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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Ajax the Monster Tamer

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2021-4-10 04:11 PM

-  He is Junguler Hero.

-  He is Goblin Archer riding a black panther with tentacles, which they are used for taming other beasts of the Jungle.

-  Passive Skill (Taming Tentacles)
.  He will have a new passive button separate from other skills buttons.

.  The Taming Process:
#  CD for this skill after taming a monster is 120 secs, while taming itself takes 10 secs.
#  If the player wants to cancel the taming process to get out of danager or any other reason, he can click on "X" button. if he does so, there will be no CD for it and he can do it again.
#  CD will get shortens as Ajax levels up, but can't be shorter than 3 secs.
#  Ajax can't move nor casting basic or skill attacks, but he can't still being attacked normally by his enemies or other creeps/monsters.
#  The targeted monster for taming can't attack Ajax during that time.

.  The Tamed Monster:
#  After successful taming a monster, Ajax will gain 50% of both Gold and Experince equal to the amount a hero will gain if he/she killed that monster.
#  Tamed Monster basic attacks will deal damage equals to 5% of Ajax maximum power.
#  It can't be killed nor targeted. The only way to get rid of it is by killing Ajax.
#  It will follow Ajax anywhere he goes, even if he recalled to base.  
#  It prioritize any target that attacking Ajax. if there is no one attacking him, it will attack the nearest enemy hero/creep.
#  He is using his tamed monster itself as extra musseles, while Ajax get its buffs/effects to himself.
#  Each kill done by that tamed monster, Ajax will gain 20% of both Gold and Experince equal to the amount a Ajax will gain if he/she killed that target.

#  Ajax can have only one tamed monster at any given time. If the player decided to tame another monster, his current tamed one will instantly die.#  He can tame any jungle monster, except Serpent, Feind, Turtel and Lord. Each moster type grants Ajax unique buff/effect. (See 3rd Skill description)

-  1st Skill (Cursed Arrows)

.  CD is 15 secs.
.  Passive :
# When Ajax and/or his tamed monster attacking enemy hero, that hero will have "Mark of Curse", which can lasts up to 5 secs and each mark can stack up to 4 stacks.
.  Active:
#  Ajax will fire his arrows into the sky, and then they will desent on the affected hero(s).
#  Number of arrows that fired upon each hero is depending on how many stacks he/she currently have.
#  Each arrow will cause small damage.
#  No matter how far that affected hero, these arrows will catch him.

-  2nd Skill (Black Arrow)
.  CD is 25 secs
.  He will charges for 2 secs, then he will shoot one arrow on each nearby enemy hero within medium range, up to 2 heroes.
.  Each arrow will dealing medium physical damage and slowing them by 10% for 2 secs, while Ajax increasing his own attack speed by 20% for 2 secs.

-  3rd Skill (Dark Magic)
.  CD is 40 secs
.  Ajax gained new abilities will be based on the tamed monster type, which it will be his 3rd Skill. All the following numbers and 10 secs lasting duration are based on 3rd skill maxed level:
#  Lithowanderer: Gaining 30% movement speed when Ajax moving in the river, and 15% outside of river.
#  Scaled Lizard: Increase the potential when HP is lower than 50%, increasing Physical and Magic Defense by 70 points.
#  Crammer: If the player activated this skill and Ajax died within 5 secs after that, his carcass will turn into a ghost with 25% of Ajax maximum health.
#  Rockursa: He will restores 3% Mana and 1% HP every 1 sec.
#  Crab: He will gain a 60 Gold per 1 sec.

-  Ultimate (Darkness Rises)
.  CD is 80 secs.
.  It will last 10 secs.
.  a glow of black/violet color will come out of both Ajax and his tamed monster.
.  He will have bonus of 30% attacking strength and 30% attacking speed, while his tamed monster will have bonus of 15% attacking strength and 15% attacking speed.
.  Also, 2nd skill CD will be reduced by half and can target up to 4 enemy heroes.

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So creative though. Nice art!
 Author| Post time 2021-4-14 04:58 AM | Show all posts
Zamanino replied at 2021-4-13 11:05 PM
So creative though. Nice art!

Thank you, but this art picture is not mine :)
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