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[Patch Note] Patch Notes 1.5.78 [Original Server]

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The yearly "515 eParty" event is underway! We've prepared loads of great rewards for you all: including 1 515 Exclusive Achievements, 515 Lucky Star Prize Draws, 51 unique skins, limited-time free heroes and many others.

Together with this, the Ravage mode is being revamped! Players now all become Beatrix, equipped with different weapons. Strive to get all the Aquamarines that appear upon the map to achieve victory! Forget about slaying minions, jungling and destroying turrets: in Ravage, you'll want to grab all the Aquamarines you can to win!

Let's enter this crazy month together as we usher in a celebration made for every player!

[Shadow of Dread - Phoveus]

Hero Feature: He punishes anyone who frequently uses Blink.

[Passive - Demonic Intuition]

Phoveus' weapon, "Astaros", holds mysterious powers and is exceptionally sensitive to fast-moving prey. When an enemy hero uses Blink or Charge skills near Astaros, it reduces all of Phoveus' skill cooldowns or charge time.

[Skill 1 - Malefic Terror]

Phoveus smashes the ground and unleashes "Astaros Dread" that deals damage. Upon hitting an enemy hero, Phoveus receives a Shield as well as a Movement Speed boost. If an enemy hero, creep or Phoveus himself touches (Astaros Dread). it will spread again. This skill gains charges at set intervals.

[Skill 2 - Astaros Eye]

Phoveus summons forth the "Astaros Eye" that deals damage. After a short delay, it starts shrinking and pulling all enemies on it into its center, dealing damage to them again.

[Ultimate - Demonic Force]

"Astaros" keeps a watchful gaze over the area around Phoveus. If it sees an enemy hero using Blink or Charge skills, it activates to cast a Mark upon them. During this time, Phoveus can rapidly Blink to their location to deliver an AOE blow as well as gain a Shield. Once Phoveus activates this effect, this skill can be cast, repeatedly before entering cooldown, as long as the required conditions are met.

[Revamped Bane]

We've given Bane new battle and display effects, and also revamped his Passive to make it stack up to 2, while shrinking its area of effect to make him more balanced as a Fighter.

[Passive - Shark Bite]

Whenever he casts the skill, Bane infuses his weapon with Tidal Energy, up to 2 stacks. His next Basic Attack will consume 1 stack to deal damage to nearby enemies

We've also made other adjustments to this hero:

[Attributes] (↑):

Physical Attack Growth: 7.910.9

[Passive - Shark Bite] (↑):

Damage: 150-200% Physical Attack → 144-180% Physical Attack

[Skill 2 - Ale] (↓):

Max Damage Increase as the skill is charged: 200%150%

Use → to indicate the changes.

Use (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate strengthening, nerfing, and adjustments.

Significant adjustments were made to the following heroes in this version: Argus, Ruby, Nana, Gloo, Ling, X.Borg, Rafaela and Paquito.



Argus' 3-strike combo from his Passive has been reduced to 2 strikes, the first carried out by Argus and the second by his shadow image. Besides, now he does not charge forth with the final strike. With these changes, it should feel even better to play as Argus when he's got a high Attack Speed.

[Skill 1] (↑):

Greatly increased the width of the skill range.

Cooldown: 15-11s → 12s

[Skill 2] (~)

Base Damage: 200-350 + 80% Physical Attack 300-400 + 40% Physical Attack


Roger's passed on his recent burning fighting spirit to Ruby, and she's got even more capable with her scythe. Now she's nimbler than before and unleashes her moves with ease. Her obsession with offensive tactics means her jumping abilities have regressed somewhat, however.

[Skill 1] (↑):

Mana Cost: 4025

[Ultimate] (↑):

Slightly reduced skill frontswing.

[Passive] (↓):

Defense granted by each jump: 9 + (2.4* Hero Level) → 9 + (1.8 * Hero Level)


Nana's growing ever more adept at controlling the magic power within her, and so is making great strides in her mana efficiency.

[Skill 1](↑):

Base Damage: 200-300220-320

Mana Cost: 65-11550-75

[Skill 2](~):

Reduced Molina's chase duration, but slightly increased the chase speed.

Mana Cost: 120 (all levels) → 80-105


As Gloo's Ultimate has more of a gradual effect on battle, we've decided to give it more opportunities to use it, drawing it closer to other Tanks.


Each Stack's Damage Reduction: 8%10%


Cooldown: 45-35s → 50-40s

New Effect: When the target Gloo is attached to dies, enter straight into a 6s cooldown.

