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[Hero Balance] Why did karina get nerfed ?

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Post time 2021-3-26 11:53 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by diwang at 2021-3-26 11:55 PM

Karina just got revamped.It is a huge nerf for Karina.    1. Karina no longer immune from meele basic attack
2.  Karina no longer get cooldown reduction from assist/kill if enemy does not have the mark (assist from battle spell ,item passive ,and item active skill no longer trigger cooldown reduction if enemy does not have mark).
3. Overall the damage still the same and the new shadow is useless for solo kill when the enemy is an experienced player.
Seriously dev , karina need a buff not nerf..... if you want to nerf something then go nerf brody and beatrix >:(

Post time 2021-3-28 03:46 PM | Show all posts
In my opinion, her first skill should be able to send back enemies projectile skills as well.
Post time 2021-3-28 03:39 PM | Show all posts

I have to disagree because this doesn't even make sense to begin with. Most tanks save their allies with CCs, not damage. Thus, this is the wrong reason to vote her to be nerfed to be honest.

By nerfing her immunity, this makes her very very paper and fragile than she already is. She is easily bullied by other assassins or even fighters because most of them uses skill-based damage and not basic attack. So now she is also weak to MMs which technically shouldn't be the case because what's an Assassin is they are weaker than a MM in 1 to 1 settings?
Post time 2021-3-27 02:13 PM | Show all posts
Though I agree at some point and really sad with the changes they're doing with Karina. However, I guess she needed a change. It's too early to say it's really bad or it's really good. We'll see how well she goes. With enough feedback I guess will likely still change her overtime. I'm a Karina main by heart, I have almost 900 matches with her at 81.2% winrate. You can check it out ingame for validation
Post time 2021-3-27 03:47 AM | Show all posts
1. She is now immune to almost all long-ranged basic attacks and deflect long-ranged basic attacks and the damage she deflect increases when you have more magic power. She also got a small range for dash with her first skill like Natalia. She also gets a higher movement speed as you upgrade her first skill.
2. She now gets cooldown reduction when she triggers her passive.
3. I agree that her shadow is useless for kill because then her ultimate does not get a reset because you killed enemy with ultimate instead of basic attack. But, I think of it as a better way for Karina to escape if Enemy is chasing Karina, she could just dash over to the place of her shadow just by running away from enemies with her first skill and enemy chase her and when they are close enough, she clicks on ultimate again to dash to her shadow.

Overall, Karina is now a MM killer and that itself is good enough for Karina because regardless she is still Vulnerable to CC skills and especially to heroes like Aurora and Eudora. But I think it's good because it just prevents MM from just standing there and constantly attack you and wait when your immunity to end because with deflecting damage, MM has no choice, but to run because if they attack you, the damage is deflected instead.

I wouldn't completely call it a nerf, although it does feel bad that she isn't immune to all basic attacks now. But basic attacks aren't really a big deal to Karina as long as it isn't a MM basic attack that deals a lot of damage.
Post time 2021-3-27 01:02 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-3-27 01:08 PM

She got nerfed, because most players(include me) vote for it.

Immune from meele basic attack is painfull because as fighter/tank, i can do nothing to save my mm. So, i glad to see this change.

And thought we need to wait some time and look to statistics. For now it have 50% winrate. It tell us - she is balanced. Not OP, not weak.


At least give player a logical reason to this nerf , the developer didnt say anything.  Post time 2021-3-27 02:02 PM
 Author| Post time 2021-3-27 01:47 PM | Show all posts
Edited by diwang at 2021-3-27 02:03 PM
Kathey replied at 2021-3-27 03:47 AM
1. She is now immune to almost all long-ranged basic attacks and deflect long-ranged basic attacks a ...

1. Karina already immune to almost all long ranged basic attack before the revamp. Deflect damage aren't high enough and NOBODY, literally nobody, is stupid enough to attack karina with basic attack while she is in immune state, people can just standing still doing nothing waiting for karina immunity to end and basic attack karina when the immunity ends. The only hero that suffer from the deflect damage is Miya ,Claude,Kimmy,Karrie, and Zhask, because they have uncontrollable aspect on their basic attack.
2. Revamped Karina first skill and second skill no longer get cooldown reduction when she get assist/kill , and her ultimate only reset if the enemy that die have the shadow mark,otherwise it wont reset. Which mean that now Karina cant use retribution and literally any other spell to get assist to get cooldown reduction to any of her skill. The only way to reduce the cooldown of her skill is by triggering shadow combo , each shadow combo only reduce cooldown by 1 second and does not reduce ultimate cooldown. This is a huge nerf.

3. The shadow is placed behind enemy which mean going to shadow will put karina behind enemy line and make her easy target for the enemy. Oh did i forgot to mention that her shadow disappear when the target die ?

Post time 2021-3-28 09:02 AM | Show all posts
I just hate the animation of skill 1. It looks so wierd and is giving me seizures,
Post time 2021-3-28 03:44 PM | Show all posts
Lmao, I think people knew Karina is too OP, people vote her on purpose just to nerf her
Post time 2021-3-29 02:42 AM | Show all posts
Yes in many cases, Like Myself who Uses badang & other Similar Melee heroes, are super annoyed by Karina, I can't do a damn thing to her.
also it's more of a Balance than a Nerf IMHO, She can now Easily Chase MM/Mages which are supposed to be the target of Karina.
Karina is OP if you pick her against the right opponents,
Also if you want to counter Karina just Pick Balmond, Which no one will think of, because majority of the ML players are just plain lacking in the Critical Thinking department.

The next target for balance should be Chou, Fanny, Gusion, & Lancelot.


Karina is very fragile , in most cases karina can't 1v1 mages , and are often bullied by other skill based assassin. her immunity last shorter than natalia and karina still die alot from basic attack.  Post time 2021-3-29 09:11 AM
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