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[Gameplay] New punishments

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New punishments
Some ideas to improve the game:
1.   NEW FEATURE: After the game ends, wereceive the report of a bad player. We have to AGREE or DISAGREE with thisreport and the punishment. 25% punishment taken from each DISAGREE player.
For example: I will lose a total of20 credits after this game, but I was in a duo, trio, or I was a good tank butI had bad luck. For any reason most of the team DISAGREE with my punishment soinstead of 20 credits I only lose 5.
2.   Automatic cancel game if one playeris AFK for the first 60 seconds (after this time there is a huge disadvantagein experience and money). Punishment for this AFK player is banned from rankfor one game, he has to play one classic, and 10 credits deduction. Not accumulative,same punishment, same time every time he does this.
3.   If he starts the game and goes AFKfor between 60-120 secs after the game starts, 10 credits deduction the firsttime withing 24 hours. Banned from rank for 2 games,  he needs to win 2 classics.
Second time within 24 hours 15credits deduction and banned from 3 ranks, has to win 3 classics. (This wouldtake a total of 25 credits, a maximum credit score of 85).
Third time within 24 hours 20 creditsdeduction and banned from rank for 24 hours. A total of 45 credits.
I said 60 seconds because it’s the averagetime of a game crash and reset. Maybe even less, but anyway, if you have a badconnection STOP PLAYING RANK, play classic or brawl. You got the first warning!
4.   If a player is AFK for more than 120secs, 20 credits deduction, has to win 3 classics. Second time he does thiswithin 24 hours, banned from rank for 24 hours, plus 20 credits deduction.
5.   If a player is not AFK but doesn’t attacktowers, minions or enemies (only jungle monsters), or just moves withoutattacking, or uses skills without hitting anything, the report for NEGATIVEPLAYER can be accepted. 4 credits for each player who reported him from his ownteam, 3 for each player from the enemy team (a total of 16 credits from histeam plus 15 of the enemy, 31 credits deduction if they all report him). Has towin 5 classics (im tired of these people who don’t respect the rank games,maybe getting this punishment once will make them change their negativeattitude).
6.   Automatic mute after a certain numberof texts during the game. 5 credits deduction. Has to win one classic.
7.   No punishment for taking team buff orjungle if he is attacking towers, minions and enemies.
8.   If a player does from 6% to 10%damage, less than 15% tanking AND less than 20% towers with less than 30%assists, 15 credit deduction, has to win 2 classics. (This is for a badsupport)
9.   If a player does less than 6% damagewith less than 15% tanking AND less than 20% towers, 25 credits deduction, hasto win 3 classics. (For low skill or negative players).
I really want RANK MODE to improve. Iwant people to care about it. I don’t care about classic, brawl or chess. RANKmode should be taken seriously, there should not be any trolls in rank. In casesomebody decides to troll in rank he should experience the severe consequencesat least once. After this punishment he will not troll again. Or not as often.
People should join a rank game togive the best of themselves, otherwise they should play classic.
I hate picking my main account withalmost 5000 tank games, picking my main tank, khufra, just to have randompeople picking Hanabi or Harley, with less than 100 games, less than 50% winrate. These people who end up 0-10-0, with an amazing 5% damage, 0% towers…They seriously need to play some classics to rethink their rank mode strategyand gameplay.

Post time 2021-2-25 04:15 PM | Show all posts
One of most of toxic suggestion. I am glad to see as devolopers not listen player most time.
Post time 2021-2-25 04:26 PM | Show all posts
Rank mode has been improving for years, both upside and downside. The rules change every season. It is done so that the game wont stuck and boring. Even if one of your those suggestions is approved by the devs, it wont last forever. The devs have their own rule which no one can change. The rule cant be the same every season. I know, that rule will make us complain or rant or disagree most of the time but this is how this game works. Rank mode is always be the main concern for years. Unfortunately, classic mode is left behind with all the negativity. Classic mode needs love and attention more since still so many players play in this mode to increase their hero's winrate. Brawl, this mode is very unbalance. Chess, some players play this and no one cares, this mode should be separated from mlbb.
Post time 2021-2-26 03:42 PM | Show all posts

I can understand their frustrations though, because once you have a good track record, any little changes can throw them into oblivion. You won't be able to climb back your stats after that.
Post time 2021-3-1 12:00 AM | Show all posts
I support this.

Lets hope trash players will be banned at least for a short time
Post time 2021-3-3 04:05 AM | Show all posts
So, this whole idea aims to create a healthy gaming environment and I agree with this
especially for a better reporting system for poor performance players
Post time 2021-4-4 06:57 PM | Show all posts
So mods? What are you going to do after this?
Only agree with them then do nothing?

Please send all this suggestion to moonton,because The Moderator are directly chosen by moonton,and IMPOSSIBLE  you can't contact directly moonton

Post time 2021-4-4 07:03 PM | Show all posts
shionleodias replied at 2021-4-4 06:57 PM
So mods? What are you going to do after this?
Only agree with them then do nothing?

Hi there @shionleodias

No worries.. Every suggestion in this forum will always be submitted to the developer.
Post time 2021-4-4 07:06 PM | Show all posts
Thanks a lot @Ncuh.Ajh
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