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Edited by KZHunter at 2021-4-27 02:04 PM

Match ID: 158821295155814358

<This Match ID is the proof that I was pissed by the current MLBB Matchmaking. I got matched by casual players (one of my team mates was an account buyer, I got the gist of it by looking at how he plays and how he utilize the emblem system and the spells; the other player was AFK and he was our core) while I got matched against competitive players who are serious in playing the game.

I absolutely love ML because of how the game  is fun to players but recently, because of these surge of new players, the matchmaking is such trash even ranking gives us cancerous teammates.

I think the devs needs to fix these things:

1. New players tends to purchase old accounts to bypass appropriate experience that is needed to compete with average players. This can ruin the experience of old players and will lose interest to play the game. You need to fix this ASAP. In different social platforms, selling of account is rampant. Fixing this needs a lot of time but by (1) preventing account switching depending on the disparity of location and (2) hiring scouting moderators that will infiltrate secret account selling groups and banning these accounts will ultimately reduce the incident where experience-lacking players gets match-up with veteran players.

2. Strict Rank filtration in Classic and Brawl too and separating the win rate of these game mods to optimize personal statistics.  Do not allow lower ranks to have access to higher-rank matchmaking by allowing cross-rank invites. Unlike the old versions, Mobile Legends has a lot of players now, and by restricting the matchmaking of Brawl and Classic to exclusive Ranks will allow more competitive games.

3. Fix the report system. The GM is lazy enough to review after-game reports. Giving us fake acknowledgement of our reports without giving appropriate action by reviewing and giving severe penalties to these kinds of players is just very unprofessional of you. I hope you will hire better in-game moderators and GMs.

Fix the system before this game becomes obsolete not just hero remodel or UI remodel. The gameplay is what is important and how you handle newer players from spreading their stupidity.

Thank you.
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KZHunter replied at 2021-4-27 03:53 PM
Sorry for your concern but I don't think giving empty criticisms to Moonton will help the game. I  ...

theres 100m+ user in this game what do u expected? what they doing are collect money only. in game problem? they just let the system do all the thing not human. so goodluck to yourself from riot to moonton then tell me back here
 Author| Post time 2021-4-27 03:53 PM | Show all posts
lightyear replied at 2021-4-27 03:18 PM
welcome to scammer and lazy moonton anyway any of your briliant idea u write here u think they give  ...

Sorry for your concern but I don't think giving empty criticisms to Moonton will help the game. I just need a solid action and a meaningful conversational support for my suggestion. Thank you.
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KZHunter replied at 2021-4-27 03:53 PM
Sorry for your concern but I don't think giving empty criticisms to Moonton will help the game. I  ...

Lol dude, you think you are the first one just want everything to be fixed by approaching in peaceful manner? Nice to see that, but big NO from developers. They don't care for that, it is so obvious that even blind man can see. If they would do what u suggest, they would lose millions of kids thus millions of $
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In general, I really like your ideas and suggestions! I feel like they would make a good difference regarding the overall game experience.
I just wanna make a little correction to concering your first point that everyone who switches their location: Some people dont sell their accounts but just travel and still play ML on the same device. If we followed ur suggestion, everyone who switches their location would be banned, so that doesnt make any sense and is unfair. But otherwise i agree completely with ur 2nd and 3rd point; seperating by winrate and finally fixing the report system would make the much more enjoyable.
I feel like moontoon also needs to ban people who use a boost service as well as those who cheat and maphack/lobbyhack. There are so many cheaters on the leaderboards, it is really discouraging for all the players who play fairly and without cheats, but that is another topic that moontoon needs to fix! I hope they could do it asap..
 Author| Post time 2021-4-30 11:15 PM | Show all posts
Tempestt replied at 2021-4-29 12:48 AM
In general, I really like your ideas and suggestions! I feel like they would make a good diff ...

I agree. I always encounter matches that the enemy wants you to lose for free skins. They're win traders and such a shame to other honest players. Also, the senior and supreme badges needs to be fixed. There are supreme players that are currently masters in rank.
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Edited by diwang at 2021-5-9 04:37 PM

Thats why i never aim for mythic unless i'm 100% sure i have enough trusted friend to team up with. Some epic player are far better than some mythic player because of account selling and that's truth.
Ps : your report is never actually manually checked unless you send it via email or support ticket , your in game report is actually checked by computer , ai or machine learning or whatever is that.
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