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[Request] Ban for nothing?

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Edited by LuLu93 at 2021-5-17 12:21 AM


My name is Franziska and I come from Germany. I discovered Mobile Legend a month ago and unfortunately I have to say that I've only had bad experiences at the moment. For example, I was banned from the chat 1 week ago for 2 days even though I didn't say or do anything bad. I talked quite normally. I assume that someone reported me because I couldn't help them in the event. I can't explain it to myself any other way. Does anyone even check the reports? Or is it like this: User is reported and automatically blocked for 2 days. I don't think that's okay. I know of other cases where the users did nothing, but were still blocked. Same in matches. Despite MVP and a lot of support, I was reported by a group of Ukrainians, whereupon I was banned. That's not normal. Others who have a German dictator as their name, have pictures of children in their profile picture and insult people are allowed to continue chatting. I am banned within seconds.

Get a 2-day lock for the chat again. For what? That I wrote that I like pizza with cheese? Where can you dispute this? I am already privately written to why I no longer answer in the chat oO

In the PM you should contact customer service? What customer service? Is it the one that doesn't exist? There is only an automatic answer to the mail you should report to the game. a cycle

Thanks for listening...



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Matiasnarnold replied at 2021-5-22 10:17 AM
In-game you can press the "bell icon" and appeal that ban if you think its unfair. Sorry to hear you ...

Wow! It's great that you have never been punished for using profanity in chat. I think MLBB should reward players who never got punished at the end of every season.
Post time 2021-5-17 01:00 AM | Show all posts
Hello Franziska, sorry to hear that you are having problems with the in-game report system and chat.
I believe you should contact the customer service since they are the only ones who can help you.
I don't think anyone can be muted/punished for no reason at all, but in your case where this has happened there is nothing you can do about it to remove the mute.
I suggest you just wait till the mute is over and refrain from using censored words and if you want to lower the chances of you getting muted you can disable or not use it at all.
I've played this game for 5 years now and never faced such thing.
Post time 2021-5-17 01:16 AM | Show all posts
Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences in the game. I am pretty sure you just encountered some toxic players. Sadly, this toxic behavior from other players happens often in game. I guess just some toxic players who maybe got jealous from ur mvp reported you for nothing, maybe they were mad because of a lose, there are many reasons for such childish behavior. I suggest you just put players you encounter on your game who trashtalk on your blacklist or mute them directly. Also, if you dont want to help people in an event thats obviously fine, if they keep bothering you also put them on the blacklist so u stay away from them.

When your cooldown finished and you can use the chat again, just dont talk to toxic players anymore and mute them directly. This will not only improve your gameplay but also make the experience a lot more enjoyable. Also, dont forget to report toxic players at the end of the match so that the real trashtalkers get banned and not you.

These are all my tips for making your game experience better! I suggest that u play with friends more rather than soloq so that u dont even have to encounter these trolls in the first place! I hope that u still can continue enjoying the game! Make thr best out of it!
 Author| Post time 2021-5-17 01:30 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-6-15 06:52 AM

@BMWP Sorry to have to say this: but this post is not very helpful.

What is a chat for? so as not to chat? So as not to find other players to play?

And as already written: There is no customer service that can be reached. If you write to the email '' only:

[Auto reply] Dear player,

Thank you for your mail. In order to help you solve problems as soon as possible, this mail account only deals with the following two problems:
1. Your game account has security problems and has been hacked. If so, please input [Account hacked + your ID] in the title and content of the mail.
2. You can't log into the game. If so, please input [Unable to log in + your ID] in the title and content of the mail.
<font color="#ff0000">If you have any other problems, please tap the customer service button beside the Avatar in the game to contact us.</font>
You can choose the type of your problems easily with the customer service function. After submitting the form, you will be able to contact our customer service.
In this way, we can easily collect information to help solve your problems.
Thank you for your understanding!
- MLBB Customer Service Team

This button only takes you to the help page and you cannot contact support about this problem there. You will be directed to this mail again. As I said: a cycle! Some words are censored in the German Channel for which there is no reason. Eg Kä**? *ecker. (original: Käse? lecker). whats wrong with "se? l" ? And 2 days for a ban that is not justified, I think, should you have the opportunity to contest it.

Tempestt replied at 2021-5-16 06:16 PM
Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences in the game. I am pretty sure you just encounter ...

That means, if I mute you, you can no longer report me? I hardly think so. Unfortunately there are too many trolls in the chat and will avoid this in the future. 2 days ban for nothing is too hard. Go to the German chat at the weekend, all hell is going on and everyone insults everyone. Not to mention the nicknames. Abolishing chat would be best. Just private messages and that's it.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2021-5-17 03:57 AM | Show all posts
Edited by MightAlly at 2021-5-17 03:59 AM
LuLu93 replied at 2021-5-17 01:37 AM
That means, if I mute you, you can no longer report me? I hardly think so. Unfortunately there are ...

Sadly game is not friendly anymore for solo players. It is best for you to install discord in google play store and find friends to play with that way. I have multiple accounts in multiple rank grades and I can play with you. I only play 3 ,4 and 5 people premade because when u find someone normal on discord and not toxic game is more enjoyable. Sadly I dont have friends in real life that play this game. Buf if you live in a big city you can turn on locator and find friends that way that are close to you.

This is only way I can think of for you to prevent this. Or not use chat at all then they can't report you.
Post time 2021-5-17 06:19 AM | Show all posts
Honestly, this game is full of toxic kids, that just how this game is designed.
Post time 2021-5-17 11:24 AM | Show all posts
report system is terrible. My profile picture was banned for 30 days, it was a cartoon of jawhead, nothing weird.
Verbal abuse report is crazy too.
Feeders and low skill dont get report, its all automatic by computer so dont be surprised.
Post time 2021-5-17 01:31 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-6-15 06:54 AM

It is really unfortunate that you are banned from sending messages for two days. I think the profanity checking system is automatic and if three or more players report you in a game, then the system will immediately reduce 2 credit scores.

I would recommend MLBB to partially show the word(s) (not the full word) which made the system to ban them so players will stop using those words in future and allow them to appeal if the words they used is not profanity

This will improve the transparency in punishment for profanity and at the same time genuine players who did not use profanity and got punished wrongly can appeal quickly.

aznager replied at 2021-5-17 06:19 AM
Honestly, this game is full of toxic kids, that just how this game is designed.

I think the game design is fine. They are providing chat and voice chat options for better communication with the team. But some players are misusing them and use abusive languages in chat. I would say players are at fault here.

The only fault in the profanity checking system is sometimes it punishes people who did not use profanity. If they rectify this and increase the punishment for those toxic players, this game will be great and free from toxicity
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