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[Hero Balance] Nerf change ult time give her ult more dmg

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Hello, all who playing change know she is too op, every single game pick her, she very fast farm, have shield, fast move and a lot dmg. Me and other players tired of her domination in rank, her ulti is broken, she ez spam her ult to clear minions or debuff, dmg enemy heroes so it's very hard to deal with, need nerf her ulti time, so she can't spam it to clear minions waves, so often.
Give her ulti more dmg, but make it more cd, it will be balanced.
Post time 2021-4-14 06:26 AM | Show all posts
Agree with what tempest said above, its all about counter pick and strategy. Change is really annoying right now I agree, but she has her weak points too. Compared to before, she's not so OP but I do agree for a little adjustment , like increase her ult cd a bit. Ty for your concern.
Post time 2021-4-14 05:39 AM | Show all posts
Hello, Change'e heavily relies on activating her second skill (shield) before casting her ult or basic attacks. I'm sure u know that without her shield being activated, her ult and skill 1 as well as basic attacks deal less damage. That is why I suggest you to use heroes that counter her. Counters for chang ee  are for example pharsa, cecilion or kagura who can easily make change e lose her shield and therefore make her kind of ''useless'' for a period of time. In general, stuns and crowd control can also easily stop change e from using her ult. So, my advice, whenever you play against her, try to use heroes who can easily make her lose shield or tanks/fighters with a lot of crowd control, and we do not forget just auto pick Lolita so here chang ee's ultimate useless again .
Post time 2021-4-14 07:05 AM | Show all posts
Chang'e's ultimate time is already at 30 seconds without any equipments and CD Reductions, but she doesn't use Fleeting Time in her builds. Fleeting Time brings the most CD reduction for her ultimate and if her damage for her ultimate was increased with a longer CD. I think players would start to use Fleeting Time as part of their build to counter that increased CD.
Post time 2021-4-14 10:22 AM | Show all posts
You are right XD
Post time 2021-4-14 08:26 PM | Show all posts
Late game Chang E can solo kill Lord with her ult it is insane. No need to increase ult damage.
Post time 2021-4-19 09:28 AM | Show all posts
Chang'e is good if u know how to position urselves and she is not very strong until mid to late game. Second the way to counter to chang'e is to be in her face and to dmg her as weird as it sounds. U want to break her shield and she has very far range so u want to be close as possibly to kill.
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