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[Gameplay] How to fix matchmaking system easily?

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Just give me the option to see my teammates flag before starting mythic ranked.

I lose 90% of the games playing with some countries and I would like to avoid them.

Its not even about their skill just toxic people. They either play for kills or for solo suicide feed. I lost game because russian badang had 1-12 score. Also lost game ukrain aldous wanted to get savage and failed 4 times in a row got maniac. In the end we lost because he didnt want to end.

I must comment that game improved much and team that plays together and not solo wins most of the game.

Best combo of the month I have seen Faramis and Bane to push lanes. This should be nerfed high elo found about this and can end game in 8 min.
Post time 2021-6-8 02:09 PM | Show all posts

I don't think showing flags will help you. Because if you don't press enter after seeing the flags, there is no guarantee that you will be matched with players from a different country next time. If you continue this, it will only reduce your credit score and when it drops below 90, you will be banned from playing rank

This doesn't look like a good idea to me.
In the long run, it will ban us from plaing rank before reaching Mythic or shortly after reaching mythic.
 Author| Post time 2021-6-6 02:57 AM | Show all posts
Edited by MightAlly at 2021-6-6 03:00 AM
CloudDevelic replied at 2021-6-6 12:48 AM

You do know that flags might not necessarily be true to the players' real location, yes? ...

You guys are like a broken record . Forum moderators and guys in the making to be the one.

I have multiple accounts in multiple tiers. My squad is multinational. Mostly british and turkey players. Maybe they have fake flag but they know how to play.

You are laying forum community by saying they are good. Why would minority of good players from those countries pay to change their flag if they were good?

At least I get to reject them from joining my squad.
Lets see who will get bored you defending them or me puting out the facts.

Btw I won mcl against 5 premade guys from russia and I am in a good mode.
Semi finals of mcl was harder then against russian in final. They surrendered in 8 minutes.
Post time 2021-6-5 01:21 PM | Show all posts
Hello there,
I understand your frustration when you play and do your best but end up losing cause some of your team mates is throwing/trolling or is even low skilled.
Although, you can not generalize the whole country because of some players behavior, it would be unfair since there are Ukraine and Russians who do play well and are not trolling/throwing.
Unfortunately, I personally believe this can't be an option where you decide if you want to play with a certain country as your team or not.
Also, it's absolutely not fair for them.
As for the faramis bane combo, I guess it will be nerfed/adjusted in the next patch/update.
Post time 2021-6-5 08:22 PM | Show all posts
BMPW replied at 2021-6-5 01:21 PM
Hello there,
I understand your frustration when you play and do your best but end up losing cause so ...

Google translate of this completely meaningless response:

"Hello there,

I know what is the heart of your problem, but that doesn't interest me at all, so I will answer you in Forum Moderator's style and one day they will see me and recongnize my pointless responses and maybe they will give me moderator here.
I don't know where on planet are Ukraine and Russia, but you insulted them all. Yes you do. I don't know how really bad,toxic and useless Ukraines and Russians players are but I will write how you inslut them all. I never ever play with them and i will never ever play with or against them, but I know what is fair and what is not fair for those countries.
About Bane/Faramis combo...oooff what the hell is that? Let me see on youtube so maybe I can answer him. Ouch, it's a broken pushing strategy (still doesn't know what that is, never played Bane or Faramis in MLBB). What should I answer him now? Yeah, don't worry, developers will fix that bug.(bug exists for over a month)"

@MightAlly hope you understand now what he is talking about and feel freely to support his forum moderator candidacy.
Post time 2021-6-5 09:43 PM | Show all posts
Hello, thank you for your suggestion, I don't like this idea, the reason for that is that not everyone from Ukraine or Russia is a bad player, you can encounter bad players or high ping in any other country as well, I know that some of you would like to be paired with people that play the same way as you but everyone has different playstyle and experience with this game, I would strongly suggest finding team to play, this is team game, after all, developers can't control players behavior in-game, they are not machines but people like you and me. Still, you can report players after the game for being toxic/INTENTIONAL feeding. Have a great day.
Post time 2021-6-5 08:40 PM | Show all posts
I've seen many responses from you and threads, most of them are toxic and insulting.
You probably should stay calm and think twice before posting random stuff on the internet, besides that's how I respond to everyone on forum or not, it's called manners.
Arguments aside, if you don't like my comments that's not my problem you can either ignore them or read them and keep your negative thoughts to yourself.
As for the topic that is being discussed, I play this game for 5 years and been playing with ukrains and russians and many other more.
Also, the bane and faramis combo is a thing I did with my friend in classic like a week ago and some players used the same strategy to end our game in 8 minutes in a high elo ranked one.
In conclusion, I only share and talk about what I know and I don't attack people for what they think or if we disagree, that's probably something you should learn yourself.
Have a good day ahead.
Post time 2021-6-5 08:51 PM | Show all posts
Your responses are like responses of those spoiled nub kids in game:

