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[Hero Techniques] New Sun guide

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New Sun guide
Sun is abeast now, 100% chance of having a clon and the new flicker skill make him unstoppable.I have 90% win rate in 100 games or so.
Im usingassassin emblem, but it doesn’t really matter, its more about the items. Youcan try fighter or jungle as well, it’s the same. Use your highest emblem orthe one you feel more comfortable with from these 3.
He needs ALITTLE mana, not much. Mana boots is a complete waste, never EVER buy manaboots for him. Im buying 2 gems to get AZURE BLADE, which later on will beTHUNDER BELT, that’s all the mana he needs. If you like TWILIGHT ARMOR bettergo for it, but I prefer the belt because of the CD and the enhanced basicattack. After the blade I get SWIFT BOOTS, you don’t need MAGIC BOOTS for theCD because his ultimate is like 30 seconds only (which will probably be nerfedsoon, Sun is OP now, expect lots of nerfs soon). Your first item will be theCORROSION SCYTHE, this gives him movement speed and slows enemies down. Afterthat it doesn’t matter what you get, it could be more attack or more defence.Right now Im playing him as jungler, so I go full attack. I then get DEMONHUNTER SWORD, BLADE OF DESPAIR and SCARLET PHANTOM. I have also tried the newitem WAR AXE, but his damage is so high that I cant really find anydifferences. I can get lord in less than 10 seconds, its crazy.
I am doing2 things, jungler if im playing solo, offlaner if I have a friend who isjungling. When I go offlane I don’t use flicker because he has a double flicker(talk about this later), purify is not needed either, sprint not needed becauseof the slow down of the CORROSION SCYNTH and the ICE RETRIBUTION when jungling.Inspire is a waste, with 3 monkeys attacking a tower or an enemy you don’t needspeed. The only spells are retribution or ARRIVAL. Now with the nerf on zhask,my new favorite arrival split pusher is sun. I tried zilong but sun is safer. Ihaven’t tried popol but he doesn’t have a flicker so its very risky to pushlike there is no tomorrow.
Sun isstronger than other offlaners in all early mid and late game because of hispoking ability, just throw a clon, do a little damage and receive none. He canclear jungle without retribution, so you can easily get the crab, steal jungleor jungle in your area, so you will have more money than your enemy (unlessthey gank you and you die, which happens a lot because enemies request back upwhen they realize they cant fight you). Focus on bot then top, arrive, gettowers one by one, don’t try to get 2 in a row cause you can easily die whenover pushing.
You cantreally gank before you get the CORROSION SCYNTH, so focus on towers and jungle.Once you have the scynth your enemies will start escaping as soon as they seeyou, they don’t even try to fight you (its so fun, that’s why the last 100games I had only played Sun). You only need the scynth to catch enemies, evenif they have flicker because of the double dash.
Double dash
This iswhat makes him OP, you throw yourself, not your clone to the enemy, then usethe other skill. This distance is too much, im pretty sure they will nerf bothskills distance soon. You don’t need to do it fast, the CD of the clones isreally short (they will nerf this too). Keep double jumping til you touch themonce and they will slow down because of the scynth.
Full ganggank
First youuse your ultimate, then throw yourself then skill 2, the three monkeys jumppunch at the same time and even tanks die fast. You can do this to poke inteamfights as well, because your two clones stay fighting while you run away.Enemies either retreat as well or die fighting your clones and teammates. Sunis not good for teamfights, he justs pokes. If you have enough lifesteal youcan try to stay and get a maniac (I got 2 these week), but you need to checkyour money and experience.
Sun isreally strong now, he can be a fighter, tank, assassin and jungler, they aregoing to nerf him soon so enjoy the easy wins while this lasts.

 Author| Post time 2021-6-22 03:12 PM | Show all posts
Magnum_bangbang replied at 2021-6-22 03:06 PM
Okey, pretty intresting and valid. And what you new build is? Because you old build have no crit it ...

new build depends COMPLETELY on the enemy, even the boots. I go from full attack to full defence, or even full magic defence, depending on the enemy. You dont even need attack speed because you are 3 monkeys, they can destroy the base in less than 3 seconds. I really feel sun is better than masha for focusing on towers because of his ability to tower dive.
My 3 boots are speed attack, phyisical defence or magic defence according to the enemy. First item is the scynth or the axe or the belt, depending if I need attack or defence, but late game its all the same, you can kill everyone. Core item seems to be the war axe, not the scynth. After that anything is ok, more defence if you are fighting fighters, full attack and speed for killing marksmen and mages.
I did a 95% tower damage today hahaha we were trio, that was a first, not even with masha.
Post time 2021-6-18 04:35 PM | Show all posts
Hello, I have moved your thread to 'Guides' section of the forum, as this thread is a guide afterall
You have given good information about Sun from what i've read. I gotta say, fighters never been my first choice, Sun either. But he has been changed a lot lately and seems not only op now but also more fun to play. So thank you for giving simple and good information for newbies like me, it's helpful
Post time 2021-6-18 04:10 PM | Show all posts
Oh 90% seems really broken. Congrats you man. Even with broken hero its still insane result.

So, i have qustion - is golden staff out from the meta? It must be incress damage twice.
Post time 2021-6-19 03:22 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2021-6-19 08:24 PM | Show all posts
Sun is a pretty good hero now, I recently played against him and I couldn’t even use a Lesley against Sun because he was too tanky for me, but at the same time our “jungler” went afk under turret for a few minutes and then came back and we already lost because Harley is a useless jungler.

Post time 2021-6-19 11:20 PM | Show all posts
I've played Vs him a few times recently and sometimes it gets so confusing to keep track on the real sun.
At this moment I think he is perfectly balanced, no need for much changes and I hope it stays there for some time
 Author| Post time 2021-6-22 07:57 AM | Show all posts
Magnum_bangbang replied at 2021-6-18 04:10 PM
Oh 90% seems really broken. Congrats you man. Even with broken hero its still insane result.

So, i  ...

man i try golden staff but its freaking useless. I end up selling it and get ANYTHING with crit, you kill lords or tanks in less than 3 secs with crit. Goldens staff it takes up to 10 seconds. Delete that item from all your lists.
 Author| Post time 2021-6-22 07:59 AM | Show all posts
Kathey replied at 2021-6-19 08:24 PM
Sun is a pretty good hero now, I recently played against him and I couldn’t even use a Lesley again ...

you cant use lelslie, layla or one hit heros against him, if you want a mm it needs to be claude, irithiel, brody... people with area damage.
Post time 2021-6-22 03:06 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-6-22 03:27 PM
HoaHoa replied at 2021-6-22 07:57 AM
man i try golden staff but its freaking useless. I end up selling it and get ANYTHING with crit, y ...

Okey, pretty intresting and valid. And what you new build is? Because you old build have no crit items, excpt scarlet phantom. Or you still use only this one?
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