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[Hero Balance] Nerf Chang'e, Nana and Vale

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Post time 2021-3-30 12:30 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by s5tank at 2021-3-30 12:31 AM

Nerf these 3 heroes and you won't see so many trolls and "non-skilled-i-will-practice-here-and-now" players on rank.

Chang'e - I don't know if I played more than 50 games with average Chang'e users and more than 10 games with really good Chang'e players. All kids and noobs learn one thing: if you are not bronze, you were good in game....No, you didn't. You just randomly firing your ultimate and made 1, 2 or 3 lucky kills and you manage double digits assists because you don't know how to move during Chang'e ult.
Nerf her 2nd skill, that's what makes her unkillable and that's the thing noobs abusing for so many seasons.

Nana - I think birds on the branch know this is in almost every case a troll pick. Alongside Chang'e, Nana is a hero from category "safe picks". You need to be complete beginner to finish bronze with Nana or Chang'e. Stupid troll kids and barking dogs always choose her so they can say how bad you are and how he is MVP. Woow! You were under tower all game, throwing Mollina in hope for some assits, using your ult for 1hp kills and assists and oftenly using Flameshot to steal kill from your jungler who's talent is killing spree. And with all that, you have best passive in game to keep you alive almost entire match.
Nerf her passive and trolls/braindead players will have hard time in trolling.

Vale - From never used mage to best mage in game. I really don't know why you buffed him again when he was already OP. Is it because of new skin? When he gets 2nd core item...dude...he can one shot any hero except tank. With latest buff, you don't need to choose CC effect on ultimate because he now has abnormal damage when you choose increasing damage. And the worst thing is that many players choosing RANGE with his 1st skil (hellooo) and CC ultimate. Because of that, they managed to make some useless assists and he is abused like Chang'e and Nana.
Nerf his damage on ultimate.

Post time 2021-4-3 09:34 PM | Show all posts
Hi @s5tank

thank you for your suggestions for these heroes, hopefully it can be a consideration by the developer if these heroes really needs to be balanced in further adjustments


Thank you very much.  Post time 2021-4-3 10:40 PM
Post time 2021-3-30 08:54 AM | Show all posts
ngl, you're just mad
 Author| Post time 2021-3-30 04:03 PM | Show all posts

Prove me I am wrong. Kiss
Post time 2021-3-30 04:09 PM | Show all posts
Edited by diwang at 2021-3-30 04:13 PM

Nana aren't op ,compared to other mages her damage aren't much against fighter and tank . Her 2nd skill can be blocked and her ultimate can be dodged.

Chang'e , yes she is op. She is picked a lot in mythic and lower rank , but not because of her 2nd skill , her damage is just very insane.She deleted squishy hero so fast and melted hero with high durability. But , her 1st skill and ultimate skill can be dodged , so she is borderline between balanced and op.

Vale , hmm idk about this , he is very good at ambusing but at the same time he is very vulnerable to ambush , all of his skill can be dodged easily. Vale is one of those hero that does not have blink skill but have insane damage (eudora,aurora,cyclops,chang'e) , vale is basically aurora in a nutshell , but he does not need stack like aurora to cc enemy. Maybe nerfing his movement speed will make him kinda balance because he move so fast make him very hard to catch.
Post time 2021-3-31 02:17 PM | Show all posts
Change and vale are weak. At least nana is not useless.

Change and vale does not have any blink skill or something they can use to escape frequently. They are feed heroes for assasins.

Nana's cooldown of passive could be increased by 20 seconds.
Post time 2021-3-31 10:58 PM | Show all posts
I already created a thread to nerf chang and vale few months ago

But everyone was against it

Hope they consider this and nerf them
Post time 2021-4-1 03:45 AM | Show all posts
DeathBrain replied at 2021-3-31 02:17 PM
Change and vale are weak. At least nana is not useless.

Change and vale does not have any blink sk ...

vale was actually meta before they buffed him. He is more of a support. Now, he could oneshot anyone including tanks right now with dmg.
Post time 2021-4-1 03:46 AM | Show all posts
Chang'e could be countered. nana is not op but really annoying.
Post time 2021-4-1 02:02 PM | Show all posts
DeathBrain replied at 2021-3-31 02:17 PM
Change and vale are weak. At least nana is not useless.

Change and vale does not have any blink sk ...

I dont quite agree with you about chang'e. She is picked a lot in legend and above with 1.73% pick rate (the 18th highest pick rate) and 52.76% win rate which is very high compared to other hero with simillar or higher pick rate. It shows Chang'e aren't weak.

In my opinion Chang'e is borderline op , she need nerf but not too much nerf.
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