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[Hero Balance] Another Idea for Kimmy

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So i just realize that i rarely seeing kimmy being picked, i don't know the real reason why but some player said that they have difficulty on aiming kimmy's basic attack, but for some player said it is because of the lifesteal only benefits 50% of its effect on kimmy.So here it is i just come up with the idea for kimmy, maybe dev could take this as consideration

(Passive)Smart Projectiles
. Kimmy's basic attack can be performed while moving and aim at any direction, the projectiles of her attack now will automatically search and hit the nearby enemy.
. All the attack speed she received will be converted into movement speed instead. Kimmy will regenerate 3 energy when she hits an enemy with this spray gun, but only benefit 50% lifesteal effect.

(Ultimate)Maximum Charge
. Kimmy create luminous chemical attack after charging, deal 125/150/175 magic damage to the enemy hit and explode at the destination dealing another 200/300/400 magic damage to enemies around it, also creates 8 Splat Bubble at the destination.
. Splat Bubble will explode when enemies approaching, dealing 200/250/300 magic damage in a small area, the explosion of the Splat Bubble can trigger another Splat Bubble to explode.

So i just make a new effect on her passive skill where the bullets/projectile of her attack now will automatically search and aim neearby enemies, so it is still can't lock on enemy when there is more that one target.
I also add new effect on her ultimate skill, but i reduce her big bullet damage and explosion damage of the bullet.
Post time 2021-6-5 09:51 PM | Show all posts
Woah the passive is very very OP in my opinion. Auto Aim would kill it because its made it in a way to have a free aim. In my opinion she's perfectly fine as the way she is; maybe less played but its definitely not weak at all.
But, thank you for your suggestion, it will be submitted.
Post time 2021-6-6 12:42 AM | Show all posts

I feel that the decline of Kimmy mainly started due to the Jungle item revamp. Back then Kimmy could take Raptor Machete without Retribution, but after revamp she must take Retribution in order to be an effective Jungler, but she lacks escape options.

Placing her in offlanes wouldn't work as well because her scaling or later game impact is weaker than even Layla.
Post time 2021-6-6 01:20 AM | Show all posts
I feel like the main reason she isnt picked is her squishyness. She needs a good tank by her side as she struggles to take the jungle solo in early game. On the side lane, shes also rather weak as she can be ganked and killed easily. Her damage also has been nerfed several times to the point where many players do not want to play her anymore as she doesnt fit into the current meta.

I agree with what Aldric said, that passive would be too op and the whole point of her skill kit is aiming manually. I feel like her first skill or ultimate could be buffed a bit, so shes a bit stronger
Post time 2021-6-6 11:03 PM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2021-6-6 12:42 AM

I feel that the decline of Kimmy mainly started due to the Jungle item revamp. Back then Ki ...

extremely true. She does have poke and okay mobility. She could also push towers
Post time 2021-6-9 03:45 PM | Show all posts
she is fine now, she was a nightmare back in the day but now she is ok. She cant carry like before but i like it! she is still playable, with a support or a tank to help her .
Post time 2021-6-12 10:25 PM | Show all posts

I would pick Beatrix or other Marksman for pushing to be honest; Kimmy is really an open target without fast scaling like she had when she was allowed to take Raptor + other spells like Flicker
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