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[Hero Concept] Renew cancelled hero: Hang Tuah --> Hatah

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Edited by Armar16 at 2021-4-11 08:36 AM

I have heard about this hero before that want to release at ML but canceled only because Hang Tuah keris, Taming Sari from his story. Come on, seriously? This is only a game (Sorry if have something else I didn’t know). So, I would like to renew back this cancelled hero but made some changes in his storyline and skill and I hope ML consider back about this cancelled hero idea.


Sorry it didn’t have face and color (Sketch drawing on activity book)

Color suggestion:
-Red (Jacket and tengkolok)
-Yellow (Jacket line)
-Black (Glove, belt, pants and shoes)
-White (Shirt)

Weapon color:
-Red (Aura)
-Black (Handle)
-Silver (Blade)
-Brown (Body weapon)

Name: Hatah
Role: Assassin
Specialty: Chase / Burst
Attack Type: Melee
Damage Type: Physical Damage
Bar/Skill Cost: None

Position: Jungle
Type: Mid to late game
Difficult: 4/5?

Alias: Admiral
Faction: Southern
Place: Solari, Vonetis Islands
Weapon: Keris
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown?
Related hero: Badang – Best friend

Basic Attribute:
Movement Speed: 260
Attack Speed: 0.89
Basic Attack Crit Rate: -
Ability Crit Rate: -
Physical Attack: 120
Physical Defend: 20
HP: 2620
HP Regen: 36
Magic Defend: 10
Mana: -
Mana Regen: -

Background (Very long storyline):

Being in a peaceful small village, there is a boy who always helping villagers, Hatah often helps its villagers in need. His kindness made him loved by the villagers. When he wanted to help one of theresidents to lift a heavy item, he could not afford to lift it because the item was too heavy. Suddenly, the item that was said to be too heavy could be lift easily with one hand. It made all the residents shocked at the strength of the person who lifted it. He doesn't need to take a closer look at what's lifting it because there is only one person who has such strength, Badang who is also a close friend since he was a child because his house is next to him.

Although Hatah does not have the strength like Badang, but in the hunting section, he is very agile and fast than all the other wrestlers in his silat school. The agility he possesses makes it easy for him to dodge any kind of attack that comes at him and his speed is unpredictable and capable of confusing the enemy. Although hunting is usually his job, but Badang does not want to give up when he can hunt many animals and Badang can only help by defeating large and strong animals of the same level as him.

When there is a sudden loss of fish, Hatah follows Badang to the river to set up a fishing net trap to find the cause of it. Then, the monster appeared and destroyed the installed net traps including the large net thrown by Badang and the monster started attacking them with his tentacles. On the first attack, he could not notice the monster's attack which was very fast from the side making he received a very strong blow and flew away on a large tree. He was seriously injured as a result of the attack. Badang wants to help him but the monster doesn't give him any chance. Hatah was rescued by the villagers after realizing that there was a loud bang that hit a large tree. He wanted to fight the monster but the injury forced him to let Badang fight the monster alone.

A few days after the incident, Hatah recovered from any injuries he sustained, thanks to the villagers. He then had a wish to find work outside the village and told his wish to his teachers and villagers. Before he started the move, his teacher gave him a keris as a self-defense weapon. Coincidentally, Badang also wanted to travel but in a different direction. He understands his purpose even though he doesn't know what happened during Badang’s fight alone and hugs him hoping to see him again. He then began his move to leave his village.

It's been a few days since Hatah went out traveling, he can't find a job that suits him. His adventures allow him to see the wonders of nature with places he has never seen before and creatures other than humans who can speak. Apart from that, he also got friends who happened to be traveling to find work. They are Jebat, Kasturi, Lekir and Lekiu and each come from a different place. Because their purpose of traveling was the same, they agreed to travel and find work together. Throughout Hatah and their travels, they talk about rumors there is a gallant man with incredible strength who has destroyed all the evil monsters including the dangerous monsters. He is happy to hear it but can't tell them the person is Badang.

