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[Gameplay] The domination of double role in one team

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Edited by ijustwantoplay at 2021-5-3 04:33 PM

My rank is Mythical Glory
~ Ok guys, first of all i want to share my opinion about the domination of marksman hero especially "Bruno, Granger, and clint, Claude, karrie, Brody in the meta right now.
~The first thing is marksman role nowadays play as jungler too and with the help of support like angela,rafaela, etc they can have a domination early and even more scarier in the late game but the side effect of it is we lack the effectiveness of "assasin" role in the jungler especially Natalia, and Selena who is consider first role as assasin but can't play as a jungler.

~The second things is the double marksman in a team is now like a normal team wich is i don't like it (one mm as jungler and one in the gold) eventho this double mm is meta and strong right now, i think this is consider not balance and make the composition of role in the meta right now is terrible (i often experience a team with double mm and double support and one fighter) in this case make the role in the game kinda weird and not balance at all.

~The third one is the double support meta right now have the advantage in the early game even tank is now did not have their place in the game because of this double double meta. Their domination in early with an "mm" jungler is so overpower (i talk about double support role like rafaela, and angela not mage as support).

~My suggestion is making all of the assasin can be played and fits as jungler with some buff to them if they are played in the jungler and let marksman stay in the gold lane because mm as jungler is kinda too strong and overpower and even weird looking marksman as a jungler in a moba game. For further update, i hope the role and their place is right( mm in the gold lane with support/tank, mid is mage or assasin, assasin in the jungle and tank or fighter in the exp lane ). Thankyou

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Nphy replied at 2021-4-29 03:46 PM
I agree that this play is a little bit OP. Though I think this is all part of the game because strat ...

I agree with you. The MOBA itself means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It is an online multiplayer game where geniuses from over the world sharing their new ideas, strategies and plans to win the game effectively. Let's improve our gameplay to really enjoy the game. Be positive and calm all the time. Love!(ㆁωㆁ)
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I agree that this play is a little bit OP. Though I think this is all part of the game because strategies, plays, teamwork and skills are also the very definition of MOBA. At least in my opinion.

Correct me if I'm wrong! Ja~~~
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Yeah, i agree the meta gets weirder every season. In the current meta we often see mages such as lunox, gusion, chang e or alice play in gold lane instead of mid. And as u said marksmen play the jungle role with 2 supports, it makes tank as well as some assasin kinda useless right now. I hope that the developers could fix these strategies that we see in so many games right now. I liked the meta of the previous season more where every role had its use (1 top, mage mid, 1 jungler and mm and supp/tank bot).
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It's all about meta. Although, there's still lots of way to counter them. Likewise, their roles doesn't mean that it applies to all of them in general. Selena and Natalia are assassins because of their capabilities of ambushing single heroes and killing them easily but they're mostly played as Mid-Support.

Imo, there's nothing needed to be changed, besides, the changes in the equipment is yet to come so we do not know yet what will happen next.
Post time 2021-4-30 11:49 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-4-30 11:50 AM

which one server and which one rank have this meta?

i never see double supp in this season. And also not see any reason for it.

So, for sure i see a double mm, pick. Its powerfull strategy, but definitely not OP. Its bassed on early game mm. They not deadly in late game. And not deadly in early game, like assasin. But still better than assasin in late. This way, you may pick Aldos or Barats in jungle. Its the same. You always better in late game than opponent, but weak on early.
Anyways, they will have big jungle and support items change soon. Lets see, how its going.
Post time 2021-4-30 11:56 AM | Show all posts

Double roles have longed existed in Mobile Legends. Back then, it was common to have 2 tanks, 2 mages, 2 fighters, and even 2 assassins (especially back in the days when buffs are the same top and bottom).

To be honest, I love METAs in the older days as it encourages a lot of unique strategies due to its sandbox style. Nowadays, I feel that a lot of stuff are forced and also set in stone; which stifles creativity. As well as the fact that games are almost always forced to end later, whereas back then a strong early game comp and team can end the game quickly.
Post time 2021-4-30 06:34 PM | Show all posts
About the second and third thing:

2) For double mm strategy, marksman on gold lane need to be very skillful player and need to pick one of few marksmen who can solo lane and there are not so many heroes in that range. For me, big no for this strategy, unless solo marksman is some high profile player.

3) This is Moonton fault. Support is support, not a mage with high CC, healing and DAMAGE. Angela level 2 can ez kill most of marksmen level 2 which is ridiculous. Angela, Rafaela and Diggie need some strong nerfs to be back to their main role - support. You don't need tank today if you have one of those supports or even 2 which is amazing.
Post time 2021-5-1 07:34 AM | Show all posts
i feel like most assassins work very well against double MM, tho they are hard to stop once they snowball. I would say most mythical glories wouldnt just let a marksman get snowballed in early so
Post time 2021-5-1 11:48 PM | Show all posts

I kind of love and hate both heroes being changed into other roles to be honest.

There are indeed some nice adaptations, however when it comes to heroes like Selena, I would rather they be a full fledged assassin/jungler rather than the support role that she is being spammed as now.
Post time 2021-5-1 11:50 PM | Show all posts

Agreed. In higher Mythic onwards, drafting takes a very huge significance, and you'll often see both teams drafting various comps in hopes of directly countering each other. Though I have to mention that back in the older days, this is done more as compared to now; where I feel that comps might be ignored at times due to the nature of the META.
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