Movement Speed Increase: 25%35%


[Skill 2](↑):

Base Damage: 190-265230-305

Physical Attack Bonus: 50%40%



HP Growth: 89109

Ratio of his HP to Armor's HP granted by equipment: 4:8 + 2:11 (For example, a piece of 100 HP equipment will grant 20 HP to him and 110 HP to the Armor.)

[Skill 1](↓)

Slightly reduced the skill range when X.Borg is in the Armorless State.


This archangel's win ratio has been increasing steadily recently, and her high usage rate has pushed her into the top 3 most popular heroes in top-level matches. We've also noticed that it's very difficult to deal with the new tricks she's got up her sleeve. As such we've decided to retain the mobility she grants to her whole team, but reduce her healing capability. In the early game, it's now inferior to that of Estes.

[Skill 2] (↓):

Base HP Regen for the most-injured ally: 370-570250-450

Base HP Regen for other allies: 90-140100-150

[Skill 3]

Optimized skill to make the description match its actual effects,


The Champ's been pulling no punches and performing well with his combo Ultimates, a lot for enemies to handle. We hope that limiting his Ultimate's offensive capacities and control effects, while slightly strengthening other skills, will give this legend more options on the battlefield.

Champ Stance - [Skill 1](↑):

Shield Ratio: 110%120%

Champ Stance - [Skill 2](↑):

Physical Attack Bonus for Damage: 180%192%

Champ Stance - [Ultimate](↓) :

Uppercut Damage: 600-900 + 150% Physical Attack → 450-750 + 120% Physical Attack

Airborne Duration: 0.7s → 0.5s


We've been holding her back for too long-but now it's time for Beatrix to take back her rightful place.


Base Physical Attack: 100105

Physical Attack Growth: 710


Slightly reduced the bard's early-game damage.

[Skill 1](↓)

Base Damage: 45-19535-185


Diggie's alarm has been in disrepair for years, and it's now even more prone to stop working.

[Skill 1](~)

Reduced the chase duration of Diggie's alarm, but slightly increased its chase speed.

[New Skins]

Selena's skin "S.T.U.N. Selena" will be available on May 15th (Server Time) for 899 Diamonds. Launch week 30% OFF.

Selena and skin "S.T.U.N. Selena" will be in a bundle and available on May 15th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF

Jawhead's skin "Candy Bear" will be available as the June Starlight Skin on June 1st (Server Time).

[Magic Chess]

Little Commander Kaboom will be available on May 21st (Server Time) for 499 Diamonds, 24,000 Battle Points. Launch week 30% OFF

Kaboom "Off-road Kaboom" will be available on May 21st (Server Time) for 269 Diamonds. Launch week 30% OFF.

Little Commander Kaboom and skin "Off-road Kaboom" will be in a bundle and available on May 21st (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

[Fragments Shop Adjustments]

a. Premium Skin Fragment Shop

Will be available: Lapu-Lapu "Ancestral Blade", Eudora "Countess Scarlet"

Will be unavailable: Bruno "Vanguard Elite"

b. Rare Skin Fragment Shop:

Will be available: Argus "Dark Draconic". Alucard "Viscount", Leomord "Frostborn Paladin", Kimmy "Steam Researcher". Minsitthar "Gilded King", Natalia "Phantom Dancer"

Will be unavailable: Saber "Force Warrior", Roger "Anubis", Karrie "Dragon Queen". Hanzo "The Pale Phantom", Karina "Phantom Blade".

c. Hero Fragment Shop:

Will be available: Baxia, Hanabi, Jawhead, Claude, Ling, Dyrroth

Will be unavailable: Mathilda, Yi Sun-shin, Khaleed, Yu Zhong, Vale, Karina

[Free Heroes]

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 5/14/2021 05:01:00 to 5/21/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Franco, Benedetta, Bane, Jawhead, Hilda, Cecilion, Esmeralda, Faramis

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Argus, Selena, Lapu-Lapu, Aldous, Alpha, Yi Sun-shin

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 5/21/2021 05:01:00 to 5/28/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Sun, Angela, Estes, Argus, Gusion, Atlas, Claude, Baxia

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Roger, Paquito, Lolita, Harith, Terizla, Valir

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 5/28/2021 05:01:00 to 6/4/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Yu Zhong, Grock, Kimmy, Benedetta, Masha, Ling, Fanny, Baxia

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Ruby, Diggie, Hayabusa, Vale, Lesley, Aldous

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 6/4/2021 05:01:00 to 6/11/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Karrie, Gusion, Pharsa, Argus, Granger, Hanabi, Atlas, Carmilla

