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[Hero Balance] major buff request for hanabi (and effective for atk spd argus)

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there are some request buffs for Hanabi, but mostly skill 2, ultimate, passive, movement, etc.

here, I want to talk about Hanabi skill 1 (and yes, there are few talking about her skill1)...

think can change Hanabi bounce petal as a basic attack?
1. gain both atk & atk spd.
2. DHS passive active. even if damage bounce which less damage and decay, the DHS passive will cover that damage decay.
3. add corrosion, bet the group will get slowed so bad b̶y̶ ̶1̶5̶%̶. at least easy to achieve max atk spd in single basic atk if hit all 5 enemies.
4. add staff, stack easy to active (in war). basic atk = hit enemy/1st petal > 2nd petal > 3rd petal = trigger staff, reset. > 4th petal > 5th petal > reset = 1st petal = trigger staff, reset. > onward.
that's only 1 basic atk, what if attack continuously? easily achieve staff

play crit, require both scarlet and berserk + more money. true if add windtalker, the DHS pack require more gold than crit pack by 100 gold.

but DHS pack has much more benefit if the bounce is basic atk.
the slow, the atk spd, the damage % (to cover the damage decay), and the easy staff achieve.

minor buff but a big stuff for argus
since argus now play atk spd, his skill 2 bleed effect is... less cause it scales with physical power.
so I think, make his skill 2 bleed deal % damage of enemy max hp.
when argus skill 2 hit enemy, it add bleed to enemy right? scale with enemy max hp. the more argus hit the bled enemy, the higher the bleed % damage.
at start, the bleed will erase 0.3/0.5/0.7% of enemy max hp. hit bled enemy increase bleed damage by 0.1/0.2/0.3% for each attack.
bleed effect upgrade lv 1,3,5. the % damage... what the number you think? since bleed every 0.3 seconds, 1 second already % dmg multiply by 3.

Post time 2021-6-6 06:11 AM | Show all posts
I can't say much for Hanabi, but Argus S2 needs a rework.

As you mentioned, he's a basic attack hero through speed and critical strikes. I believe the damage over time was designed to discourage enemies from running from you, but I don't think it's been very effective.

Increasing the damage over time could just encourage hit and run tactics, which is the opposite of what they want from Argus.

It needs something to allow you to stay on your target and actually strike them.

Slows are the easiest method of doing this.

Another option is adding a "Leap" Function after using Meteroic Sword where Argus charges the closest cursed target and immobilises them for 1-2 seconds.
 Author| Post time 2021-6-6 02:35 PM | Show all posts
Burnzey91 replied at 2021-6-6 06:11 AM
I can't say much for Hanabi, but Argus S2 needs a rework.

As you mentioned, he's a basic attack he ...

wait... critical strikes?
yes, argus should play crit, but doesn't the dev want us to play argus DHS, corrosion, and staff? they are one pack.

hit and run tactic? doesn't argus already have his ult to encourage the enemy to do that?
the moment argus spread his wings, everyone will run away in fear... just like a flying cockroach...

I didn't think about that tactic. I think the moment we get close and skill 2, basic attack + over bleed damage % = the enemy will cry in pain because how many hp they lost.

immobilizes is okay, but that will not make his bleed active. (find his skill 2 have any benefit besides slow?)
Post time 2021-6-7 01:10 AM | Show all posts
Crisis replied at 2021-6-6 02:35 PM
wait... critical strikes?
yes, argus should play crit, but doesn't the dev want us to play argus D ...

I've tried both builds, and depends on your match up.

In PVP, kills are secured by burst damage as it is hard to counteract attacks that deal large quantities of damage in a small amount of time. As such, getting quick hard hits in before they try run away is important. Golden Staff is sustained damage, and would be best as a tank buster build.

No I'm saying Argus playing the hit and run as in: he uses skill 2 to do Damage Over Time instead of engaging with enemy by letting them bleed out.

This is why Argus needs something to help control the fight either through slows or immobilisation. It's very easy to counter his ultimate as you can CC Argus through stuns, slows and snares and effectively render it useless.

I think the best solution is to add the immobolise for skill 2.

Meteroic Strike -- > immobilising strike and continue assault.

Bleeds don't discourage running and if you increase the bleed damage too much people will complain it's overpowered. At least with immobilising you can counter with flicker mechanics.
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