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[Hero Techniques] My comprehensive Tigreal guide

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Hello and welcome to my guide on Tigreal. My in game name is Kneegrowmaster7000 and I currently am in Glorious Legend rank at 49 stars.
Tigreal is a very strong tank character who, when used correctly, can disrupt the whole enemy team with his crowd control abilities.

Passive: Fearless
Each attack increases his physical and magic defense by 3 pts., stacking up to 10 times. You should remember to use your basic attacks as much as possible between your spells as it increases your tankiness by quite a lot. Also when you start in the jungle, you can stack it before minions spawn and therefore take less damage from the jungle creeps. Simply stand in place and spam your basic attack, it doesn't need to hit any enemy to give you the bonus defense.

Skill 1: Attack Wave Cooldown: 9.5s   Mana cost: 80
Fires a wave in specified direction, dealing physical damage and slowing all enemies hit by 50% for 2 seconds. It's a pretty straightforward spell, the best use for it is to interrupt enemy's Regen ability. You can also use it to initiate, slow an enemy down and then use your second skill to push them into your team. Be careful not to spam it as it costs quite a lot of Mana and Tigreal doesn't have a lot of it.

Skill 2: Sacred Hammer   Cooldown: 12.5s   Mana cost: 110
Tigreal rushes in a specified direction and pushes all enemies along with him, dealing physical damage. Then it can be reactivated to attack in a small area in front of Tigreal, dealing physical damage and knocking enemy airborne. This spell is quite difficult to master but it's also very important. You can either use it to get closer to the enemy team or bring the enemy to your team. Remember that this spell can interrupt other heroes' movement abilities, such as Fanny's steal cable, but you have to time it really well. It can also be used to escape. It costs even more than the 1st skill so use it wisely.

Ultimate: Implosion   Cooldown: 42s   Mana cost: 120
Tigreal thrusts his sword into the ground, pulling surrounding enemies to himself, dealing physical damage and stunning them afterwards for 1.5s. This spell is one of the strongest crowd control abilities in the game. It's extremely good in teamfights. It works really well with spells like Rafaela's or Bruno's Ultimate and many others. It's also really good with Flicker: if you time it right, you can Flicker and then use the Ultimate to pull and stun the whole enemy team.

Leveling up abilities:
The priority for leveling up your spells should be like this: Ultimate>2nd skill>1st skill.
The reason why I choose to max the 2nd skill first is because I like having it on shorter cooldown so I have more mobility

There are many combos when it comes to Tigreal. As mentioned before, his ultimate works really well with some others, just because of the incredible crowd control. He is very strong with Marksmen, as all of them have some sort of AoE dmg. The best one with Tigreal is probably Bruno, as his ultimate bounces around really fast when the enemies are close to eachother, and Tigreal pulls them close with his ultimate, so it's really good. When it comes to just Tigreal's combos, the strongest one in my opinion is Flicker>ultimate. It's really fast and if you get it right it can stun all enemies and practically win a teamfight that way. The same goes for his 2nd skill. Flicker into 2nd skill allows you to get behind the enemy and then pull them to your teammates.

Battle spells:
Flicker: As mentioned above, it's really good on Tigreal. It gives many options for disrupting the enemy in conjuction with his abilities. It can also be used as an escape but you mostly want to initiate with it.
Assault: If you don't have access to Flicker yet, I would reccomend Assault. It provides much needed mobility and allows you to catch up with enemies.
Purify: This is another option for Tigreal, but it's rarely better than the two mentioned above, for example when the enemies have a lot of crowd control abilities like Nana's Polymorph etc. which they could use to stop you from initiating a fight

I don't really have a single set of gear that I use all the time, the items really depend on the situation and opposing heroes, that's why I'll explain when I buy which items.
Core items:
1st item: Warrior boots: 22 armor, 40 movement speed, Passive: Valor: Physical defense raises 3 pts for each basic attack received for maximum of 15 pts, lasts for 3 seconds.
I like to rush those boots as they provide nice defensive stats and give much needed mobility which is important in lane. With them bought early, you can easily run past your opponents and then push them to your minions/turret with your 2nd ability. The only time you would want to change them is for Tough Boots  when there are at least 3 magic power users in the enemy team.
2nd item: Demon's Advent: 920 HP, 54 armor, Passive: Deter: When an enemy hero attacks you, reduce his/her attack power by 4% for 2s, stacking up to 3 times.
This item provides really good stats and it's passive is really good throughout the whole game. I like to buy it early as in this stage of the game, enemies will generally deal more physical than magic damage and this item helps with that a lot.

After these two items, I buy the next ones according to the situation of the game. I'll go over all possible items I buy and explain when and why I buy them.

