Because Xborg ult is true damage, there's no way to counter that. To survive really have to avoid his ult. I suggest slight nerf the slow effect when he using ult.
Post time 2021-8-28 02:10 AM | Show all posts
You have to remember xborg doesnt have a dash or escape. First skill getting stop is ok but ult when he has no escape with a billion of heroes with dashes and cc will destroy him
Post time 2021-8-28 09:18 PM | Show all posts
In my opinion, nerfing the damage is the best way to balance him out especially in the late game.
Thanks for your suggestion, it will be submitted
Post time 2021-8-28 11:57 PM | Show all posts
I think for X. Borg, I hope his slowing would be nerfed. It's pretty annoying when X. Borg can slow you and you get no escape after his second skill.
Post time 2021-8-29 06:18 PM | Show all posts
Ah Xborg one of MoonTon's biggest moneybags for his LITERALLY 0 skill gameplay that consists of having him to press one button in order to win and then tell : 'HaHa EaSy GaMe' or the classic 'OuTpLaYeD' which in reality isn't real, I think that you have to nerf him in order to balance him up or basically just REMOVE him from the game until you balance him. This are some ideas that I would give to the developer team if I were you :

- 1st nerf : Base Stats : Basically nerf his health growth and the health to shield ratio so that he can have a smaller shield which would decrease his sustainability.

-2nd nerf : Passive : REMOVE the true damage of his passive since only one type of true damage is more than enough to exist (he has true dmg on the ultimate which is enough), but in return give his passive the ability to have a slow and remove PERMANENTLY the cc immunity once his shield is broken.

-3rd nerf : 1st skill : Make his first skill to have LESS range when his shield is broken, make it to be CANCELED by cc skills instead of being used and finally increase the CD to about 9 to 10 seconds when not fully upgraded.

-4th nerf : Ultimate : Keep the true damage in his ulti and the cc immunity since it's actually a good mechanic for him to have, but in return REMOVE the slow since it makes it near damn impossible to escape his ultimate.

I hope that the forum moderators will get this message to MoonTon's HQs since I think that the player base had enough of MoonTon's iNaBiLiTy to nerf X Borg and try to balance him or basically remove him until he is nerfed enough and stops being a pick or ban situation.
Post time 2021-8-29 07:02 PM | Show all posts
PatriotKiller49 replied at 2021-8-29 06:18 PM
Ah Xborg one of MoonTon's biggest moneybags for his LITERALLY 0 skill gameplay that consists of havi ...

I bought X.Borg on a day he was realised. Firstly, he was like any other new hero - completely broken. You could make maniac instantly when you reach lvl 4, but he was fun to play. Than they nerfed him a little bit, but he was still strong. After that, they complete destroyed his damage and made him durable fighter. Few months ago, they again overbuffed his damage and I guess good old Moonton's lottery will decide he will be again only sidelaner without any chance to be jungler or dealing any high damage. They will do the same thing to Sun. But they won't touch new heroes like Benedetta, Yve, Natan etc...
Post time 2021-8-29 11:59 PM | Show all posts
I support this because he is tanky and still deals heavy damage. Either his immunity during ultimate should be removed or his damage should be reduced.

I would go with removing immunity while casting ultimate .
Post time 2021-9-1 09:09 AM | Show all posts
Just make him vulnerable to demon hunter sword and he won't be tanky anymore. I havent play the game for long time but based on what i remember , because of his hp split into two , demon hunter sword deals little damage because his maximum hp is only half of his real hp
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