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Edited by Anand at 2021-8-13 10:41 PM

Hello there ,
1.Your ingame ID&Server number
ID:705239682 Server ID: 6335

2.Game Client Version
Newest version

3.Device Model& O.S Version
Iphone 11pro , 14.7 IOS newest version

4.Valid proof of the bug

5.Bug explanation
Almoust every match,im getting disconnected from the server, doesnt matter what type, but mostly classic,rank games. my internet connection is one of the best in whole europe. my livestreaming doenst stop,tv, and others stuff working perfectly,but somehow im getting disconnect from Mobile legends without even a chance to reconnect, modem-router 4months = NO DATA LOSS , means no internet disapearing,or lag spikes at all.If i disconnected and reconnecting i can :
Talk others
Make donation
Do all stuff
But i CANT reconnect? explain me.

6.Battle ID
All games almoust, sometimes its reconnects and all good , and mostly im AFK for no reason .

7.Replay Saved&Uploaded
if im getting afk , there is no reply.

Im asking to fix this stupid bug, and also restore my credit score, because of this bug , i cant even play rank because my credit score is 70.
I spend over 2000euro on this game /skins and you think i would go afk ? also destroy my win rate? you can check my profile, all skins.
I did everything , bought new phone,deleted-reinstalled game,cleared cache, everything nothing helps its SERVER problem.
Costumer servers , doesnt even reply ingame, i reported it planty of times.Internet speed on my phone:

Any ways of contacting moontoon devs or someone who willing to help of them be email or so ? im srly having this problem over 6 months

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Hi @HellMade

Thanks for the report, and we need the exact number of your current game version.
you can check it on the loading screen when opening the game for the first time
 Author| Post time 2021-7-26 03:22 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-8-13 10:40 PM
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2021-7-26 02:03 PM
Hi @HellMade

Thanks for the report, and we need the exact number of your current game version.

Hey , current version its newest . i reinstalled gsme few times

Any news? 1 more afk for no reason on middle of fight, and 8mins to reconnect to the game :) Somehow csnt reconnect to ML, but other online game works in same time. Please tell me how to change server? or someone perhaps csn chsmge it fof me? il also matching with  countrys that mostly are far away from me. battle id : 485698139233378771


Thank you~  Post time 2021-7-26 11:38 PM
Post time 2021-8-13 11:22 PM | Show all posts
This exact same problem happened to me once and I created a thread and reported that problem here immediately ... ad&tid=81519&extra=

Since it happened only once, I couldn't find the reason why it occurs.

It is probably a bug but the problem is replicating that bug and fixing it. Because it doesn't occur frequently or it occurs very rarely.

If it is happening frequently for you, there is only one way I can think of fixing it. Also I am not sure MLBB follows this approach to fix bugs.

If one of my client's website is having an issue in a specific browser or other environment, we either connect with them remotely and fix it or share them a website link that logs all the error information and based on that error information, we fix the bug.

But taking remote control is not an option for mobile. The other possibility is creating a special build of the game that logs information when an error occurs and send this log as a report to the developers along with the video.

I have no idea whether they will do this or not. If they can replicate this issue, they will fix it otherwise the above option is probably the best way.

Since you are using an Iphone, there might be more complexity like this special build needs to be published in the app store, etc.

This is just my speculation because I don't know how MLBB handles fixing this type of bugs
Post time 2021-9-6 05:37 PM | Show all posts
Hello there,
Can you please confirm if you still have network issues, it should be fixed by now.
Give us feedback to make sure everything is running well and if not to assist you furthermore.
Thank you for your patience.
 Author| Post time 2021-9-10 03:52 PM | Show all posts
Hey , its fixed like 1-2 weeks seems normal now. Thanks alot i can play now no problems, if its happends again il inform
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