Cursed Helmet: 920HP, 50 magic resistance, Passive-Sacrifice: Deal 2% of your hero's max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies:
I get this mostly as my third item if there are some magic damage dealers in the enemy team and if I know that I will be able to be near enemies for a long time so I can deal a lot of damage to them. If that's not the case, I usually buy Oracle.
Oracle: 850HP, 36 magic resistance, 35 HP regen, 10% cooldown reduction, Passive-Scream: After being attacked, regenerate 4% of max HP over 4s. This effect has an 8s cooldown:
As mentioned above, I buy this item against magic damage dealers and if I can't stay close to the enemy reliably, for example when the enemy team has heroes like Kagura, Hayabusa, Fanny, Karina. They have a lot of mobility so getting Cursed Helmet would be a waste as it's passive would be unused.
Blade Armor: 90 armor, Passive-Counterstrike: Deal 25% of attackers physical attack as physical damage to them when hit with a basic attack:
If there are no magic damage dealers in the enemy team, I get this as my 3rd item. It counters marksmen and fighters really well.
Bloodthirsty King: 1550 HP, 75 HP regen, Passive-Bloodlust: After a kill or an assist, regenerate 20% of hero's max HP within 5s.
I usually get this as my 4th item, but sometimes I buy it later on if I really need more armor or magic resistance vs a fed enemy. This item is extremely good for Tigreal as the regen from it's passive is incredible in team fights. It can save you when you dive into the enemy team and get focused.
Immortality: 800 HP, 40 magic resistance, Passive-Rebirth: Resurrects the hero 2s after dying with 15% of max HP and a shield equal to 40% of max HP which lasts for 3s. This effect has an 180s cooldown:
This is a very strong item and can be used on any hero. It's strong on Tigreal as it's passive is based around max HP and Tigreal always has lots of it. Remember that it has a very long cooldown, so if you die late in the game and have some spare gold, consider selling it for a different item until the passive can be used again.
Heart of Steel: 880 HP, 30 armor, 35 HP regen, Passive-20% Crit Strike Rate Reduction
This is a good item to get later in the game, as it's passive reduces the amount of critical strikes received and enemies don't have a lotwith  of Critical Strike Chance until late game. It doesn't lower their damage but it makes it so that the enemy hero crits you less often. I buy this item if there are at least 3 enemies who bought Crit Strike Chance items.

Emblem Set:
This shouldn't be very surprising. I use Tank Emblem Set for Tigreal. Only other good alternative if you like to gank a lot is the Roamer Emblem Set but you lose a lot of defensive stats if you pick it.

Combat Tips:
You should always act as the frontline of your team. Your main role as Tigreal should be engaging fights or if your team is behind, disengaging and disrupting enemies. This applies to all the stages of the game. You should always go in duo lane, which is bot or top.In lane, you should try to hit both of the enemy laners with your 2nd ability so your teammate can use his abilities safely while they are knocked airborne. If there are a lot of assassins on the enemYuoy team, you should stay with your backline and try to help them deal with the enemies.
Teamfight Tips:
You're the tank so don't be afraid to initiate fights. One of the best combos for teamfights is Flicker into your Ultimate skill and then your 2nd skill towards your team. Try to hit at least 3 enemies with it. After that, when your abilities are available again, use them according to the situation. If the enemy is running away, slow them down so your teammates can finish them off. If the fight is still going on, try to defend your teammates from your enemies with your 2nd skill. Don't be afraid to die if it means that your team will be able to win the fight.

Tigreal is a very strong character when used correctly, but he relies on his teammates to deal damage while he provides crowd control. I recommend to play him in duo lane, preferably with a marksman.

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope you learned a lot from it. Good luck in your Tigreal games! :D

Post time 2017-3-16 10:23 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
nice, keep making of this bruh
Post time 2017-3-16 11:16 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Liith at 2017-3-16 11:22

As a Tank main, I'll try Tigreal soon. Thanks for the guide :)Currently playing Akai, Ruby.
Post time 2017-3-16 12:10 PM | Show all posts
thanks man!{:2_25:}
Post time 2017-3-16 02:43 PM | Show all posts
Thanks! I just started playing Tigreal the other day. First fights were a disaster (I think I died 11 times in game). Yesterday I got two wins and did a whole lot better after changing the build on him.

My goal is to collect all tanks in this game. I already have Minotaur and do really well with him (but he is easy to play).
Post time 2017-3-18 11:09 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Thank, iam tigreal main
Post time 2017-3-22 12:35 PM | Show all posts
Nice bro,
after reading this, I will buy the hero
Post time 2017-8-1 04:21 PM | Show all posts
Please be informed that the guide is outdated and Tigreal  being nerf few times.

In the age of true damage, it is better to go with shield build.

Athena > Warrior Boot>Magic Blade>Dominance Ice>Immortality>Any Phy Armour(pref Heart of Steel)

The only problem with this build is if against Haya. Need to get blade armour.
Post time 2017-8-4 11:56 PM | Show all posts
My favourite Tank is Tigreal.Thank you for your complete guide
Post time 2017-9-9 07:23 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I found out the flicker ult in brawl game, my team had half the kills of enemy, but I pulled 4 of them to kill
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