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[Hero Balance] Zhask Nerf

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I think that his ult need a nerf
1. His ult can still attack you while you're still in the bush; undiscovered and the turret is outside
2. His range is too large+slow makes it hard to escape, if you do escape he can pop out again and place the turret again FULL HP zzz
3. Moontoon buffing him next patch is a bit unacceptable smh

Post time 2021-6-8 02:18 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-6-8 02:22 AM

Hm. Someone on forum tell me, that zhask not op, because no one pick it on fristpick.
Even Claude(and few heroes) can counter him.

Post time 2021-6-8 02:24 AM | Show all posts
Hello there,
I guess zhask been having a problem either being too op or just useless within the past few patches and Moonton is probably struggling to make him somehow in between.
Your recommendations are reasonable but if they were all to be applied, Zhask will go back to be a "bench warmer".
Nerfing his ultimate's range or adjusting it in someway to give the enemies a slight chance to escape would be just what we need.
I personally can't come with an idea in which they can give him the optimal nerf.
Hopefully you have more ideas in which it can help Moonton understand what they should adjusted in Zhask's skills.
Post time 2021-6-8 04:28 AM | Show all posts
Edited by iatebabies at 2021-6-8 06:51 AM

1-he can be easily countered by anything that deals bonus damage to minions for example claude ult does 300% damage to minions or khaleed S1 that deals 100% extra damage damage to minions they can easily oneshot zhask ult

2-bad passive , in the current meta there is no passive worst than zhask's, the passive has a big delay and  can be easily escaped ,in addition the damage from passive is so low , that only once in a blue moon he can get a kill with his passive

3-zhask ult is super squichy ,  the jungler's retribution can also be cast on zhask ult
succesfully deleting 2k hp from it

4-zhask's ult has a 60-50 seconds cooldown , his ult is his bread and butter without it he cant deal
any damage, when compared to other meta mages like chang'e who has 36-30s ult or pharsa who has 36-28s ult cooldown zhask really falls short

5- the aim system on zhask is so bad, his enhanced S3 and S2 never hit the target unless its standing still and the ult basic attack prioritizes minions over heros sometimes, his ult basic attacks can also be stoped by using  shadow mask active or lesley's invisibility or even going in a bush, the only way to hit you from a bush like you described, is if he activates the death laser phase before you enter the bush aka after he 2 basic attack you
6-all zhask abilities are delayed there is not a single ability that zhask have that isnt delayed ,not only
that but all his abilities are also SKILLSHOTS and not lock-on abilities which makes him pretty predictable and easy to avoid

7-his spawn attack range is so low he can be out-ranged(by non-melee heros) and killed instantly since he cant deal any damage if you are outside his attack range, he also can easily be escaped with flicker

examples: kagura umbrella outrange zhask ult,beatrix bazoka and uzi outrange zhask, nana abilities outranges zhask, pharsa ult outranges zhask,yve outranged zhask....

8-the new item radiant armor will kill him since all his damage is DPS
9-he is full of bugs, one bug for instance makes your spawn shoot into the air

zhask is so bad against ranged heros in midlane that he only goes side lane against melee heros
when a mage like yve exist that have triple zhask range and is priority ban in glory (unlike zhask) i am suprised zhask is what scares you most
you are clearly playing the wrong characters, you never first pick zhask in mythic because if someone can decently play claude (and by that i mean press his ult when zhask ult) then zhask is completly countered and useless, khaleed and Argus can also destory zhask since anyone who can wistand his damage is a counter to him, also heros with stun easily counter him like kagura and selena or even matris  or herlcut(before S1 nerf)
since he cant press his ult while stunned

if anything he needs a buff to his range to make him viable against other dps mages who have triple his range , that should make him go back to mid  since the only place where he shines is in epic rank where people ram into his ult instead of baiting it

Post time 2021-6-8 12:54 PM | Show all posts
His ult can still attack you while you're still in the bush; undiscovered and the turret is outside

I think this one might be a bug. Can you share a video showing this? Because his ultimate did not hit me when I was hiding near his ultimate in a bush.
Post time 2021-6-8 01:10 PM | Show all posts
Edited by iatebabies at 2021-6-8 01:11 PM
Anand replied at 2021-6-8 12:54 PM
I think this one might be a bug. Can you share a video showing this? Because his ultimate did not  ...

i think what he meanst is zhask's death laser phase, after every 2 basic attacks the D fires a laser that damage and slows enemies, it has the same shape as angela S2 and can continue even when you are invisible or inside a bush, the 2 first basic attack are avoidable but not the deathray phase

the deathray phase will continue through invisibily, untaragtability(nana passive/ice wand),or stealth(bush) because its a lock-on skill it wont stop untill you are out of its range or the target is dead


he mentioned he is outside the range too  Post time 2021-6-8 01:17 PM
Post time 2021-6-9 01:48 AM | Show all posts
Zhask's skillset counters heroes who have a low mobility such as most of the mages or marksmen. Otherwise, he is pretty much  useless against assassins (Lancelot, Ling, Benedetta etc.) as they can easily escape his ult with their dashes. There are also heroes who can kill his ultimate spawn such as Change'e which is basically able to burst down his ultimate with her ultimate. So, in my opinion he is balanced and does not need a nerf, you just need to know how to counter him and he will have a hard time to be useful.
 Author| Post time 2021-6-9 11:03 AM | Show all posts
Tempestt replied at 2021-6-8 11:48 AM
Zhask's skillset counters heroes who have a low mobility such as most of the mages or marksmen. Othe ...

yes, but, Assassins are able to escape, but what's the point of escaping if half your team died to Zhask. He can even melt down tank in ~<5 seconds. I doubt Chang'e could do anything to him since he can just pop out and place the turret again with full HP again destroying her shield making her lose her damage and possibly dying in the process.
Post time 2021-6-9 02:37 PM | Show all posts
Edited by iatebabies at 2021-6-9 02:42 PM
C4lam1tyG0D replied at 2021-6-9 11:03 AM
yes, but, Assassins are able to escape, but what's the point of escaping if half your team died to ...

i mentioned 9 points why zhask is bad and not even half as Strong as other mages but you are still not convinced ...

hmm what is so Strong about his skillset? he is not viable in MG i never saw him get banned except in grandmaster-epic ,perhaps you are approaching him wrong?

chang'e can kill a tank much more faster than zhask and on a 26s cooldown unlike zhask who has 50s cooldown, saying zhask is better than chang'e is just straight up wrong

if anything he needs a big buff just to comeback to midlane where he belongs, since every other mage destroy him in midlane
the only place where he is good is in side lanes

Post time 2021-6-9 03:35 PM | Show all posts
Hi! zhask is my mage, 15 000 games in total, like 2000 with zhask.
He is balanced, no need to nerf or buff him.
He is definately a nightmare for some heros like layla or gord, heros with no flicker or sprint skills. You definetely dont want to fight him 1 vs 1 or be anywhere close to him.
But just use flicker or sprint, thats it.
Or change the hero you are using.
He is actually weak compared to other mages. I like him because its safe and fun, not because he is strong.
have you played him? You will see how weak he is, and how his range is not that big. Yeah, you can jump out of it or throw it, but you can be killed easily after that.
I mean, you dont fight hilda inside a bush, you need to change strategy and make her come to you, dont  go to her.
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