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[Gameplay] Mercy for Solo Players

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There should be no decrease in MMR of the hero they played if they are MVP Loss in the game. There are many trollers and afkers in the game and the minus in MMR is huge when the player lose. It's very hard to gain MMR especially being a solo player. Maybe the MMR gain by a solo player is will be more than the MMR gain by a duo, trio, and 5-man players, it will be fair and give justice for the solo players.
Post time 2021-6-26 07:18 PM | Show all posts
s5tank replied at 2021-6-26 05:28 PM
First game of the day:

Ofcourse, 2 VPN users from Philipines, one pick Layla first pick, the other  ...

I don't know what happened exactly but I know that the punishment system punishes players very rarely except AFK and verbal abuse.

If there is huge deduction of credit score, I can only imagine how you have played the game.

If I were you, I would avoid chatting and report the VPN players under idling/going offline, verbal abuse and intentional feeding. I will pick a hero like Nana so I can get the losing MVP and will not be punished.
Post time 2021-6-27 05:19 PM | Show all posts

It's easy when you start fresh on a new hero or low MMR/matches hero in rank. But when you got 1000++ rank matches or are already on the spotlight in terms of MMR positioning, 1 loss = 5 consecutive wins to make up for it. That's how painful it is.

That's why I would rather drop stars than hero's MMR/WR. Star protection cards are worthless to me, when Hero MMR/WR is all that matters to me.
Post time 2021-6-30 07:37 AM | Show all posts
I have had games with 2 afk in one team, 1 on the other hahaha.
I will post later on some photos of my recent games where my real teammates are worse than bots, I did 99% of the towers hahahah (we won) and they did 2% damage, they were a trio. Even afk bots are better than these people. I heard them talking on the mic, useless.
Similar game against a trio, so maybe there was a trio in my team but they all acted like solo players, Me fighter, 3 marksmen, one mage. All 0-10. And yeah, we won, surprisingly I did all tanking towers and damage.
Solo is hard. Its not even fun to win like that. So stressing and unfair having a lowskill trio vs a normal trio with normal stats.
Post time 2021-6-28 09:03 AM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-6-26 07:18 PM
I don't know what happened exactly but I know that the punishment system punishes players very rar ...

what's the point of reporting if they don't get punished?
Post time 2021-6-28 05:39 PM | Show all posts
NOOB__ replied at 2021-6-28 09:03 AM
what's the point of reporting if they don't get punished?

I think there is a misunderstanding. I never said it will not punish. Except few cases, the punishment system deals punishment rarely and everyone knows it.

Rarely means not frequently. That is, a player will not be punished just because other players report him. The system will check for the reported AFK behaviors and determines whether the player should be punished or not based on certain conditions.

If you exclude AFK and verbal abuse, the chance of getting punished is very low. If someone is punished by that low chance you can imagine they were either very toxic or a continuous troll player getting reported by others in almost every game.
Post time 2021-6-26 06:57 PM | Show all posts
It’s not really that hard. First day of playing on new season, I got a 10 win ranked games. Immediately turned me to Legend and I play solo and only play Mage and Support and MM.

But I agree that we should give more MMR to solo players to make it fair to other players.


Congrats! You are either lucky or the most skilled solo player  Post time 2021-6-26 07:20 PM
Post time 2021-6-26 12:36 PM | Show all posts
Yeah, Solo is really hard, and even harder for MMR pushers . Agree that MMR loss/gain should be more favourable to solo players than others. Support from me. Hope to see more ideas on how to improve this.
Post time 2021-6-26 01:47 PM | Show all posts
There should be solo mmr and team mmr like in pc mobas so that those who mainly plays solo will get a chance to be top global
Post time 2021-6-26 04:37 PM | Show all posts
As solo player mostly, I aswell support your suggestion. Teams have more advantages overall than a solo player and we all know the struggle of finding a team. But honestly I think not just mvp loss should benefit from it..maybe gold medals aswell
Post time 2021-6-26 05:28 PM | Show all posts
First game of the day:

Ofcourse, 2 VPN users from Philipines, one pick Layla first pick, the other one alucard jungle, both feed and report me, hugh credit deduction...I just throw my phone and don't wanna play until midnight. No mercy for solo and will never be.


could you start resolving problem and don't look for stupid excuses?  Post time 2021-6-26 10:52 PM
Just out of curiosity, could you show us your profile  Post time 2021-6-26 10:29 PM
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