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Barats, Helcurt, Gatotkaca, Aurora, Bruno, Clint

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 6/11/2021 05:01:00 to 6/18/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Cecilion, Vale, Harley, Valir, Karrie, Ling, Fanny, Lylia

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Hanabi, Kadita, Hanzo, Lunox, Belerick, Guinevere

1. Toppling Turrets not only grants team rewards, but also gives you the advantage as it improves your sight range and ability to invade the enemy. This advantage is a little too strong, making it difficult for the team at a disadvantage to resist. In light of this we've adjusted the team rewards and offered more chances for the team under attack in such situations. Also, we've increased the amount of Gold you gain gradually, in order to help balance the influence of these changes on the flow of combat.

2. Gold gained gradually: 5 every 2s → 6 every 2s

3. Team Gold rewards for destroying Inner Turrets: 10080

4. Team Gold rewards for destroying Base Turrets: 150100 Team EXP rewards have also been reduced slightly.

5. Reduced the respawn time after a battle lasts 25 minutes, to improve player experience in lengthy matches.

6. Increased the HP Growth of melee and ranged minions.

1. Updated and optimized the MCL Prize Pool.

2. You can now share to Discord.

1. Fixed an issue where players that caused invalid matches would not be penalized.

2. It is now possible to report players for misbehavior once a match ends, via Profile - Match History.

3. Fixed an issue where players that had found a match yet didn't prepare in time would not be penalized.

4. Fixed an issue where you couldn't open YouTube streams.

5. Fixed an issue where Starlight Members would gain 10 Protection Points abnormally upon winning a match.

6. Fixed an issue where those who lost in an invalid match would receive a Protection Points mail by mistake.

7. Fixed the descriptions of certain equipment.

8. Optimized Paquito's skill indicator: If players trigger Paquito's skill indicator before a skill is enhanced, the indicator won't be canceled when his Passive becomes fully charged.

9. Slightly raised the perspective of Yve's Ultimate and adjusted the position of the cancel button, so as to avoid making it difficult to use the skill.

10. Fixed an issue with the location of Atlas' Passive, the "Frigid Breath" effect, after he entered the Ejected State and returned to his mecha.

11. Fixed an issue where Rafaela, Argus, Kaja, and Gusion would be exposed to enemies when they hit creeps with skills.

12. Fixed an issue with the damage type of Silvanna's Basic Attacks on Turrets.

13. Fixed an issue with Lesley's Passive buff icon.

14. Fixed an issue where Vale and Wanwan's Ultimate voiceovers didn't play normally.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Post time 2021-5-12 06:55 PM | Show all posts
With this new update, the game freezes about 5 seconds into the game after it loads the main screen. Anyone else having this issue.

You can check my thread here ... p;extra=&page=1 and see the discussion. It seems that I'm not the only one whos having this problem.
Post time 2021-5-14 11:39 AM | Show all posts
zarox213 replied at 2021-5-14 03:15 AM
I am using Samsung galaxy note 10+ and use blue stack on my pc, after this update the game freeze a ...

This new patch is effecting certain phones. Particularly, Samsung's.

Try and follow what the mods say on my post and hope it helps.

You use Blue Stack and it's fine. I use SamsungDex and it still freezes. So I guess it is more on Samsung phone models and apps.

Hope it resolve soon as I'm using my partners old phone to play but mostly to do my collection and subscription..
Post time 2021-5-14 03:15 AM | Show all posts
ToRnFlesH replied at 2021-5-12 06:55 PM
With this new update, the game freezes about 5 seconds into the game after it loads the main screen. ...

I am using Samsung galaxy note 10+ and use blue stack on my pc, after this update the game freeze after loading I have cleared the cache + data and reinstall the game but still freezing.

on blue stack emulator on the pc the game still working fine.

i have used my friend phone xaomi note 8 and put my account and the game work ok.

regarding my phone there was no new apps installed and new stings was modified.

so not sure what is the issue and hope someone from developer team can help on this

thank you
Post time 2021-5-14 06:21 PM | Show all posts
ToRnFlesH replied at 2021-5-14 11:39 AM
This new patch is effecting certain phones. Particularly, Samsung's.

Try and follow what the mod ...

Sure now i am just waiting the fix.
Post time 2021-5-16 06:47 PM | Show all posts
Edited by 568718193 at 2021-5-16 06:56 PM


1.With this patch, we implemented a bug that freezes the screen 5 seconds after logging in, and that does not allow any action to be taken in the game.

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