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[lag] MLBB lagging issues

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I am having a serious lagging issue while playing Ranked and also Classic in Mobile Legends. MLBB official Facebook stated that I need to have at least 10mbps internet to play games without lag. My internet speed is more than 33mbps my phone has 8Gb RAM and 128Gb ROM ( Vivo S1 Pro) and it is still new. My friend is using a phone with only 4Gb RAM and 64Gb ROM (Huawei Mate 10) and the internet speed is slower than mine which is 7mbps which is not facing any lagging issue during the game. I tried to clear the cache, reinstall MLBB, restart, change the graphic mode to lower, and everything still lack. When I am in the same game with my friend, he is not facing any lag issue while I am having a really bad lagging issue. Please fix this issue now!!! I feel very stressed about this issue! I spent almost RM4000+ in this game and all I get is lagging in every game! So disappointed, Please respond to this complaint.

Post time 2021-8-6 02:30 PM | Show all posts
Hello there,
We are sorry that you are facing such problems, can you please provide us with your in-game ID and server ID.
 Author| Post time 2021-8-6 03:20 PM | Show all posts
Sure it's 245267036 (9288). My game name is A사랑A.
Post time 2021-8-6 07:01 PM | Show all posts
Please follow the instructions that you didn't try listed below to solve your lagging issues:

1. Go to Settings > Network Test > Clear Cache. This will restart your game and clear its cache.
2. Try turning on/off Speed mode in Settings > Network Setting > Speed Mode.
3. Check if your device is auto-updating, or if there is any background app that is consuming data then close it.
4. Try restarting your device.
5. Switch between connections, such as mobile data and wi-fi or even try and connect to another wi-fi.
6. Team up with one of your friends with whom you share the same server or country and let them invite you. Play couple of games together then try and solo q again.

If none of the following instructions worked please let us know.

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 Author| Post time 2021-8-7 06:10 AM | Show all posts
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BMPW replied at 2021-8-6 07:01 PM
Please follow the instructions that you didn't try listed below to solve your lagging issues:

1.  ...

I have tried all of the above and also try to uninstall the game and reinstall. The lagging issue still occurs. I cannot enjoy the game with the lagging issues.

BMPW replied at 2021-8-6 07:01 PM
Please follow the instructions that you didn't try listed below to solve your lagging issues:

1.  ...

These are the pics that show my internet speed is not having any problem. But i always feel lag while playing the game. Especially during mid night between 3:30am till the morning. I also changed the graphic setting to low graphic still lag while my friend which is using the same telco with me, same place with me, in the same game and he has not facing any lagging issue. Please help

Internet speed test in mlbb

Internet speed test in mlbb

Internet speed test on web

Internet speed test on web
 Author| Post time 2021-8-7 06:21 AM | Show all posts
BMPW replied at 2021-8-6 07:01 PM
Please follow the instructions that you didn't try listed below to solve your lagging issues:

1.  ...

This is my friend's Internet who stay at the same place, using the same telco, playing the same match at the same time is not facing any lagging issue. I am the only one facing lag. I can't even move in the game. It is so frustrated.

My friend's

My friend's
Post time 2021-8-7 12:30 PM | Show all posts
Would you also mind sending me some of your match histories? There might be issues in your matchmaking, some players tend to get matched up with players from other region making it a laggy match for you. This is sometimes a problem on the player's end, could be your ISP.
 Author| Post time 2021-8-7 06:35 PM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2021-8-7 12:30 PM
Would you also mind sending me some of your match histories? There might be issues in your matchmaki ...

Based on the pic, me and my friend were in the same match we are both from Malaysia eventhough the flag that he uses is not correct. I played in the same match with my friend which we stayed at the same place (Malaysia) and we match with Indonesia players but my friend did not face any lagging issue during the match. We are also using the same ISP and his internet speed even slower than mine (refer to the pic from the previous reply). And I am the only one that lag in the game.

Match history

Match history
Post time 2021-8-7 11:27 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Rakanoths at 2021-8-8 01:29 AM

I'd like to remind you that the internet speed in gaming doesn't really determine whenever you'll have lag or not.

It's sufficient enough to have around 100 KB/s and you can play any game from your basement using 4G.
What you need to look for is packet loss and jitter. Packet loss is a thing that makes you lose data and resend the same information over and over again and jitter is the stability of your latency. The more variation - the higher it is.

To make a point I have a few speed tests for you.
This is my local server speed test (distance <500 km).
washington.jpg washingtontest.jpg Capture.JPG
This is me testing overseas, with about 8000 km distance. As you can see, my internet speed didn't change not one bit, but I can assure you, that if I were to play Mobile legends in NA, I would lag pretty badly! 120 ms is just to the server in a simple speed test. A game works differently in a more complex way. It has to execute many lines of code, talk to you in real time with downloads-uploads at the same time as well as 9 other people, data interpolations, etc, which adds extra delay.

I can't help but wonder if you have 30-40 ms to your local server speed test. Try testing to an approximate location where you get matched. Malaysia gets matched to SEA the most? Test that. Maybe you can find a more precise location of the game servers somewhere. Any network monitoring app could help.
You should find an application that tests other qualities other than just ping and throughput. Speedtest on android seems to do that.

Another thing, just because you play together at the same place and one of you lags and the other not - doesn't necessarily make it a game fault. For example older routers without MiMo can have problems with packets if two players are closeby. Try asking for him to disconnect out of Wi-Fi and only you use it. Nowadays newer antennas always have MiMo, so I doubt it's a problem from your ISP on 4G, other than physical signal blockages and distance.
Make sure any and all power saving features are off, that can help, especially Wi-Fi power saving.

You have 60 ms router delay! It's like your router is placed 4 000 km away from you, lol. It takes a long time for it to process the packets. I think you have over 100 ms in total or the quality of your internet makes it that bad. Signal strenght has not a single bar for you in the ingame benchmark. To me it looks like this problem is on your end :)

I did a quick google search and compared your phones in like a minute. His phone is better than yours. Not the other way around.
The most important thing, not sure how accurate it is:
Captur2e.JPG Capture.JPG
His phone supports more 4G frequencies. I work in mobile networks, troubleshooting and build, trust me, if your phone doesn't support 800 band it's pretty bad, because it's the most commonly used radio/band that feeds the antennas. Some remote sites only have 800-900. This band travels the most distance and can work better against stuff that can block the signal.  More urban areas tend to have up to 2600 or if 5G, 3000+. This can explain why he has no lag and you do.

Hope it helps.

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