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[Patch Note] Patch Notes 1.5.98 [Advanced Server]

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[New Hero: Duke of Shards - Aamon]

Hero Feature: An assassin that wields magic blades and slays his enemies off guard.

[Passive - Invisible Armor]

Every time Aamon uses a regular skill, his armor will generate a [Malefic Blade] that can absorb and condense the enemy's magic into a [Demonic Bladel on hit. The [Demonic Blade] will appear near the target. Absorbing the [Demonic Blade] allows Aamon to store energy and briefly enter the [Invisible] state, during which he cannot be targeted and gains a significant Movement Speed boost. Aamon's next attack will end the state and increase his Basic Attacks' damage.

[Skill 1 - Soul Blades]

Aamon flings a [Malefic Blade] at a nearby enemy, dealing damage and marking them. After a short delay, Aamon conjures five more [Malefic Blades] around him that randomly lock onto and fly toward nearby enemies. Also immediately resets Basic Attack's cooldown. Each enhanced attack reduces the skill's cooldown by 1s.

[Skill 2 - Slayer Blades]

Aamon flings [Malefic Blades forward. On hit, the [Malefic Blades] will deal Magic Damage and immediately turn into [Demonic Blades] and return to Aamon. If no enemy is hit, the [Malefic Blades] will absorb the thin energy in the air and return to Aamon after 1s. The energy can only allow Aamon to enter the [Invisible] state immediately and will not store extra energy for his armor.

[Ultimate - Endless Blades]

After a short period of channeling, Aamon transforms all his energy into 6-12 [Malefic Blades] and flings them at nearby enemies, dealing Magic Damage. The number of [Malefic Blades] flung increases with the number of [Demonic Blades]

[Revamped Hero: Swan Princess - Odette]

As we make continuous adjustments to the game, we noticed that Odette, as a classic Mage hero in MLBB, is slightly weak in the teamfight of higher-ranked matches. Despite her long single-target control, it is relatively difficult for Odette to control multiple targets. As her main source of damage, Odette's Ultimate can only be cast on the spot, which often forces her as a mage to take the risk and dive deep into the enemy's formation to cast her Ultimate. Flicker has also almost become a must for her. We want to boost her crowd control ability in teamfight and make her Ultimate casting more flexible.

[Passive - Lakeshore Ambience]

After casting a skill, Odette's next Basic Attack or Skill will also cast a sound wave

[Skill 1 - Avian Authority]

Odette concentrates energy to summon a swan to attack enemies, dealing Magic Damage and slowing them.

[Skill 2 - Blue Nova]

Odette fires a magic energy ball forward, dealing Magic Damage to enemies hit and immobilizing them. After the ball reaches its maximum range or hits a target, five extra energy balls will strike out in a fan shape, dealing Magic Damage to enemies hit and immobilizing them.

[Ultimate - Swan Song]

Odette leaps in a designated direction, then gathers energy, dealing continuous damage to enemies within the area and slowing them. The field also enhances the effects of Lakeshore Ambience. Odette takes less damage while the skill is active.

Use (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate strengthening, nerfing, and adjustments.


[Skill 1](↓)

Physical Attack and Magic Power Bonus for Damage: Reduced by 2% on all levels. Attack Range: 6.56



Reverted to the previous version.

[Basic Attack](↓)

Splash damage no longer has Lifesteal effects.

[Skill 1](↓)

Movement Speed Boost: 45-70%45-55%

[Skill 2](↑)

Number of Enhanced Basic Attacks: 1/2/3/4/5/61/2/4/6 (reaches the maximum when 3 or more targets are hit)

HP Regen from Basic Attacks: 50+100% Physical Attack → 25+50% Physical Attack



Permanently increases 10-30

1. Fixed an issue where the killers of the Lord were calculated incorrectly in some cases.

2. Fixed an issue where the cooldown of Hanzo's Skill 1 wasn't shown correctly in the spectator mode.

3. Fixed an issue where playing Sun and Lunox alternatively would cause UI display errors.

4. Fixed an issue where Diggie could still trigger Guardian Helmet's effect after death.

5. Fixed an issue where enhanced Lord would occasionally charge at Turrets on other lanes. Now the enhanced Lord will only charge at the enemy Turrets on the current lane.

6. Optimized the buff display icon of War Axe.

7. Adjusted the damage type of Beatrix's Basic Attacks with Wesker. The damage is now melee (that is, Beatrix can trigger a higher slow effect when equipped with Corrosion Scythe but cannot trigger the Marksman Emblem's "Weakness Finder" effect).

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