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[Hero Balance] Nerfs

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Post time 2021-5-24 10:18 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Nerf: The CD of her ultimate should be increased or the range of her ultimate should be decreased.
Reason: She can easily spam her ultimate to clear minion waves and steal enemies' jungle buff with that huge amount of damage.

Nerf: The CC effect on her first skill should be immobilize.
Reason: Stun(first skill) + Ultimate is overpowered. It's very unfair to those mages who needs to use all of their skills(combo) just to kill an enemy while Pharsa have her 2nd skill to damage in case the enemy is still alive and her 4th skill to escape.

Nerf: Remove the slow effect in her first skill(elven form) when the enemy steps on it and when it deals damage.
Reason: Her first skill in elven form already provides vision and damage considering that she can kill the enemy with ease when they are stunned plus her skill combo can be executed easily because of the low CD when she switch form.

Nerf: The slowing effect in her ultimate should be reduced.
Reason: Her slowing effect is too much just like the second skill of Estes. It's very hard to escape in her ultimate with the slow and immobilize she can give while dealing damage.

Nerf: Remove the movement speed her allies gain after they use her special skill.
Reason: The dash in her special skill is already enough to give her allies mobility. Adding an additional movement speed makes her allies uncatchable and more mobile.

All of this nerfs are not impactful to the gameplay of heroes. It's giving fairness to the other heroes for them to shine.
Post time 2021-5-24 01:12 PM | Show all posts
I'd say for Pharsa, she can't use her other skills in her ultimate state.
Selena traps need a nerf, via, Purify can dissipates it or slowness only when her abyssal monster bites you, that's when her slowness comes in.
Mathilda just need her ultimate range to be reduced, her ult range has a long reach, is annoying how she got you from a hundred miles away. Either that or reduce her stun duration.
Yve is balanced and so is Chang'e
Post time 2021-5-24 07:23 PM | Show all posts
I agree with you because they are dealing very high damage in game even though they are a long distance away from the enemies. Though they can be killed at close range or through ambush, I recommend for a small nerf in their damage output.
Post time 2021-5-25 01:10 AM | Show all posts
Hey, I dont think changee needs a nerf as you can easily make her ultimate useless by using a range hero who can destroy her shield (such as pharsa,kagura). Her damage output wont be as strong anymore.
Pharsas 1st skill + ultimate stun is just like any other stun of mages so I dont think it needs to be nerfed. Using purify will help to avoid this stun.
Yve is balanced because her ult cd is already 55s  and her early game damage isnt too op so her slow effect doesnt need to be removed.
Mathilda got nerfed alot already and in my opinion she isnt the best support at the moment. Rafa and Angela are better as they heal + give movement speed.
Post time 2021-5-25 01:46 AM | Show all posts
Edited by iatebabies at 2021-5-25 02:11 AM
C4lam1tyG0D replied at 2021-5-24 01:12 PM
I'd say for Pharsa, she can't use her other skills in her ultimate state.
Selena traps need a nerf, ...

you say pharsa need a nerf but yve is balanced doesn't make any sense
yve ult is just a way better version of pharsa ult with crowd control immunity (immune to franco's hook) plus a shield and up to 30 casts and a bigger range than pharsa ult and safer as well (since yve is at the end of the cast range while pharsa is in the middle)

her other skills are not impressive but so are pharsa skills since both count on their ult in teamfights
yve ult has a big impact in team fights especially the slow and the burst

if pharsa is not balanced then yve is just another level of not balanced ,idk saying pharsa need a nerf but yve is balanced is kinda biased

Post time 2021-5-25 04:46 AM | Show all posts
iatebabies replied at 2021-5-24 11:46 AM
you say pharsa need a nerf but yve is balanced doesn't make any sense
yve ult is just a way better  ...

Yve doesn't do much dmg imo
Pharsa in the other hand, her ult damage can two shot squishy heroes, is quite ridiculous, Plus, she can use her skills while in ultimate mode unlike Yve.
Yve can't swipe or tap her ult when she is stunned +she doesn't have a stun skill/passive like Pharsa and her damage is only half of Pharsa output. Clearly I know what I am talking about.   
Post time 2021-5-25 10:35 AM | Show all posts
I'm don't want to disappoint you kid but just accept the fact that many people have asked for their nerf but they never properly nerfed.

Instead of wasting time asking for nerf , just save bp to buy these meta hero and never buy underpowered hero , these meta hero certainly help you to win ranked match. In simple term , just use these meta hero while they are op lol, that's how mlbb works since season 1.
Post time 2021-5-25 10:40 AM | Show all posts
I think only Chang'E needs a nerf. Ultimate damage is broken. Lolita is one of my main and late game Lolita shield breaks from Chang'E ult. Also, she can solo kill Lord with her damage. Other mages mentioned in the list above can be easily killed by assassins.
Post time 2021-5-26 11:41 PM | Show all posts
I also think Chang'e needs a nerf. Just like granger, many people use it for easy win in every single solo rank matches.
Post time 2021-5-27 03:46 AM | Show all posts
Eizy replied at 2021-5-26 11:41 PM
I also think Chang'e needs a nerf. Just like granger, many people use it for easy win in every singl ...

i think lowering chang'e damage to minions and increasing her ult duration  would be a good decision
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