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[Gameplay] locking role method to prevent troll rank game

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Edited by lightyear at 2021-5-20 02:57 PM

this method will force pro amature or stupid loser to pick their best hero in game to play along with team

i think this method can prevent from toxic people thats like to troll games eventually the game will force that mmr and wr lover to play well in game to keep their winning rate level especially for solo player.

to be frankly especially in epic v to the top most of the player have a decent wr for the hero their play but the matchmaking are so bad that force them to play along with stupid player making the wr drop so bad

example wr-100%-45%

highest mmr and wr hero are the only can be choosen in rank

no 1. highest support second tank third fighter
no2 . highest assasins second fighter third marksman
no3. highest maksman  second mage third assasins
no4. highest mage second fighter third tank
no5 highest fighter second marksman third mage

example if the player already select marksman others player cant select same role they have to choose they others main role

all role will change according to player which is to be the highest rate accumilate classic/rank.

what happen if drop below 45%? they are fobidden to used that hero in they have to push it back in classic to get the % that system wanted

finally these method can teach all player to be all role player and master all hero not only for loser static hero

to do this accurate the moonton itself must change drastic in matchmaking to telly with your currant level and your role example

epic v ----- all epic v level
legend v----- all legend v level
legend I ------ all legend I level
mytic v ------- all mytic v level
mytic I ------- all mytic I level
glory -------- all glory level

30 million user in mlbb dont tell me that u cant do this half of the user must on this type rank level so this should not be a big problem for moonton to make big change in matchmaking again.

so its up to moonton to do this as a big change or not

Post time 2021-5-20 03:59 PM | Show all posts
I like your suggestions but many players will not like to play a role forced by others. Even if there is no tank in your team, your team can win through strategy and team work.

Blocking a hero based on win rate is a good idea but many players will not like it. This will definitely avoid trolls and intentional feeding. Let's see how many players in the forum support this
Post time 2021-5-21 03:45 AM | Show all posts
Hey, in general I really like your suggestion about the role locking, it reminds me of other game. Even though I think that adding this feature would lead to a very set draft as there would be no room for creativity and trying out new strategies. However, it would surely reduce the trolling. I also support your idea about the matchmaking, I've made a similar thread in the past. I think this would reduce the amount of trolls and maybe people would try to win and not throw the game so easily.
Post time 2021-5-22 02:09 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2021-5-24 08:14 AM | Show all posts
Edited by lightyear at 2021-5-24 08:15 AM
CloudDevelic replied at 2021-5-22 02:09 AM

This really depends though because there are players who would create a throwaway accoun ...

u think moonton care about your talking about? if they do they already take action in early they release in the next project.till now nothing so?.my suggest will definitely reduce significantly for trolling throw game people like 90% of user even they create 100 of acc to throw game.chance of winning high with this method.u still denied it?
Post time 2021-5-28 08:00 PM | Show all posts
Good Idea ! Prevent the 1st pick from picking anything except tank ! This way tank role will be a dice roll and people don't need to worry about forcing the 4th or 5th player to pick tank in solo queue anymore .
 Author| Post time 2021-5-31 09:31 AM | Show all posts
Edited by lightyear at 2021-5-31 09:33 AM

this method not only reduce troll in rank it also stop people troll in classic coz of win rate that will carry them in rank.see everyone support this.this thread need forward to moonton asap
Post time 2021-12-23 09:32 PM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-5-20 08:59 AM
I like your suggestions but many players will not like to play a role forced by others. Even if ther ...

Really? I don't like to pay taxes but I must pay it. I don't like traffic lights and I think they are made because of too many dumb people in this world but I need to stop when I see red or I will kill someone. If I break some of those rules I will go to jail. There are some rules in real and virtual world for a reason. You can't satisfy all players in MLBB, but you can put some rules for rank that should be respected or you will face punishment.

* "I am a mage player, I play only mages, I don't tank" Really? Show us your main with WR above 60% and go for mage instead of showing me Expert or go play classic.

* Why you picked 2nd mm? "Relax dude, it's just a game" If you have that attitude than go play Classic, Brawl, Magic Chess.

* "I don't like your epic bans so I will troll" - You don't like bans? Than go play Classic

There is solution for everything in this world except death. The main problem is that MLBB wants to satisfy all players, especially those who like to troll, who like to practice on rank, who like to be toxic. If there are some rules and punishment like in every other online game, this kind of things would be axed for a half.
Post time 2021-12-24 03:57 AM | Show all posts
s5tank replied at 2021-12-23 09:32 PM
Really? I don't like to pay taxes but I must pay it. I don't like traffic lights and I think they  ...

I agree many trolls are spoiling the game. Rather than changing rules punishing troll players will bring a great change in this game.
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