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[Gameplay] Tower Targeting Mechanics

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I think Tower Targeting Mechanic is too generic between MOBA games. I think Moontoon should change it by
1. If enemy ignores you and go for the tower, you deal damage to the enemy hero, the tower immediately switch to the FIRST target that you hit.
INHIBITOR turret heals back [%] HP every 1-2 minutes
3. Base Can Target up to 3-5 enemies(including minions)
4. (Maybe, if possible) The lower the tower HP, the more damage it does?

Sounds OP? Nahhhhhhh is tower meta time
Post time 2021-5-6 09:47 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2021-5-6 09:49 AM

I agree that it needs better prioritization especially during times where the enemy team is ending the game due to being wiped out or 1-3 heroes left to defend. This will therefore be another challenge at least. I most agree on all your ideas except probably 4th? xD
However, how about the tower prioritizes an enemy hero that attacks it directly?
Post time 2021-5-6 11:52 AM | Show all posts
loved your suggestions.
It would be nice to have different kind of towers, like the top towers are laser constant attacks, mid towers bombs with area damage and bot towers machine guns or arrows.
- Destroying towers is so easy, i would love to have the challenge of towers that regen their health, and also a bullet exclusive for heros, other 2 or even 3 for minions.
 Author| Post time 2021-5-6 01:35 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2021-5-6 09:51 PM
Charles replied at 2021-5-5 07:47 PM
I agree that it needs better prioritization especially during times where the enemy team is ending t ...

That wouldn't make sense, how would you push then if you attack the tower and tower attack you back first before the minions? its like you just made the Tower a sassy one; Boi did you just hit me? HoW DArE yOU
-starts throwing fire ball at you-

HoaHoa replied at 2021-5-5 09:52 PM
loved your suggestions.
It would be nice to have different kind of towers, like the top towers are l ...

your suggestion reminds me of clash royal towers ngl, but I think those tower should become the inhibitor towers.
Post time 2021-5-6 02:23 PM | Show all posts
Sounds great xd. Agree, would love to see some unique tower mechanics.
Post time 2021-5-6 10:59 PM | Show all posts
3 to 5 enemies ?

If base tower targets 3 enemies, then it will take very long time to finish the game

It will be good if all towers regenerate hp after a specific amount of time
Post time 2021-5-7 12:11 AM | Show all posts

Slow healing of towers are fine, but not too much as this might spoil the incentives of pushing early.

I personally disagree with turrets switching based on the defender's attack, as this makes diving sort of pointless in some sense (or too difficult).

Same with point number 3. But if it's multiple targets, perhaps the damage could be shared amongst these targets.

Good last point; maybe a slight increase but again not too much.

Overall, great ideas and suggestions. Keep it up!
Post time 2021-5-7 06:56 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Tempestt at 2021-5-7 07:03 PM

Good ideas, I especially like the first one as it can be pretty annoying when u have to defend a tower vs a fed fighter/ MM who just focuses the tower while u cant realy do anything.
Post time 2021-5-7 09:10 PM | Show all posts
This can be game changing I hope the developers will take this into consideration.
I really recommend the healing one at first as this will give both teams sustainability so they can be more efficient and not have to recall back to base and lose a good amount of resources.

Post time 2021-5-8 08:40 PM | Show all posts
Edited by diwang at 2021-5-8 08:42 PM

1. Mlbb used to have such tower mechanic where if enemy doesn't you but you hit the enemy , the tower will target the enemy u hit. I forgot when it was removed but it was indeed removed WITHOUT any reason , it was such a great mechanic that make the game more balance to the defender side. just no , the problem is that lord cannot one shot turret and it takes a lot of time for lord to respawn. I've in a match when my team repeatedly fail to destroy inhibitor (it was left at low hp) . If inhibitor regen hp , it will be much harder to destroy it.
3. Yes the game need this so hard ! The base turret beside having big single shot damage , it also must have aoe continous small damage that slowly creep away your hp and minion hp the longer they stay inside the base turret range. This will also increase the usefullness of regen hero and item.
4. Idk
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