It had been a long time since they had walked for a few days, finally they arrived at a market selling various goods. They headed to a shop selling food that was said to be quite famous and they were hungry after a long walk. While they were eating, suddenly, the market was approached by a group of robbers who wanted all the property from every shop and person and ordered the public not to move if they did not want to die. They saw the robbers armed including having a gun. After they ate, they slowly walked past the robbers, the robbers were angry with the actions of the 5 people and ordered all the robbers to kill them. The five of them were about to have a situation like this and started to defeat all the robbers. Their strengths other than Hatah are more or less the same and have been trained to fight people who use weapons. Due to the number of robbers more than them, he had to use his advantage of being able to move fast and agile to defeat all the robbers. His movements were unpredictable by the robbers as they were very fastwith all the attacks of the robbers being avoidable including gun shots making the others amazed. All the robbers had been defeated and everyone was happy and cheering for the courage of the 5 people. Suddenly they are approached by a palace man assigned to guard the safety of the public in the market after a robbery was reported and told they were offered a career guarding the palace after seeing they could defeat a very dangerous band of robbers with great admiration for Hatah's agile and fast movement. They were finally happy to be offered a career and accepted the career without hesitation.

They performed their usual duties every day by being the guards who protected the palace from enemy invasion while he was assigned to make patrols to keep the people safe from any enemy threat. But the longer Jebat gets jealous and hates him because he is getting more famous and is said to be the people and his other guards with the greatness of speed he possesses. Jebat wants to take his position by using dirty tactics by offering property to criminals out there without the knowledge of the Sultan and superiors, putting Hatah to sleep with sleeping pills mixed in drinks while he is invited to a drinking place at a boarding house that has fewer and paying customers the employee with a lot of money to shut up during the time the criminal commits the crime and Jebat also takes evil power because he wants to be stronger than him. When he was conscious, he rushed to a public place and was shocked that the place had been destroyed and a murder had taken place. He suddenly was called by the Sultan (King) for an explanation and Jebat explained all about what he was doing at the time and brought a paid witness to tell the false thing. Hatah is angry with the deception and betrayal that Jebat committed and the Sultan decides to execute him without trial. But after that,the death penalty was not carried out, however, the treasurer (chief minister) believed in him and violated the Sultan’s order by hiding him to a distant place and an unknown location for his good.

He was in a remote place and never went even though many places had gone and had to be a return traveler after theincident. He was visited by the residents of the area and they were happy there were people coming as it is quite rare for any travelers to come to the place so they escorted and escorted Hatah to the rest of the area with friendliness. He was amazed by the beauty and architecture of the beautiful place. Then he was taken to the location of the legendary weapons storage. The weapon was named Saliyar. It has the same type of weapon as the existing Hatah, which is a keris but the weapon is a bit shorter than a regular keris. They told that before the owner of Saliyar died, he wanted to inherit his keris to the next person. But only those who are truly qualified can own the keris. The person must be of good heart, not deceitful, not easily give up and have justice in defending others unfortunately no one can own the keris after the owner dies. He who listened was quite impressed with the matter and wanted to see another location. As he left the keris, suddenly the dagger vibrated by itself. Everyone who was at the place was shocked and the thing had never happened before. They felt Hatah might have those traits.

While Hatah was resting after visiting the whole place, a large and dangerous monster suddenly appeared from underground. The residents were shocked that no monsters had appeared in the place since hundreds of years ago. All the fully armored soldiers started attacking the monster but all was just in vain. He did not want to see this situation continuously and continued to attack the monster. The monster started attacking him and the look of the attack reminded him when he was badly injured as a result of the attack but this time he was able to see and dodge all the monster's attacks from all directions. He’s very fast movement could injure the monster but only slightly due to the monster's relatively hard skin but he didn't want to give up to maintain the peace of the people in the area. The keris once again vibrated by itself but this time a little stronger. They did not rule out the possibility that Hatah was the right person to own the dagger. He is now in a difficult situation with his attack not affecting the monster and his keris already broken. He then heard someone call his name and threw the legendary keris at him. He didn’t understand the purpose of the person but the expression of the person who believed him and continued to grab the keris. When He pulled the keris out of the sheath, He was surprised the keris did not have a blade but Hatah was then surrounded by a strange aura and the blade kept appearing. He continues to attack the monster with his new weapon. The attack can injure and cut the limbs of the monster easily and the weapon is equipped with a very strong poison making the monster weak and he ends by killing him with one attack on the monster's head. All the residents were happy with his success. He wants to return the legendary weapon to its original place but they want Hatah to keep it because it is the request of the original owner of the keris. He then continued his journey to the place of the palace to finish what Jebat had done and thanked all the residents for their kind treatment and provision of weapons.

