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[Share] Is Beatrix ruining the Marksman mechanics?

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You have to agree, the previous five Mobile Legends heroes have had pretty fantastic character designs since Brody. Brody is a unique marksman with a winding basic attack and a stacking AoE ultimate that feels and plays differently than the other marksmen in the game. Benedetta, a very high skill cap assassin that pushes you to respond quicker than you blink, swishes and slashes with amazing agility. Paquito's combination is much more elaborate than Chou's, relying solely on his double cast Champ Stance passive. Only Mathilda and Yve may be classified as beginner-friendly. Even so, Moonton made care to spice them up. Mathilda's ultimate propels her upwards, giving circles a new notoriety. Yve, not to be outdone, has a one-of-a-kind ultimate that's virtually a minigame within MLBB.

Then there's Beatrix, who broke yet another rule in Moonton's game design by demonstrating that four weapons are definitely superior than one. When I initially learned of her abilities, I was struck by how different Beatrix is from the game's first few marksman Miya and Layla, even after their Project NEXT upgrades. In terms of intricacy, she is on par with Benedetta and Paquito. Not only is she a marksman with no predetermined combination, but the player must also pick which two weapons to keep out of the four in each game based on a variety of criteria such as enemy team composition, game stage, opposing laner, and the conditions of each skirmish or approaching team battle. All of this cannot be explained through a handbook; Beatrix must be played to be fully appreciated.

A hero who isn't accessible for free, which means you need think carefully before acquiring her. Even though she is currently regarded tremendously powerful, you will need to put in many hours of work to master her. Aside from situational awareness, you'll also need excellent skill shot accuracy to play her, since her firearms and ultimates all demand accurate aim. Not to mention that nerfs are almost certainly on the way, which means your decision-making must be razor-sharp.

Beatrix's abilities are as notable as her character design. She doesn't just have pink hair; she has bright pink hair that is as noticeable as her skills. Beatrix is adorable, fun, effervescent, and full of energy, with a tinge of insanity in her eyes. She might very well be a forerunner of Moonton's game design in the future. While it is vital to have new (and sometimes free) heroes who are simple to learn and appeal to the bulk of the player population, there is also potential for more complicated ones as more are released.  Beatrix, on the other hand, takes the cake since having four firearms and a total of nine abilities adds another degree of complexity, as you and you alone must choose which weapons to deploy at any given time. This provides the gamer greater freedom to experiment, challenge, and enjoy themselves. We now have heroes with the highest skill cap in the game in the marksman, assassin, and fighter positions thanks to Beatrix.

Though, I would not think that we will be getting any marksman in the future that will have a normal or basic mechanics of the role as we already have Miya, Clint and Bruno. Moonton and their Devs would really need to pull another surprise or will they create a new unconventional hero who can do multi-role. Popol and Kupa is also another uncoventional marksman as both can be used as a Marksman and Tank/Support. Once again, Moonton and Devs needs to do a lot of reseach and survey if they're planning on releasing a new marksman.

I've been away in forum for quite a while. This is just one of my drafts or pending topics stored in my computer. I sincerely hope you all like it. Let me know your thoughts as well about Marksman in the future.

 Author| Post time 2021-6-24 07:01 PM | Show all posts
HoaHoa replied at 2021-6-22 10:01 AM
i cant really kill or even fight good benedeta and belatrix players, the only times i have won is by ...

Phoveus is the key HAHAHA
 Author| Post time 2021-6-21 09:06 AM | Show all posts
Nphy replied at 2021-6-20 09:21 PM
Beatrix is truly a remarkable marksman with having high complexity compare to other marksman hero be ...

Same reason why Pro players banning in the recent MSC. Currently being shadowed by Claude and Granger as the best marksman. Though, I have a strong feeling that she will eventually be most used this season. META changed time to time depending on how heavy the patch impacts the entire experience.
Post time 2021-7-8 10:31 PM | Show all posts
HoaHoa replied at 2021-6-22 10:01 AM
i cant really kill or even fight good benedeta and belatrix players, the only times i have won is by ...

If you have problems to catch Benedetta and Beatrix, you have only 2 solutions:
-using Benedetta or Beatrix;
-using a hero with very high mobility.
Post time 2021-6-20 09:21 PM | Show all posts
Beatrix is truly a remarkable marksman with having high complexity compare to other marksman hero because of her multiple weapons. Her AoE Launcher quickly clear lanes in just seconds, her 1-hit sniper shots, her high DPS auto-pistol (Or semi-machine gun? IDK, I haven't played Beatrix yet), and his high-burst close range shotgun that can deplete your HP to more than halves in just a matter of seconds. As her opposing lane, It's hard for me to counter this hero because of her high complexity and many variety of attacks. Beatrix, for me, is the most difficult to counter in all heroes that I encounter.
Post time 2021-6-22 10:01 AM | Show all posts
i cant really kill or even fight good benedeta and belatrix players, the only times i have won is by splitpushing. The dash is what makes them hard to fight. They can easily catch you or escape.
Post time 2021-6-23 01:40 AM | Show all posts
I like her kit. The problem is that heroes like these are hard to balance so either she is good or bad.
Post time 2021-7-24 11:46 AM | Show all posts
I just bought her on impulse and got two MVP-losses in a row
Post time 2021-10-25 12:34 AM | Show all posts
need is stan him ok
Post time 2022-1-4 06:27 PM | Show all posts
all i see and feel from bea and bene is pain, just...pain
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