Why you pick Clint with 30 matches and 49% win rate?
Cry baby
Mage, why are you under mid lane tower for 5mins and don't gank at all?
Shut up nub
Hanabi, why you stealing both buffs from jungler?
You are a racist.
Atlas, why you go there alone vs 5 and die when 3 of your teammates are dead?
Why you so toxic?

You just pack it in pathetic replay so you can be noticed by moderators.
Read your comment again and explain us how will that help to anyone.
Post time 2021-6-5 09:25 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-6-5 10:02 PM

I agree with you about toxic people but I don't think showing country flags will solve this problem. There might be toxic players in your country too. There is a lot of improvement in match making system but no actions are taken by punishment system.

Due to poor punishment system, many players are trolling and talking badly to their teammates. Since they are not punished, new players will also inherit this behavior and the toxicity cycle will continue

I suggest MLBB to punish players a little harder. It may not remove the toxic people completely but it will break the cycle and atleast new players will not inherit the toxicity from old players
Post time 2021-6-5 09:37 PM | Show all posts
Reducing someone to their country flag and thus discriminating every player from one country isnt the way to make the matchmaking more balanced. There are people from every country who are toxic not only russians as you mentioned. That is why the key to fixing this issue is a harder punishment system.

For example, banning someone for a certain time after he went afk or trolled would be good, so that the players see that their actions actually have consequences and not just a sligthly reduced credit score. This wont keep them from trolling again. I also feel like the punishment system should also have the category "troll" and a system who is able to find out when someone trolls (for example picking retribiution after there is already a jungler). The main problem really are the toxic players from every country, not just from one. I hope the devs could make a more advanced punishment system soon.
 Author| Post time 2021-6-6 12:42 AM | Show all posts
Edited by MightAlly at 2021-6-6 12:46 AM

This will fix the problem for me. I am ready to recieve punishment for cancelling the match and not wanting to play with some countries.

I said I lose 90% of the games not 100%. So  they are not alll bad but my statistics says majority are. And I am NOT DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THEM THIS IS A FACT.

Only game Rusians were good at was Line Age but even for this game new generation of kids ruined the game and now is dead compared to before. You need a cooperation but they are selfish and hopeless case.

Turkey was bad 2 years ago now they are one of the best. They learned the game not like Russian players.

Ukrain flag is my nightmare. They ruin my every game forget 90% losing rate, with them its a 99%.

Same goes and for Iran players. Like wtf is going on with EU server.

Personaly I would decline Iran, Ukrain, Russia, Germany.

You forum moderators are hopeless case too. Repeating same things like parrots.

I will post my suggestion on discord without mentioning countries I would decline so no one can tell I am racist  and discriminating because of my post which is based on facts.

I just hope forum moderators kids grow up and read before accusing  someone of something. And telling I said something which I didnt. I just typed 90% I didnt say they are all bad.

Why would I with my 60% win rate play with someone with 30% win rate?

I hope you get to learn leason in real life and someone twist your words like you did to me.

If this company is any good I could sue you for doing this forum abuse by twisting my words and intention of the post.

In the end if it gets implenetded you get the option to accept and play with them if you think they are all good and I am nab for posting this. BUT STOP DOING WHAT YOU DO BECAUSE CARMA WILL GET YOU.


Post time 2021-6-6 12:48 AM | Show all posts

You do know that flags might not necessarily be true to the players' real location, yes?

Also, I wouldn't say that it's due to a particular nationality or country; it's more of having public teammates who are located too far at times, which might cause performance issues on their side if the ping favours you and not them; and vice versa at times.

If we can narrow down the area of all players in the match further, this might solve half of the issue itself.
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