Along the way, he had heard storie sof Jebat rebelling violently with the Sultan and abusing power after it wasconfirmed Hatah had been executed and the news had spread to everyone. He has allied with evil people, blackmailed people to pay protection money every week and has taken evil power. Anyone who challenges or opposes him will continue to be brutally killed. Jebat is now unstoppable by anyone including his own Sultan. He is angry and promises to stop and kill Jebat as a result of his actions. Arriving at his place, his eyes widened and was very shocked to see Jebat and a group of bad guys killing his people who did not pay protection money to them. He has now lost his temper and attacked all the criminals. As usual, his speed was able to kill all the bad guys agilely and quickly without being noticed but not to Jebat. Jebat is shocked that he is still alive but is happy to kill him with his newly possessed evil powers to become stronger. He attacks non-stop but is easily avoided. Jebat can attack him easily eventhough he can move fast. Jebat wanted to give a finishing attack to him who was injured but was stopped by a very strong attack from a distance.

Seeing a glimpse of someone in thes moke and all shocked because it was the person said in the rumors who had killed a very powerful and dangerous monster, Badang. He came to the place after hearing that someone was using evil powers for personal gain. Much to their surprise, Hatah knew him (glad they hadn't seen each other for a long time) and they both knew each other. They were both happy with this “hunt” like their time together hunting and started attacking Jebat together. Badang fights faceto face with Jebat while he weakens by injuring all of Jebat's limbs with his speed because Badang prevents Jebat from moving and his pain increases with the poison on Hatah's weapon. Jebat then began to rage and his strength increased causing Hatah and Badang to be injured. Badang came to attack him but once the attack made him unconscious. Seeing the incident with shock and anger unable to accept the sudden fact the keris gave a very strong aura to Hatah. He doesn't care about that and continues to attack him but he is not there as if lost. A strong attack on Jebat out of nowhere hurts him. Although Jebat has very strong strength after raging but he lost against Hatah who moved very fast from before making his eyes unable to catch him and all Jebat's attacks were not about him like attacking the wind but instead received deep wounds and some of his limbswere split in two. Jebat moaned in pain and pleaded but was ignored and ended him by giving a solid puncture in his heart and penetrating backwards making the blood splatter very fast. Jebat was already killed and he saw the condition of Badang who just fainted only small injure and he then lost consciousness with the injuries suffered and tired.

Once Hatah was conscious and healed, the Sultan called him to pay his respects and apologize to him for trusting Jebat too much. Hatah was given his career back and promoted to Laksamana (Admiral). He then visits Badang who has just recovered surrounded by all his fans in the hospital. Badang was happy when he was told about his promotion and he asked his friend where he was going next. Badang wants to continue his journey to the place to protect the safety of his villagers from the presence of monsters. After seeing his friend leave, he returned to the palace and began his new career as Admiral for the sake of the Sultan and his people whom he protected with all his soul.

(All of this storyline is using Google Translate)
(This storyline is a combination with Hang Tuah story, Badang story and the rest is my idea)
(Are this storyline is too long? Please tell me)

Passive: Silat Warrior [Speed] [Damage]

As a person who is reliable in pencak silat, received CC will lost effective by 25% and it increase his Movement Speed 6% for 3 second. It can stack 5 times.

The keris that Hatah have has a poison when using Basic Attack dealing 15 + 8% total physical attack as Magic Damage for 3 seconds and the poison has 40% chances to dealing 50 +25% total physical attack as True Damage and slowing enemy 40% for 1.2 second.

(Secret Passive):

When Hatah and Badang in the same team, they get 15 P[size=14.6667px]hysical Attack and 2% Movement Speed. If they fight the enemy together, 8% damage of the attack will add absorber shild. This effect will gone when they seperated.

First Skill: Unpredictable Move [Blink] [AoE] [CC] 6 second

Hatah charge toward faster to destination area and strike toward to fan shape area dealing 230/274/318/362/406/450 (+130% Total Physical Attack) as Physical Damage.

