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[Share] Most dumb hero in the game

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Post time 2021-4-26 08:32 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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My pick is Odette.
Without running combo with  Johnson, Odette is the dumbest hero in the game.

What's your dumb hero pick?
Post time 2021-4-26 09:37 AM | Show all posts
Odette can still be good even without Johnson!

I'd say that Faramis is the dumbest hero in the game. Literally no one uses Faramis because of it.
Post time 2021-4-26 01:10 PM | Show all posts
Uhm, I use Odette and I'm very well off being without Johnson lol
As long as you keep your distance then you're fine

As for the other comment, I'm legit a Karina and Faramis main and I get savages with both of them, Faramis is really good if you know how to use him.

For the dumbest hero, I'd say that, it really depends on the person, really. But mine would be Layla because of her lack of mobility (though I am pretty good with her, and got multiple savages with her as well, not trying to brag but djsjejwha)
Post time 2021-4-26 02:43 PM | Show all posts
Rafaela. To me she's always been an inferior Estes.
Post time 2021-4-26 05:55 PM | Show all posts
Natalia is the dumbest. She will be banned in most ranked match. Even some heroes can be her counter, still not effective. Once natalia appears on enemy side, the other team will be crazy and aware to find and bully her first. I heard that she will get new skin in next months but still she will be useless.
Post time 2021-4-26 10:48 PM | Show all posts
You may look here with sort for winrate. From my expiriance its Franco. Worst tank on mythic ranks+. I woud tell "Johnson", if players just have mini-map. But they didnt and cant evede hes car.
Post time 2021-4-26 11:34 PM | Show all posts
For me it is Freya. She can be bought by diamonds only but she's weak and can't chase enemies without flicker. She is one of the least pick fighters.
Post time 2021-4-27 08:41 AM | Show all posts
Mmmmmm Franko is hard, but a good hooker is a nightmare, definetely not the worse hero. Yeah, could be the worst if you dont know how to hook. Same with Jhonson, a bad driver is like having a fanny who doesnt know how to use cables. I mean these heros are hard, but that doesnt make them the worst, just difficult.
Vexana is not used anymore but yesterday i played with a very decent vexana who was support. She stun the enemy many times, the ultimate always helps and she helped clear waves fast.
For me the worst hero is an unexpirienced marksman or assassin who is behind in gold. There is no damage and he keeps dying.
I want to say lolita? Because her shield only works for certain heros, so picking lolita where you cant use the shield is very useless.
Post time 2021-4-27 11:39 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-4-27 11:41 AM
HoaHoa replied at 2021-4-27 08:41 AM
Mmmmmm Franko is hard, but a good hooker is a nightmare, definetely not the worse hero. Yeah, could  ...

Nah. Not really. Its not about how you hook. And not about driver. Its about how you opponents play around it.

Dodge car is ease for now. or just escape when you noticed it. You can be best driver, but you cant do nothing, if everyoe just leave when you drive.

Same with Franko. He really good with hook - tower flash - ulty. But if you come to it. If you just stay calm, farm and ignore him - he is useless. Because in start of the game - yep, he can have towers. But in late game - he stun is weak(only 1 target, while you cant come to carry). Hes health and defence is weak(no any defence abbility). Hes damage is weak. Hes enrage is weak. And e.t.c.
And as early tank, he still worst than another early picks. Like angela, diggy, hilos, e.t.c.

For low rank, it work. But if you look to high ranks, you see something like it: ... 6&highlight=Highest ... 0&highlight=Highest
A lot epic players. No one mythic player.

Something like Claude. No one epic play it. But in myth it just crush you.

 Author| Post time 2021-4-27 12:50 PM | Show all posts
Agree on Rafaela. Feels like a troll support hero.
Franco at least in Epic is deadly. I have seen many games where Franco is a beast and is almost unkillable.

Johnson used to be scary but in this season is manageable.
Freya is hit or miss. I seen only few of them who are awesome. Rest are junk freyas.
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