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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Ace the Imperceptible

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2021-4-15 03:56 PM

-     He is Marksman Hero

-     He is advanced experimental soldier using very futuristic heavy gun like weapon to use/release either viruses or nanobots to fulfill his goals.

-    Passive Skill
·       Virus Mode (Micro-verse): Every time he casts one of his skills in Virus Mode, he will gain “Viral Marker”. When it reaches 3, he will gain temporary invincibility for 5 secs. If he switches back to Nanites Mode, he will keep one Marker as Nanite Maker.
·       Nanites Mode (Nanotechnology): Every time he casts one of his skills in Nanites Mode, he will gain “Nano Marker”.When it reaches 3, His mana regeneration and max mana will be enhanced for 5 secs. If he switches back to Virus Mode, he will keep one Marker as Viral Maker.

-     1st Skill (Invisible Army):

.       CD is 20 secs.
.       With this skill, the player can switch between using Viruses or Nanites Modes.

-     2nd Skill:
.       CD is 15 secs.
·       Virus Mode (Genetic Perfection): Ace will inject himself with viruses, which will give him in same time both slow healing over 5 secs and movement speed for 3 secs
·       Nanites Mode (Disintegration): For 5 secs, each basic attack damage and its speed will be enhanced by the previous one by 30%.

-     3rd Skill:
.       CD is 50 secs.
·       Virus Mode (Spyware): The player can select any Enemy Hero on the map, then Ace will gain the vision ability of that targeted hero and mark him in the map at the same time.
·       Nanites Mode (Mind Control): Ace can select nearby enemy hero, then he will get temporary control of that hero entirely, as if that targeted hero were one of ally teammates and will last for like 4 secs. During that time, Ace will be inaccessible to the player, and Ace will just follow the target like an AFK player, as he cannot perform any basic or skill attacks. Also, Ace can be normally attacked. Add to that, Ace’s Player that control enemy hero cannot perform recall for both Ace and targeted hero, same thing with the original owner. If Ace died during that time, the targeted hero would gain back his mind and the original owner can use him normally. The longer Mind controlling enemy hero, the longer CD will get. Ace’s player can cancel mind controlling at any given time, to decrease its CD, or if he wants to save Acc’s life from danger.

-     Ultimate:
.       CD is 80 secs.
·       Virus Mode (Trojan Horse): Ace will select any enemy hero on the map, then he will sniper shot that targeted hero not with a bullet, but with hidden virus. After the targeted hero been infected, with each skill he casts, the virus will spread more inside his body. After 7 secs, that virus will be finished building a malignant tumor and will cause 10% of all damage caused by casted skills since the moment of infection begins.
·       Nanites Mode (Nano-Invasion): Ace will select any Enemy hero on the map, then he will sniper shot that targeted hero not with a bullet, but with swarm of nanobots. This swarm will appear as Locusts swarm around that target. Any enemy hero, including that target, within this medium size swarm circle will suffer from small damage over time for 7 secs.

 Author| Post time 2021-4-14 09:33 AM | Show all posts
What do you guys think about this concept?
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