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Natalia Full Hero Guide

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Edited by wiraww at 2017-4-17 23:54

Introduction to Natalia
Natalia is one of the Deadliest assasin in Mobile Legends. Natalia position is the ADC (Attack Damage Carry), It means it has low health but deals a lot of damage from normal/basic attack. Natalia speciality is Her Stealth attack (the Stealth attack will be explained after the introduction).
Skill Analysis
Passive Skill: Assasin Instinct
Any kind of attack made from behind will deal 15% extra damage. If the hero hide's in the bush for 2 second without getting hit, The Hero will enter Stealth Mode that makes the hero can't be seen by the enemy heroes (The jungle monster still can attack her), Leaving the bush for 5 second or dealing damage will make the hero reappear. Stealth Mode Increase The Hero movement speed by 20%, and cause the next basic attack to deal 35% extra damage (can stack with the 15% extra damage from behind,making it become 50 % extra damage), And Silences the target for 2 second (Silences make's the target can't use any of his/her skill except for kagura second skill with umbrella). This passive skill is the thing that make Natalia become one of the Deadliest Assasin in Mobile Legends
Skill 1: Claw Dash
Dashes forwards, Dealing 250 physical damage to enemise along the way. This ability can be cast twice if it deal damage to the monsters, minion and the enemy heroes
Skill 2: Smoke Bomb
Casts a Smoke Bomb on the spot, Slowing down movement speed for enemies within 65%. The hero's attack speed will increase 30%, and the hero will be immune from any basic attack. This Skill is also the thing that make Natalia one of the Deadliest assasin in Mobile Legends
Ultimate: Cold Blooded Strangling
Makes multiple forward attacks in a row , each dealing 60 point of physical damage and lowering movement speed of affected targets 65%. (While using this skill Natalia can't move so becareful)
The abbilities should be maxed out in this sequence,
Claw Dash-> Smoke Bomb->Cold Blooded Strangling
Claw Dash Should be maxed out first because in the early game natalia doesnt deal pretty much damage and she's kinda slow so you need an escape/chase skill but also dealing much damage to the enemies.
Combos Analysis
For the combo first you need to enter the Stealth Mode then hit the enemies from behind so it will deal 50% extra damage after that wait first depend's on the enemy if the enemy have escape skill Ex:Clint Second skill, Then you have to attack while waiting for him using the escape skill if the enemy still in your range chase him with Claw Dash if it hits use your Smoke Bomb and just attack him with Normal Attack. If the enemy doesnt have any escape skill such as Layla you can just use your Smoke Bomb after Silencing the target and hit her with normal attack
Battle Spell
Fury Works pretty well with Natalia because of the Fury effect : Lower defense for 20%, Increasing attack speed for 55%  and physical attack 15%. Lasts 5s
Natalia Dps and Attack speed will Increase so much by using Smoke Bomb and Fury (+85% attack speed)
Gear for Hero
1st Set : Thor's Sting-> Rapid Boots -> Blade Of Destruction-> Tooth Of Greed-> Scarlet Phantom-> Blade Of Despair Use this gear if you want to increase your movement speed but also dealing high damage
d Set: Rapid Boots-> Blade Of Destruction-> Tooth Of Greed-> Scarlet Phantom-> Blade Of Despair-> Wind Chaser Use this gear if you want to deal High damage to the tank/fighter (On test, The result was quite good)
3rd Set: Raptor Machete-> Rapid Boots-> Tooth Of Greed-> Blade Of Destruction-> Blade Of Despair-> Wind Chaser  Use this gear if you want to level up fast, if you have reached Lvl 15 sell the Raptor Machete and buy something else, I suggest buy Scarlet Phantom/Thor's Sting/Immortality
Gear Analysis

In this i only analyize the gear i always used (1st Set)
Thor's Sting : +30% attack speed, 8% movement speed and 20% critical chance. Unique Passive : On each 5th attack, the next attack will deal additional 125 magic damage up to 3 enemies. Each time a lightning/Unique passive is cast, movement speed will be increased by 10% for a brief moment.
Useful item for Natalia because of the  Increasement in Attack speed, Movement speed and Critical Chance. all the thing's Natalia need

Rapid Boots : Unique (mean's can't stack/multiply with the same unique description) : +50 Movement speed
Natalia will move pretty fast on stealth mode with this item

Blade Of Destruction : +70 Physical attack, +20% Critical chance, Unique : +50% critical damage, Unique Passive-Doom : Critical strike will increase Physical attack for 5% lasting 2s
With this Natalia will deal a lot of damage on critical on early game it can be around 800, On Late game with full gear Natalia can deal around 2000 Critical Damage+Stealth Mode(Must item for almost every hitter if want's to deal high damage using basic attack)

Tooth Of Greed : +70 Physical attack, Unique +20% Lifesteal, Unique Passive-Frenzy : When Hp drops below 40%, The hero will receive an extra 10% Physical Lifesteal, Extra=20%+10%=30% lifesteal
With high damage+Immune from physical attack(Second skill Smoke Bomb)+Life steal Natalia almost can't be killed when fighting one on one

Scarlet Phantom : +30 Physical attack, +40% attack speed, +10% Critical chance, Unique passive-Frenzy : Critical strikes will increase the hero's attack speed 35% and Critical rate 5%, lasting 2s
Very good item to increase Natalia attack speed and Critical Chance so she will attack faster and with more Critical chance

Blade Of Despair : +130 Physical attack, +25% attack speed, +10% Critical chance, Unique Passive-Despair : Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state.
Emblem Set
Physical/Physical Assasin/Jungle Emblems Set. I use Physical Emblem Set (For Now) because my physical Assasin set is still on Lvl 28 while the physical emblem set have reached Lvl 42
Why i choose those three emblem? Becaus what Natalia need the most is Critical chance/Cooldown Reduct (without changing the gear set)/Physical attack
Combat Tips
When using Natalia You should always have to enter the Stealth Mode (sometimes) when you want to attack the enemy hero. You should also beware on Stealth Mode Dont make the enemy heroes enter your Radius if you don't want the enemy hero to beaware about you. On combat Silence the enemy after Natalia enter Stealth Mode then Use 2nd skill and just do the Normal attack if the enemy try to escape you can chase him/her with 1St skill and do the normal attack again.
During Early Game, Natalia can be on top/bot you can also mid but on early game most of the marksman always go to the Middle. On Early Game just try to farm and attack the enemy heroes with 1St skill Make sure you hit the heroes or minion so you can go back and keep a distance from your enemy
During Mid Game, Natalia can focus on jungling/hunting for kill/Pushing the enemy tower, On Mid Game where Team Fight are frequent if you want to join/help your team make sure youre timing to attack is right/ if youre too scared you can just push the tower
During Late Game, Is the time for Natalia to shine  because your Damage on critical can be 2000, Most of people on Late game will always gather so wait for youre team to make the opening while you hide in the bush to do a surprise attack.
Team fight tips
Use Natalia Stealth mode to Aim the Marksman and Protect your team from kinds of Physical Damage using 2nd skill Smoke Bomb. Do not go around without Stealth Mode
User : wiraww
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Nice tips :) appreciated man. Keep up!
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Thank you :D
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Thanks for information
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awesome tips . really helpfully
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nice tipe so really
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Good ok.....
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Recently i git natalia skin from lucky spin,now i am saving bp to buy her,
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Thanks for information
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