When his skill didn’t hit anything add a new skill which he kick the enemy’s stomach to specified direction dealing 150/188/226/264/302/370 (+70% total max Physical Attack) as Physical Damage and knocking back enemy along the way.

Second Skill: Repel and strike [Blink] [CC] [Burst] 12/11.4/10.8/10.2/9.6/9 second

Hatah repel any damage forward with his left hand.

Successful repel damage unlock second skill which he moving to designation direction dealing 170/200/230/260/290/320 (+70% total max Physical Attack) as Physical Damage and stunning all of the enemy along the way for 1.1 second.

Didn’t block any damage in first phrase skill or after using second phrase skill add third phrase skill which he lock onto target and release stab penetrate target along the way dealing 230/272/314/356/398/440 (+100% total max physical attack) as Physical Damage and slowing the enemy 60% for 1 second. This skill can deal critical damage.

Third skill: Execution [Speed] [Buff] 38/33/28 second

Hatah’s keris giving him strength where he gain 20/25/30% Movement Speed, 12% damage dealt will recovery his HP and his first and second skill will reduce 15/20/25% CD for 10 second.

Voice Line:
1. (Entrance): Who betrayed Sultan will must killed
2. No one can escape from my speed
3. If I can see the attack, I can fight with him (Refer to when he can’t avoid the monster attack)
4. All of the criminal must killed
5. All of your attack I can dodge
6. Hey Badang, Long time didn’t see you
7. After I get legendary weapon, I become more stronger
8. I have something I didn’t finish yet (Refer to Jebat)
9. (Using third skill): Takkan melayu hilang di dunia! (Malay language)
10.                       : Will not Malay lost in the world! (English language)
11.                       : What have you done? (Angry with normal voice)
12. (Die): I fail, to kill him
13.        : He must be stopped

- His passive allow Hatah to enter in fight with any enemy although the enemy has CC (Like Salena, Chou, Eudora and etc.) but Hatah is assassin so buy 1 item defend.
- Hatah doesn’t have purple buff is alright because his ultimate skill can reduce more CD.
- Always use Basic Attack for continuous poison damage and chances to deal more damage.
- For chasing enemy when the enemy is attacking, follow this combo skill:
1. second skill (1st phrase to repel incoming attack)
2. first skill
3. second skill (2nd phrase)
4. second skill (3rd phrase)
- When you facing the the enemy or the enemy want to run after attacking you, use first skill for go ahead of the enemy but don't hit the enemy and use first skill again to knocking back the enemy. If the enemy is far from you after use first skill, use second skill or flicker.

- Some of the credit is not my idea, to know the original idea, go to this link:
  (I renew back your idea, Razrie.)
-The reference of Hang Tuah story is form this link:
(I don’t know if Wikipedia is a good information website or not)
- Quotes “Takkan melayu hilang di dunia!” is from Hang Tuah.
- His second skill is like Chou 1st skill which can use 3 times continuously but he only can do it when he successful repel the attack in first phrase.
- His second skill third phrase is like Moskov passive where the attack can stab penetrate behind the target.
- His ulti voice line like Lapu2 where he has 2 different language
- Saliyar is a combination name from Siam (1 of the nation in Malaysia), Malaya (Old name of Malaysia) and Ular (Malay language but in english it called snake)

Finally I made some change about Hang Tuah (Hatah) story and it take a long time to changing a bit about his storyline so please don’t make an issue again about this hero and many Malaysians want this hero release at ML.
(And finally I can sleep after finish writing stroryline)
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Thanks for taking your time and sharing us your wonderful idea. We dont know the real reason for his cancellation, but I agree with you and hope they bring him back. You have my support, ty for your concern.
 Author| Post time 2021-4-4 08:48 AM | Show all posts
seimz replied at 2021-4-3 04:40 AM
Thanks for taking your time and sharing us your wonderful idea. We dont know the real reason for his ...

Thank you :)
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Hi @Armar16

Be sure to submit this concept to our in-game CS as well (Suggestions regarding the game > Suggestion for Game Design > Form_Game Design Suggestion) the choose option of "Hero Concept" when Filling the form there.

Thank you~
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